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(typed up by me, so credit me if you re-post these anywhere else, thanks)

After a long December....Does Pine Valley have reason to believe this year will be better than the last?

Just like leftover New Year's champagne still fizzling in flutes, the action in Pine Valley bubbles to the surface this month. "You're going to have your romance, your danger, your mystery," previews McTavish. "I do think it's a very full and emotional and compelling time as we roll into 2007 and continuing on.?

First off, the situation that has Zach, Ryan and the entire PVPD flummoxed: Simone and Erin's unsolved murders. In the next few weeks, it gets "scarier, bigger" says McTavish, promisin that the killer's identity will be revealed before the spring thaw. "There's some danger along the way, some twists and turns I think the audience won't see coming."

But Zach's suspicions that the murderer has intimate knowledge of his past prove true. "It's Zach battling somebody----he knows not who----with his wife's life as the stakes," she says. "And with Kendall, it isn't just [her saying] 'I'm not going to let this killer take my business and my friends.' She sees the torture that Zach is going through. She loves him as much or more than she's ever loved him, and she's going to fight this with him together." However, all the love in the world may not be enough to protect the fiesty Fusion founder. Zach "would die tomorrow if it would save her, but the killer's not coming at him. So part of this story is to figure out why the killer is doing this and what is the message in all this for Zach."

Dad's in the Dark

But the audience---and Kendall----is in on one secret that McTavish says will explode in the weeks ahead: Emma's true paternity. "It's a surprise when and how Ryan find out," she laughs. "And I think this throws that relationship into a cocked hat again. They had been such friends and everything was all worked out and everything was nice." But how will the truth impact Annie's chances of finding love with the hunk? "The question is: When ultimately they realize who Emma's father is, will that draw them closer together? Will that push them farther apart?"

McTavish is a bit more forthcoming about Krystal, Tad and that baby of theirs. "It's a surprise who finds out and what they do with it. It causes major fireworks." she says. Meanwhile, another child will stir up mixed emotions for the Martin clan. "You'll see this sort of instinctive connection between Tad and this little girl and between Dixie and this little girl." she says. "I think we know why!"

At long last? Maggie Returns!

Pine Valley's most publicized recent arrival Zarf, will fight a two-pronged battle as he fends off suspicion in the murders and struggles to determine who he really is. "In the midst of our other huge mystery serial killer story, we will embark on a very personal story of a very specific character, or a character on the brink of transition." the scribe shares. "Even if you're not familiar with this subject or even kind of don't like this subject or don't know what to think of this subject, I would urge that you will get to know one person's transgender story." Expect to see the newbie have a major impact on Bianca....who'll face another bit of drama when her ex-lover pops into town in mid-January. "Miz Maggie is comin'! She certainly comes to ask Bianca to come back. She has realized the error of her ways." But BAM fans may not want to start celebrating the reunion just yet! "It's not simple to put Bianca and Maggie back together." she says. "There is certainly hope for that, tell the BAM fans, but it's just not going to be simple!"

Some 2007 previews:

On JR & Bianca's new bond:

"They actually find themselves having a discussion because they are in the same boat"

On Jonathan's future:

"You're gong to see Jonathan's former relationship with a very surprising person, and I don't mean a love story. I mean with a person who's been after him."

On Jack, Erin and Jeff:

"We have a surprise coming in that just might throw a little quirk in that whole triangle, and I'm not telling you who. But I think it's someone that our audience knows and will like!"

On Di's motivation:

"She's outraged. Erin was her friend. She's a young woman, and young women are being killed. It makes her furious."

BAM! Bianca Goes from Drought to Downpour!

*I'm going to leave out the stuff about Leslie since she's already airing onscreen*

Maggie finally comes home to Pine Valley! Reportedly back for a three-week arc, portrayer Elizabeth Hendrickson will first air on January 15. "Certainly, she has repented for her affair," says McTavish, cautioning that Miranda's mom may not be as forgiving as her saintly nature suggests. "Bianca's struggling. Bianca's a real woman and [Maggie's infedelity] really hurt," she says. "And plus, it was very complicated because they were living together and Miranda almost viewed Maggie as a second mommy. And then suddenly, Maggie was gone, and Bianca had to tell her child where Maggie went. "That's like a divorce."

Barbara's Back!

Susan Pratt, who played Erica's nemesis and Travis' widow off and on from 1987 to 1998, will be returning to the soap in time for February sweeps.

"I think you'll see that push/pull between Jack & Erica," says McTavish. "Jeff is certainly not quitting. Jeff is pursuing Erica as the events of the New Year unfold. Will all this push Erica back to Jack or make her take an irrevocable misstep?" And if Ms. Kane does take that step, could Jack turn to his newly-returned sister-in-law for comfort?


AMC has issued a casting call for a twentysomething Caucasian actress to play the role of Whitney, a sexy, fiesty and indepently wealty lady who just can't seem to find true love. The soap is hoping to have an actress in place by late January or early February.

VCR Alerts:

*left out the ones that already happened*

Zach is worried he wont be able to protect his family on Friday, January 5.

Meanwhile the killer is still at large, on Tuesday, January 9, it appears he or she may have struck again! Things could be looking up when Aidan & Di find something rather intriguing on Wednesday, January 10, but the disturbing message Zach comes across on Friday, January 12, has Kendall's hubby quaking in fear.

The tenative peace at the Chandler mansion runs out when JR becomes determined to make Babe pay for what she's done on Monday, January 8. Perhaps he'll become distracted, though, by trying to figure out exactly what Krystal is hiding on Thursday, January 11?

In Depth Preview

Will Kendall's steadfast love for Zach----in the face of everyone's advice to flee---be his saving grace in this harrowing week of All My Children?

The Slater's United Front!

Fearing for his son's life, Ryan takes Spike from Kendall to keep him safe. Mrs. Slater, however, will not leave her husband's side! As Kendall and Zach draw even closer together in the face of danger, Ryan works to keep Spike and his mom safe. But will Kendall's deep devotion for and ardent defense of her suffering soulmate be enough to save him?

Hottest Stories

Is Julia Jamie's soulmate?

Now that Jamie's toothbrus is comfortably ensconced in the Wildwin bathroom, it looks like the AMC hunk has decided Julia is the one for him. McTavish says fans should watch for the popular couple to just get hotter in the coming weeks. "They are in love," she vows. "They haven't made commitments yet, but they are in that 'we are in love' place." As all soap fans know, though, love alone does not a Super Couple make. Obstacles must be surmounted, and McTavish previews, that the duo have a few in their future. "I think Julia still has her doubts about 'Could Jammie settle down?' because although it's not a huge age difference, there is an age difference." Whether their lives together are rocky or smooth, the scribe says Jamie & Julia have staying power.

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Should JR Forgive Babe for cheating on him?

59% Eventually

41% Never!

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