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Tropical Storm Ernesto


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Hey all

Looks like Tropical Storm Ernesto has taken aim at FLorida :rolleyes:

I'm in the path (I'm on the east coast of Florida, but not that far south --- not in Miami/Palm Beach), somewhat, so... we're not putting shutters up (as of yet). The storm should be moving over me all day Wednesday. I hope I don't lose power but if we do, you'll know that's why I've gone M.I.A. I have a laptop but battery power can only last so long and probably by the first hour I'll wear it out :lol: I wish I had a backup battery but I don't know where to look for one.

Anyway ... I have a generator so I'm not too worried, just wanted to give yall a heads up.

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The NHC is still skirting it east, so you may be in the all clear after all! On Saturday, they had New Orleans as the bullseye (where I'm from), and yes, we were all freaking out - Walmart had NO water by 10am Saturday morning! :blink:

Good luck and hopefully you won't have much to worry about! :)

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