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    • Both of those ideas are great ideas. I’d just hope that CBS/SONY would include ALL good episodes or scenes surrounding the particular storyline or set of characters that they are dealing with. For example, Kay and Jill. If they’re going to set up their feud for us with select scenes or episodes from 73-82, they need to include all the good and important scenes not only for the Jill/Kay/Phillip storyline (including the aftermath where Kay takes Jill to court and then the gaslighting of Kay by Jill), but also things like the scenes or the full episode from October 27, 1976 when Kay makes Jill sign the affidavit that Phillip never fathered Jill’s baby. That’s important stuff. They also need to include every good scene from the Jill/Kay/Derek/Stuart/Liz/Suzanne saga as well from 1978-80. That definitely shaped the feud as well. The final things they’d need to include are the scenes of Kay intimidating Jill when she wants to marry John, Kay sending John the transcripts of the court proceedings, Kay reading the transcripts and then breaking down (in the blue dress where the scene ends and she says “Ohhh she’s got to pay…” and she clutches the paper to her chest), and then from December 1982 where Kay has the dinner party and tries to humiliate Jill and John comes to Jill’s defense, and then the scenes between Jill and Kay where Jill taunts Kay in the one scene we’ve seen before where Jill goes, “You see, I’m not afraid of you anymore Kay. I am just as rich as you are….and I have the man that I love. Nothing can hurt me now.” THEN, start with full episodes of the series from 1983 on.  THAT would be the way to go about it. Don’t be stingy on scenes. If you’re gonna do it, go big or go home.
    • And from what I just saw, the person who wrote the original tweet is Canadian and will be unaffected (at least directly) by the decision to move to Peacock. The daytime soaps industry needs to admit that a large section of their daily viewers are likely retirees on fixed incomes. The reality is that the US doesn’t have as generous a social safety net as Canada and many people have had to keep a tighter rein on their pocketbooks and wallets.  If this person is so fixed on everybody chipping in to subscribe to Peacock’s paid tier, why doesn’t she start a Go Fund Me account to raise money and gift some subscriptions? Otherwise, she needs to mind her own business (which is free, by the way) and see to her own plans. Soap fans can really be unproductive. Musing on soap specific message boards is one thing but sending trash takes onto internationally known microblogging social media sites is another thing altogether. 
    • I know @Soapsudsposted this upthread but it bears repeating: If you or anyone you know lives in a state with one of these Republicans, whenever they come up for re-election:
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