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B&B: Questions from a Non-Viewer

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I was a kid when my family were faithful viewers of Y&R, so when Sheila disappeared I had no idea she crossed over to B&B. Because I didn't know B&B existed. I recently discovered some clips of the character on YouTube and I'm kinda fascinated watching her in this new context. I was curious about some things that maybe someone here could shed light on.


- Why did Bill Bell send Sheila to B&B as opposed to simply retiring the character altogether. I know she was hugely popular on Y&R; was there an expectation for that to follow? How did viewers react to her appearance? I noticed the character ended up having a nice run then left, then returned in weird fashion. Was this due to Bill Bell dying and a general loss of direction in character?


- Stephanie Forrester is something else. I can't remember any character on Y&R pushing Sheila the way she does here. Brown and Flannery shine in their scenes together. I love watching their confrontations. Stephanie is really butch. Was that Bell's choice or Flannery's.  Man, she was gorgeous. The show premiered in 87, why did it take so long for the Emmys to recognize Susan? Does anyone have clips of her as Laura from DOOL? She left Days and won a Golden Globe. What brought her back to soaps? She has a fascinating presence. I'm legit obsessed with SF right now.


- Brooke Logan smashed the whole family, huh? Like the entire male side (I have a hunch the real reason Stephanie was salty all those years was because she never got to smash but that ain't none of my business). Had babies and everything.  Stole the company, too? Okay.


Any answers or insight would be greatly appreciated.

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