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AMC: SID Scoops

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Thanks to Bee at the Z/K board:

SID - May 8th edition:

TK Blurb:

The Newfound FAMILY GUY

Back when AMC’s Zach made his first appearance as a morally questionable casino owner, kids were the farthest thing from the brooding loner’s mind. And later, Ethan didn’t help matters. “He never had a chance to be a father to that guy, because he was so angry,” says portrayer Thorsten Kay. That was part of the storyline that I didn’t care for, because it always seemed that Ethan was just angry at Zach for nothing that Zach could control,” Kaye says. “And the problem with this character is that he’s always trying to do the right thing and he always ends up hurting other people by doing the right thing, so that’s kind of. what happened.” But Spike’s arrival, and now Kendall’s pregnancy, have mellowed the cynical Cambias CEO, and Kaye welcomes Zach’s hopeful new outlook. “He’s never had a baby, so I think maybe he thinks this is a new chance for him to maybe redeem himself.”

May Previews:

This May, Pine Valley’s spring awakening is going to be a rude one, as well. To find out how your favorites will deal with the unpleasant unforeseen circumstances, read on!

Greenlee’s back!

Just in time for Ryan’s wedding to Annie, his miffed ex-missus returns looking to reclaim what’s hers. Greenlee “wants her best friend, Kendall; she wants her company, Fusion; and she wants the love of her life, Ryan,” says executive producer Julie Hanan Carruthers. “Unfortunately, their lives have moved forward.” But don’t for a minute count out the former Mrs. Layery. “As everybody knows about Greenlee, if things don’t go the way she imagines it should, stuff’s gonna hit the fan!”

Hannah’s Secret Agenda!

Should Hannah’s decision to stick around worry Kendall? “The question is: What is her agenda?” Carruthers says cagily, hinting that Josh may become Hannah’s ally. “Through May, we’re going to find out a little bit more about what she’s capable of, who she is, what she wants and how she plans to get it”

The Quest For Jenny

The kidnapping of Tad and Krystal’s daughter will spill into May and wilt allow viewers to see the Martins and Chandlers continue their age-old feud. The hunt for Kate, though still important, will take a back seat “Everybody’s got something to fight for, and it’s life-or- death stakes, which brings out the best in the Chandler group,” the exec says. Not to be outdone, the drama gives us an opportunity with Joe and Jeff and Tad and Jamie and Josh to see these Martin men and how they interact and what the obstacles are between them, because it’s not all smooth sailing.” Speaking of rough patches... “Krystal. and Adam still desperately love each other,” Carruthers asserts. ‘”They’ve just gone so far, they don’t know how to get back.”

A Divorce In Real Time

Only Erica could turn the end of her 10th marriage into something completely unique! “Erica decides that through NEW BEGINNINGS, she is going to share her personal experience and knowledge with all of America on how to have the most amicable divorce.” But will she and Jack really call it quits? Stay tuned. We’re obviously highlighting how much these two people mean to each other and how their love exists even when they’re turning their backs and walking the other way.”

Doppelganger Drama

Lily’s half sister, Ava, bugs Jonathan to no end, and Amanda may be the only one to realize why. “Here’s a girl who looks exactly like Iily who is the total opposite of Lily in every way,” Carruthers previews. “Ava could be touched. Ava could be kissed. So as protective as Jonathan is of Lily, I think he’s going to find himself oddly attracted to Ava.”

Set your VCR:

Tad Fights Back!

The hunt for baby Jenny kicks into high gear this week when Jamie thinks Amanda is hiding something on Tuesday, April 24. Colby suspects the same of her dad

and begs him to come clean on Wednesday April 25. But Krystal is done with trying to get her estranged spouse to confess and instead forges ahead on Thursday, April26! Although Adam believes that he’s got everything under control, his evil plans backfire in a pretty horrible way on Monday, April 30, and Krystal blames herself for everything that’s gone wrong on Wednesday May 2. As Janet cooks up a twisted plan for the future on Thursday May 3, Tad makes it clear that nothing will prevent him from getting what he needs from Adam on Friday, May 4!

Elsewhere, Zach works hard to make sure his dad will spend the rest of his life suffering on Friday April, 27. This said, how will Slater feel when on Tuesday, May 1, he realizes what Hannah has been up to?

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At least this Hanah stuff is going to move quickly. It also appears that Zach won't be fulled by her much longer. Is it possible that Josh can be more annoying than Erica?

I read that TK does not think that Kendall should have the baby. He said that she (Kendall) just had Spike, and that loosing the baby will make for a more interesting story line. "UGH", because she needs to have a Zendall baby if only to make the fans happy :).

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