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January 25-29, 2010

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All the ABC Soaps have all gone back to their quality ways although OLTL has been consistently acing quality for the last couple of years now. Hopefully with AMC and GH getting back on track OLTL can finally pick up their leftover ratings and and all ABC Soaps are back over the 2.0 range and 3 million viewers mark on a regular basis.

I can feel it just like DAYS this is going to be AMC's comeback year.

Lately especially this past week it seems like AMC is finding its touch again as a quality soap. The first sign of this might be their move to LA and changing the show's look to HD, it has become an easy soap on the eyes again. The second sign is that the writing on the show has improved big time. I like the close-net character element that the show is getting to. Its like they left off from 2004 and finally picked back up to 2010. I heard Pratt's writing isn't in the picture anymore so that might be a positive sign going forward.

Somebody finally woke this show back up from obscurity. I don't have a problem watching the characters I saw last week like I did in the past. It wasn't even that hard watching Greenlee and Ryan's scenes.

This show might finally be back and with this being the start to a new decade. This might be a very good 10 years for the show. We can only hope right?

The writing for AMC is going to get worse again this summer when GL, ATWT and AW writers start writing the show.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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