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Last night's Oscars


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OK, Oscars need to have more crying. Because I got a lump when Jennifer Hudson and Forest Whitaker started blubbing!

Since the ceremony itself was for the most part very predictable, may I b!tch about the clothes?


Poor Penelope Cruz wore the dress her dog chewed through.

Did anybody see what Reese Witherspoon was wearing? I was too hypnotized by her chin to notice.


JLo looked like she was wearing chainmail but I thought her hair looked good -- unlike the TV commentary which implied that she looked like sh!t! Oh well. I guess standing besides ghostly Marc Antony makes anybody look alive.


Helen Mirren looked better than a lot of women half her age. And that's without the aid of surgery or botox from the look of things. Meryl Streep on the otherhand... Oy. OK, she still looks amazing but she also looked like she was wearing a bathrobe.


Stop with the BOTOX, Nicole.


Every blog is all WowAmazingFantasticBOLD! about Cameron Diaz's dress but I'm looking at this and thinking "Prom." Circa Footloose. Love that movie but wouldn't necessarily want to ape its fashions.


Thank GOD Jennifer Hudson took that matador... thing off when she accepted her award. Because she looked gorgeous in that chocolate dress. But that tinfoil thing? Like something out of Buck Rogers in the 21st Century.

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