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First episode - July 30, 1984

Created by

Bridget Dobson


Jerome Dobson

Written by

Bridget Dobson

Jerome Dobson

Directed by

Jeffrey Hayden

Produced by

Steven Kent

Diane Asselin

Helicopter Sequences Directed by

Steven Kent

Associate Producer

Edlyne (Pat) Lloyd

Executive Assistant to the Producers

Gary Kanofsky

Music Composed by

Joe Harnell

Music Supervisors

Dominic Messinger

Jill Phelps

Units Managers

Charles Bond

Carl Geller

Angelika Marcus

Art Director

Joe Russo

Assistant Art Directors

George Beckett

Mike Hynes

Lisa Kapstrom

Kate Murphy

Joe Stewart

Production Manager for Dobson Productions

Jack Breschard

Production Assistants

Julie Hanan

Wendy Neckles

Associate Directors

Lauren Breiting

Kevin M. Meagher

Steve Muscarella

Howard L. Ritter

Stage Managers

Jerry Masterson

Sheila Stewart

Casting by

Reuben Cannon & Associates

Carol Dudley

Executive Producers

Bridget Dobson

Jerome Dobson

Jeffrey Hayden

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