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1993: General Hospital


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January 28- D: Joseph Behar


April 1- D: Peter Brinckerhoff

April 2- D: Scott McKinsey

April 7- D: Alan Pultz

April 14- D: Phil Sogard

April 16- D: Joseph Behar

April 22- D: Peter Brinckerhoff

April 23- D: Joseph Behar

April 26- D: Scott McKinsey

April 28- D: Alan Pultz

April 30- D: Alan Pultz


May 6- D: Peter Brinckerhoff

May 7- D: Joseph Behar

May 10- D: Scott McKinsey

May 13- D: Peter Brinckerhoff

May 14- D: William Ludel

May 17- D: Alan Pultz

May 19- D: Peter Brinckerhoff

May 20- D: Alan Pultz

May 24- D: Scott McKinsey

May 25- D: Scott McKinsey

May 26- D: Alan Pultz

May 27- D: Peter Brinckerhoff

May 28- D: William Ludel

May 31- D: Alan Pultz


June 2- D: Alan Pultz

June 4- D: Joseph Behar

June 7- D: Alan Pultz

June 8- D: Phil Sogard

June 15- D: Scott McKinsey

June 18- D: Joseph Behar

June 23- D: Scott McKinsey

June 25- D: William Ludel

June 28- D: Alan Pultz

June 29- D: Scott McKinsey


October 1- D: William Ludel

October 5- D: Scott McKinsey

October 6- D: Peter Brinckerhoff

October 7- D: Alan Pultz

October 11- D: William Ludel

October 12- D: Joseph Behar

October 15- D: Alan Pultz

October 20- D: William Ludel

October 21- D: Scott McKinsey

October 22- D: Peter Brinckerhoff

October 25- D: William Ludel

October 28- D: Peter Brinckerhoff

October 29- D: Alan Pultz


December 1- D: Alan Pultz

December 3- D: Joseph Behar

December 7- D: Alan Pultz

December 8- D: William Ludel

December 9- D: Peter Brinckerhoff

December 14- D: Alan Pultz

December 15- D: William Ludel

December 16- D: Peter Brinckerhoff

December 21- D: Peter Brinckerhoff

December 23- D: Joseph Behar

December 27- D: Scott McKinsey

December 30- D: Joseph Behar

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