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Gone but not forgotten


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Think back on all your favorites and remember those who made it worth watching!

For me I immediately think of Michael Zazlow (Roger, GL and David OLTL). This man was a fabulous performer who would glue your eyes to the screen and make you root for him to be redeemed and loved.

Charita Bauer WAS GL and her passing did to the Bauer family there what losing Macdonald Carey (Dr. Tom) did on DOOL.

Brenda Benet (Lee DOOL) was so very young and lovely and her character led to such wonderful additions as the DiMera's to the show.

Christopher Bernau, the original Alan Spaulding on GL who made the patriarch so vile to start with.

Larry Gates the wonderful H.B. Lewis on GL

Anna Lee the fabulous Lila Quartermaine a lady on and off screen.

These are a few, please carry on!

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