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    • She probably did bring it up lol.  This time, Brandi should have, if that’s what happened.  These women think they can go back into the fire and not get burned?!?  Like how did Phaedra and Vicky get out of addressing how they left their shows in disgrace, etc. on Ex-Wives s1?!?  Lolol However, Brandi is a tricky subject.  She is sooo desperate to be on Bravo that she will truly bring it… she’ll keep everything moving, but she takes it way too far and alienates herself from everyone.  And then no one will film with her.  And she also obviously can’t drink—she’s simply just not in control of herself, and this isn’t the environment for that because of all the triggers.  Like I’m sure she can get wasted around her real friends, like NY’s Kristen, and just be fun and crazy… but around these other Housewives where there is legit sabotage and paranoia happening, she just loses it.
    • Brandaon Barash and Isabella planned to get married in December. Then they changed their minds and got married (legally) shortly after they got engaged in the summer.  They had second wedding in December as a formal occasion for everyone to attend. Kirsten Storms (formerly Belle on Days, now Maxie on GH) and Brandon Barash were briefly together when he was playing Johnny on GH.  They have a daughter named Harper (who is now 9) and have coparented together every since.  Kirsten said a couple of months ago that she and Brandon were friends and tried a romance but it didn't work but they've remained friends all these years. Isabella was a camp counselor at a camp Harper attended.  Harper loved her and bonded with her first.  Brandon met her as "Harper's camp counselor".  So they met as adults who both cared about Harper.  I know Brandon is a lot older but Harper met Isa first.   The story is that Harper kept begging them to date and get married.  I saw an instagram post from Kirsten Storms indicating her approval. When BB proposed to Isabella, he gave her a diamond ring and he gave Harper diamond earrings, because they are a family together.   They knew each other for a while before they began dating. They dated for 2 or 3 years before he proposed. Her parents were there to assist with the surprise proposal. So after reading the entire story, my personal opinion is that it wasn't what I had assumed at first.  But of course I don't know anyone personally so I actually know nothing.
    • Please register in order to view this content     LISA LORING       Born Lisa Ann DeCinces AS THE WORLD TURNS        Cricket Montgomery Ross    1980-83; 1984 and THE ADDAMS FAMILY    Wednesday Addams    1964-66           and    HALLOWEEN WITH THE NEW ADDAMS FAMILY    Wednesday, Sr.   1977 THE PRUITTS OF SOUTHAMPTON      Susan "Suzy" Pruitt    1966-67 movies BLOOD FRENZY       Dory     1987 SAVAGE HARBOR    Roxey       1987 ICED                Jeanette         1989 LAYIN' DOWN THE LAW    Hooker    (Non-Sex Role)    1992 WAY DOWN IN CHINATOWN        Vera    2014 DOCTOR SPINE       Miss Rhonda    2015   Born on the Kwajalein Atoll-- the Southernmost island of the Marshall Islands. Marriages: Farrell Foumberg    (Loring was 15)  3/10/1973-8/1974      Daughter    Vanessa Ann Foumberg Doug Stevenson      1981- 1983            Dasughter       Marianne Stevenson    Paul David Sederman   aka  Porn star Jerry Butler     1987-92 Graham Ritch     2003- separation in 2008; divorced in 2014  
    • That is sad news. I wish there more clips of her on atwt on YouTube. I don't recall most of her work.  
    • I don't mind short guys... Lol I'll have to see more of him. You peaked my interest in him with your pic.
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