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Genoa City Memories: 1978

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January 1978:

A bandaged Vanessa was released from the hospital and admitted to Lucas the disgusting deed she had intended in promoting Laurie's book. Derek planned to give Jill a diamond ring, but Kay hoodwinked him into having a blood test and signing a marriage license. She got him drunk and insisted she wouldn't open the new salon unless they got hitched. Snapper broke the news to Chris about Nancy's intentions for Karen. Leslie decided to keep Brock's ring.

Kay bamboozled a drunken Derek, who awoke in her bed, unaware that they were married by a judge friend of Kay's. Laurie realized her scandalous book about Leslie is still in circulation and managed to swipe a copy from Les before she could read it. Lucas taunted Leslie about stringing along her men and offered himself as a substitute if she ever got ideas about Lance. Jill fretted that Derek didn't arrive with her engagement ring. Chris and Nancy prepared for a legal battle over Karen.

Lucas rescued Laurie when Brad laid into her for publishing the book about Leslie. Derek admitted he loves Jill, even though he's still unaware that he's married to Kay. Ron and Nancy found a lawyer to handle their custody case while Greg prepared to handle Snapper and Chris' claims.

Liz was tickled pink when Derek gave Jill an engagement ring. Stu raged at Laurie for writing the book about Leslie, then informed Les, who swore never to see her sister again. Vanessa underwent her second plastic surgery operation. Kay fretted that Derek would annul their marriage if he learned about it. Lucas comforted Laurie who worried Lance would turn on her like Stu did.

Leslie refused to accept Laurie's excuses for writing the book. Lance read it, then learned how shaken Les is. Sharon Ralston, one of Ron's victims, told Ron's lawyer that Ron is a sadistic animal, but Ron insisted he's a changed man. Derek admitted to Kay there's no love on his part. Jill accepted Derek's proposal.

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February 1978:

The court ordered a meeting between the Beckers and Karen, who said she hated Nancy. Jill and Derek planned to wed the day the new salon opens. This is the same day Kay planned to tell Derek she's married to him. Laurie was unaware that Lance promised to help Leslie during her Denver concert instead of going on a second honeymoon with Laurie.

Kay hired a private eye to follow Jill. Lance punched Lucas when he accused Lance of caring more for Leslie than Laurie. Lucas comforted Laurie when Lance went with Les to Denver for a successful concert. Vanessa returned home and pitched Laurie's merits to Lance.

Reporter Rod Jackson harassed Laurie about the book, then questioned Leslie after lying that Laurie admitted to writing it. Brock broke the news to Kay about Derek and Jill after learning that Jill bought a wedding dress. Kay cracked, took to drink again, and vowed to halt the ceremony. Lance tried to be a mediator between Laurie and Les, then took Laurie on a trip to Trinidad, leaving Lucas crushed.

Lance halted the trip with Laurie after Leslie went to pieces because Jackson printed the story. Laurie denied she tipped off Jackson. Chris was crushed that the psychiatrist's report judged the Beckers competent to resume custody of Karen, who wanted to see Nancy. Jill wouldn't believe Kay's story that she's married to Derek, who also thought Kay was lying and went to confront her.

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