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OLTL: Upcoming spoiler information...

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First, there are 33 new OLTL spoiler pictures up at ABC MediaNet. There are 16 new pictures for the week of June 4th, and 16 pictures of the the teen cast members in a recording session for the Prom Night musical episode. Those scenes will air from Friday, June 15th-Wednesday, June 20th. The other new picture is a close-up of the Circles of Love necklace.

The 16 pictures for the week of June 4th include: Jessica, Antonio, Nash, Carlotta, Viki, Clint, Natalie, Michael, Bo, John, Talia, and a couple of Extras.

The 16 new pictures of the Llanview teen scene recording session for the musical include: Kristen Alderson, Brandon Buddy, Brittany Underwood, Portia Reiners, and Jason Tam.

The other new picture is a a picture of the Circles of Love necklace, which is available at Sears and Sears.com, with a white background.

Link to the new pictures (the newest pictures are all those on the first two pages, and the first nine pictures on the third page): http://www.abcmedianet.com/web/display/dis...p;leftcol=links

Also, there is a new picture in the gallery section of Kathy Brier modeling the necklace. It is the first picture on the first page of the gallery. Link: http://www.abcmedianet.com/web/display/dis...p;leftcol=links and click on "Gallery".


There is a new Showfax script up for the dayplayer role of a "Driver". Also in the scene is Starr, Viki, and maybe Todd.

Link to script: http://www.megafileupload.com/en/file/964/driver-pdf.html

Wait 30 seconds while it downloads.

Then click orange "Download file now" button

It looks like they may be having car trouble in the rain, and Starr believes she sees Todd.


Here are a few upcoming dayplayer roles on OLTL:

Episode airing either May 30th or 31st (not sure which):

Constance Wu portrays Laudine

On June 14th:

Constance Wu portrays Laudine

Jay Spece portrays Dr. Greer

Sarah Hyland portrays Heather

On June 15th:

Jay Spece portrays Dr. Greer

Sarah Hyland portrays Heather

Still unsure about the dayplayer roles in the episodes airing May 31st or June 1st (not sure exactly) or on June 25th.

Also there will be another dayplayer role on Thursday, June 21st.

Also, a small piece of information about the episode airing either May 31st or June 1st is:

Director: Jill Mitwell

Writer: Frances Myers

Also, appearing in that episode is Nathaniel Marston (Michael). No other cast members are listed as appearing in that episode as of yet.


If anyone didn't get to see Wednesday's episode of OLTL, there is a video clip preview from TVGuide.com where Jessica finds out she has liver cancer. Link: http://community.tvguide.com/blog/TVGuide-...-News/700000047 Just scroll down the page and click on the link in the article about Jessica's diagnosis for liver cancer about midday down the page.


As we all know, Robert Montano will be filling in for Kamar de los Reyes from May 17th-31st while de los Reyes recovers from rotator cup surgery. He returns June 1st. Well apparently there are a lot of Kamar/Antonio fans out there, because ABC has placed the following message on the OLTL mainpage at abc.com:

"Don't worry, Kamar is recovering from surgery and will be back shortly as Antonio!"


There are also these messages on the OLTL main page at abc.com:

"If you would like to learn more about Hepatitis C, visit: http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/


For information regarding organ donation please go to: http://www.organdonor.gov"


The latest version of the OLTL Podcast at abc.com features Robin Strasser talking about her dogs and making her own dog food in the wake of the recent tainted pet food trouble. She also gives us her recipie for chicken soup for people, which can also be given to dogs. She even shows us how to make it. It's a pretty cool podcast. I have always liked Robin Strasser.


Click on Episode 13.

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What exactly do you mean by writer? Is Frances Myers writing the script, or something more?

Yes, as script writer. It appears that she will be the script writer for that episode, as per an IMDb.com listing for the episode airing either May 31st or June 1st, depending on the whether or not the counts are off by one because of last month's pre-emption.

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    • Tom King did a relatively good job writing for Lemay's existing characters.  But King's new characters were terribly ill conceived, and his writing for them was awful.  Had King been smart, he would not have written-off so may of Lemay's characters.  King eventually dedicated at least one fourth of the cast to badly written crime drama, which did not fit the style of Another World.  All soaps occasionally do crime plots, but King over-did it, plus the plots were not compelling.  And for some reason, the next two or three head-writers continued with the bad crime stuff.  
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    • A couple of thoughts on today's episode: 1. The whole BLQ scene seemed like a rerun of Friday's episode.  I know soaps like to repeat scenes so that viewers can keep up with the story, but I actually had to check the date to see if I wasn't watching the prior show. 2.  Liz exiting the scene with Finn to go to the wedding rehearsal was amusing.  First because it was like she was saying 'I am going to turn myself into the police, but first I must go to this rehearsal for a wedding that I'm not going to be able to attend if I'm arrested.'  And second, why are they still having the rehearsal an hour after Britt's memorial service?  Talk about day-to-night, how does one figure out what to wear for a day when they're going from work to a funeral to a wedding rehearsal? 3.  Laura still blames herself for not being around to raise to Nikolas?   He's been in Port Charles since 1996, 27 years, more than half his life.  She's had plenty of time to be a good influence since then...
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