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March 5-9 2012


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I'd really like to see DAYS hit a 2.0 average in HH.

Me too. I've really been enjoying it for the past few weeks. Yes the storylines are a liitle wacky because they're obvious twisted repeats of the past, and all sense of passage of time is off, but that's Days, lol.

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Gh reached 2.6 million on Monday that had to be its highest indiviual day in months. I can see GH going up next week with Robin's funeral and stuff.

The soap that has really entertained me lately is DAYS, the pacing is so much better now and it looks like the reboot has finally settled in. The crazy Abby stuff is so damn entertaining, its literally got me hooked. The other storylines are taking great shape as well.

B&B has been really consistent and unlike past weeks every single day was over 3 million viewers.

Right now I don't hope for any soap dropping but Y&R needs to crash hard and have a reboot of its own and make major staff changes. That show is an unwatchable mess and viewers are flying out in droves right now.

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