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A Different Way for B&B To Go To An Hour

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When you say "two different half hours" do you mean creating and developing one show as a spinoff of the other? Or do you mean two separate half hours?

The show going to an hour would not affect the international sale of the show. GL is sold as a half hour soap in Italy, even though it is a full hour in the US. But essentially, if B&B were canned in the US three/four years after expanding to an hour, essentially the show would write itself and they would continue chopping the hour into half hour blocks until they ran out of material. So, while the show would be dead in the US, it'd buy them more time as a half hour in Italy and France, where the show is sold as a half-hour and they could still make money from it.

But there's no way the show will expand now. That would require moving to another studio, paying extra staff, etc. It would be an investment and judging by the way the show looks and feels, I don't think anyone is "invested" in B&B right now. It's all about cheap product for less.

Yeah, you can edit, chop, dice and filet any show to fit any timeslot. I've actually thought about this as a potential new revenue stream for shows like OLTL and ATWT--using thier gay storylines and doing a repackage either online or for logo. You already see poeple doing this sort of thing on YouYube but it looks all chopping 'cause no edit work is done.

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