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Centering First Thread Post

Mr. Vixen

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Okay, so how do you center the first post in a topic? Like when I started the GH thread or the Y&R thread...I posted a picture and a title, and it stays all the way to the left. But when other people post, it's centered....How do you center the title/Picture when you start a thread?

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    • It's a shame because I think LW's curly hair is really beautiful and everyone on soaps has the same blown out hair.  It might not fit everyday Carly, but if she's casual and at home I think it's fine.  But I like when characters were glasses or ponytails and don't look sleek and 'perfect' to make them more real.
    • Which is crazy because they clearly consider her a strong lead, and she clearly has a fanbase, yet you’re right. Sometimes Y&R feels like an unfunny, early ‘90s workplace sitcom set at the Grand Phoenix with Phyllis as the acid-tongued proprietor. They are just leaning on Stafford’s Phyllis-ness, thinking that’s all people want, without giving her much substance. Just drives home how stagnant the show is. Beyond JG, they’ve made a lot of bad writing/casting/production decisions over the years, and the chickens have come home to roost. 
    • I read an interview once that Laura Wright stated that GH doesn't want her to wear her naturally curly hair on the show.  Which I think is stupid, since like Laura Wright obviously prefers the curly style, I think it makes her look younger than her current Carly do.
    • I totally get the point he is trying to make since GH is historically bad with most long term vets, but even shows that are good with vets like Days have, what, 2 cast members that have been around that long as well.  It's not insane with that small of the cast and the time that has passed in for GH
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