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What will Google and Verizon do to the Internet?


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You may have already heard about their deal.


Among many things which puzzle me, the biggest is when they say that protection rules won't apply to wireless. So does that mean they want to gut wireless, or try to nickel and dime people, stop streaming video (unless it's on a site which benefits them), etc?

Stopthecap, which is a blog I read that talks about Internet overcharging, throttling, etc. is very wary.


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    • I will gladly defer to you, as you were there.    Seriously though, it is possible the same actor presided over both weddings, or I may have assumed it was Bruce from whatever source it came from, so I'll adjust it as you have it,   Thanks!   GENERAL HOSPITAL Donna Corinthos (they hire one every time  someone dies or resurrects?  I guess?)  Arya and Ayla Dormiani   2021-
    • TREVA FRAZEE RADIO LIFE CAN BE BEAUTIFUL         Katherine Burton       1949 MISTER KEEN TRACER OF LOST PERSONS     Unknown Role THE ROMANCE OF HELEN TRENT    Loretta Cole STELLA DALLAS       Jennie Smith ZERO HOUR       Unknown Role TELEVISION THE WORLD OF MISTER SWEENEY     Unknown Role     1955 DAYS OF OUR LIVES          Mrs. Winkler      1977                                            Mrs. Porter       1978                                           Mrs. Tate  1980 and... SABRINA THE TEENAGED WITCH     Ophelia     (voice)     1969 THE WALTONS      The Landlady     1981   Appeared as Alice Kramden's sister,  Agnes Gibson Saxon on THE HONEYMOONERS in 1956.                     Please register in order to view this content   MARGARET "MAGGIE" HAYES AKA DANA DALE RADIO UNKNOWN ROLES THE ADVENTURES OF ELLERY QUEEN ASSIGNMENT HOME AUNT JENNY'S REAL LIFE STORY THE BOB HOPE SHOW THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD THE LUX RADIO THEATER MY TRUE STORY MYSTERY THEATER THE SILVER THEATER   TELEVISION NBC's  MATINEE THEATER    Eve Endicott   "Letter to a Stranger"   3/2/1956 Margaret Tydings  "From the Desk of Margaret Tydings"   4/4/1956 Unknown Role    "The Mask of Venus"    3/10/1958   THREE STEPS TO HEAVEN   Kate Adams    1953-54 MODERN ROMANCES     Hostess  "The House Guests"  week of 2/2/1955 THE WAY OF THE WORLD     "Woman torn between two loves."   Week of  4/18/1955 THE VERDICT IS YOURS      Unknown Role  11/1960 FLAME IN THE WIND/ A TIME FOR US     Roxanne Reynolds      1964-66 AS THE WORLD TURNS       Mrs. ____  ___     Steiner    1967; 1969 and THE LIFE AND LEGEND OF WYATT EARP    Dora Hand     1956 Designed and sold jewelry after she retired. Mother of actress Tracey Brooks Swope and  Herbert Bayard Swopes III   (17 year old son of Maggie Hayes) who appeared on FLAME IN THE WIND with her.   4/1966-?       Bill Adams SNOW VILLAGE     Unknown Role
    • Does Jill still own 25% of Jabot? I haven't kept up in a while and I just saw a tweet that Jill offered a position to Billy at Chancellor which made me question what gave Jill the authority to offer a position within that company?  Did she gain Chancellor stock when she thought she was Kay's daughter and just never gave it back, or is she the proxy for her son Phillip's stock?  I would hope that they didn't write in that she owns part of Fenmore's because Neil died before Jill found out they were related and Lauren was his sole heir (which doesn't suddenly change when a bastard child is found).
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