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Days - Bo & Billie were in L.A.

i was home from school and about 6 yearsold and thought they were the most romantic couple i had ever seen in my life and me and girlfriend at the time, yes i had a girlfriend, we use to eat lunch together and swing together. it was cute and drama free dont hate, would argue because she said she wanted to be like zack & kelly from saved by the bell.

GH- Liz had just come to town. Em wanted Nick. Lucky was with Sarah.

i thought this would be my life when i became a teenager. i wasnt that far off.

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ALMOST one out of THREE replies I read TALK ABOUT " Vivian buried Carly alive " ON DAYS -

- LUKE & LAURA early days on GH

-JOSH & REVA on GL....

SO NOW Its my mission to find CLIPS of this great storylines online, and watch them.... I know little bit out JOSH/REVA history, cause Big of GL in the late 90s, but LUKE/LAURA - I am CLUELESS, and CARLY BURIED - I HAVE TO SEE IT... so This week, its digging time on YOUTUBE...

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