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B&B: New Spoilers

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Taylor and Nick exchange vows - but will the wedding be interrupted? :D

Lieutenant Baker informs Rick and Ashley that Shane's body was found in the river

A guilty Ridge wants to confess: Stephanie persuades him to remain silent, and let Nick take the blame

Lieutenant Baker makes an arrest - Nick, Taylor, Eric, Stephanie, Rick, Phoebe, Jackie are all there - which must mean Nick is arrested at his own wedding, again! :lol:

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earth to Lt Baker: You need probable cause for an arrest. One keyword: MOTIVE

I hate that Nick's wedding can't just go ahead without interferences.

2004: Nick and Brooke are about to change vows. Nick and Massimo get arrested for bribery

2005: Nick's 1st attempt to marry Bridget. Taylor returns from the grave.

2005: Nick's 2nd attempt to marry Bridget. Stephanie's fake heart attack is revealed.

2005: Nick's 3rd attempt to marry Bridget. TPTB decide that Brooke is his true love after all. However, Nicket gets married this time.

2006: Nick wedding to Brooke. The get married despite the scandalous Bedroomline.

2007: Nick is about to marry Taylor, only to be arrested for murder.

poor Nick

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