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GH: Sonny & Brenda wedding spoilers

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Their vows will be exchanged this time, unlike when he left Brenda at the alter in 1997. Will the bride make it to the honeymoon? The wedding it's literally explosive aftermath, which will air over 6 episodes, finds the Balkan intent on kidnapping Brenda.

Carly wants to ruin the day by revealing that Brenda has a secret child with Dante. Then Franco is added to the mix.

VM says that in spite of all that, she believes these two can make it. She says they won't be the home sweet home type, there will be gangsters hanging around and the occassional dead body, but there's real love there.

Could they someday have a baby? Maurice says he could never see that happening, that it's enough already, Sonny has like 20 kids in PC and those are just the ones he knows about

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