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ATWT: From SOW's hit or miss section -Miss Alison's return

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From the Hit...or Miss! Section of the June 19 issue of Soap Opera Weekly:


MISS: Ali Does Oakdale on ATWT

A psychopath, a decades younger womanizer and a porn star walk into a soap…. Sadly, that’s not a joke, which makes the return of several old favorites to ATWT the punch line. Forget Adam and Brad, the biggest laugh comes from Alison, the meth junkie/film star (triple) X-traordinaire. Emily’s scheming-but-sweet little sister reappeared with a new ‘tude and an affinity for adult entertainment. It all began in partnership with Y&R’s Amber on the online soap L.A. Diaries, but quickly turned into something less Spice Channel and more Afterschool Special. Between over-the-top sleazoid producer Lance and Ali constantly trilling about “candy,” viewers were not sure if this was a cautionary tale about drugs being a doorway to porn or tooth decay. Something else that should be scrubbed away: Dr. Dusty’s Lakeview Detox Center. Ali was not exactly flying high, but she crashed two seconds after Dusty tried to scare her straight. We would decry the amateur drug counselor’s ridiculous methods, but they apparently worked. Not only was the junk flushed from Ali’s system in less than 48 hours, so was the hair dye and girl-power outlook, leaving a weak-willed redhead crying, “I was forced into porn!” Where was “Jodi Miller,” self-actualized blonde bombshell? And where was the gun Amber held to Ali’s head to get her to bump-and-grind for “Karla and Kara’s Playground”? Oh, right, there wasn’t one. Any visitor to CBS’ lurid L.A. Diaries wasted their time, considering ATWT completely, um, stripped that action from Alison’s history to evoke sympathy for her. Unless Amber purring for Ali to “think about sex” really meant, “Get naked or I’ll kill you”? What was truly deadly was downloading nuAlison to Oakdale. Introducing the littlest Stewart recast should have been as easy as putting her on a bus and saying she broke up with Aaron. Erecting a convoluted, tawdry past – only to drop it – makes about as much sense as going from porn to slinging hash at Al’s Diner. ----MB

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