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DAYS: Sneak Peek: 9/26/11: A New Days Is Born


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Episode # 11680

Air Date: Monday, September 26, 2011

Cast: Maggie, Caroline, Abe, Sami, Hope, Bo, Kate, Roman, EJ, Lexie, Chloe, Daniel, Nicole, Melanie, Rafe, Brady, Chad, Will, Gabi, Jennifer, Abigail, Sonny, Jack, Carrie, Austin, John, Marlena, Julie, Doug, Victor, Adrienne, Justin, Patti Stanger, Dancer # 1, Dancer # 2.

T-A: Horton Living Room

T-B: Hotel Room

T-C: Horton Living Room

T-D: Kiriakis Mansion

T-E: Hospital Room

T-F: Rafe's Loft

T-G: DiMera Mansion

1-A: Rafe's Loft

1-B: Hospital Room

1-C: Horton Town Square/Curtain Area

1-D: Horton Town Square/Stone Column Area with Limo

2-A: Hospital Room

2-B: Horton Town Square/Curtain Area

2-C: Horton Town Square/Podium Area

2-D: Horton Town Square/Shop Area

2-E: Horton Town Square/Bar Area

2-F: Horton Town Square/Staircase Area

2-G: Horton Town Square/Beverage Table Area

3-A: Horton Town Square/Beverage Table Area & Food Table Area

3-B: Horton Town Square/Shop Area

3-C: Horton Town Square/Bench Area

3-D: Horton Town Square/Tunnel Area

3-E: Horton Town Square/Podium Area

4-A: Horton Town Square/Tree Area & Podium Area

4-B: Horton Town Square/Podium Area

4-C: Horton Town Square/Beverage Table Area & Bar Area

4-D: Horton Town Square/Podium Area

4-E: Horton Town Square/Shop Area

4-F: Hospital Room

5-A: Horton Town Square/Staircase Area

5-B: Hospital Room

5-C: Horton Town Square/Food Table Area

5-D: Horton Town Square/Bar Area

5-E: Horton Town Square/Dance Area

5-F: Horton Town Square/Tree Area

5-G: Horton Town Square/Dance Area

5-H: Horton Town Square/Podium Area & Alternate Proscenium

5-I: Horton Town Square/Dance Area

6-A: Horton Town Square/Bar Area

6-B: Hospital Room

6-C: Horton Town Square/Dance Area

6-D: Horton Town Square/Staircase Area

6-E: Horton Town Square/Tree Area

6-F: Horton Town Square/Dance Area

7-A: Hospital Room

7-B: Horton Town Square/Beverage Table Area & Podium Area


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