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The Kristoff St. John/Neil Winters Appreciation Fest


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Kristoff is one the most underappreciated & underrated actors in daytime.

Neil Winters has gotten the short end of the stick in terms of writin (especially in comparison to his peers) but Kristoff is a pro at utilizin his talent to rise above (more often than not) the substandard material he usually recieves.

But Kristoff's been a loyal & dedicated actor on Y&R for nearly 20 years, playin a (usually) loyal & dedicated character who's a good friend, a tremendous father & all around good guy.

So three cheers for KSJ/Neil Winters.

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He's a good father & husband both off and onscreen.

His development of Neil from an ambitious young hardworkin brotha into a lovin, dependable, loyal husband & father has been a joy to watch.

KSJ also emotes beautifully with his eyes in ways that can't be taught & has electric chemistry with the gorgeous Vicky Rowell.

And together, he & VR are also one of Daytime's classic Black Supercouples too.

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