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Kate Hudson's Marriage Split


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This week on a many entertainment news programs, it was announced that actress Kate Hudson, daughter of Goldie Hawn, has split from her husband, 'Black Crowes' singer, Chris Robinson.

MSNBC are asking the question if Owen Wilson, Kate's co-star in the movie 'You, Me and Dupree", played a role in the couple's split. Sources told television show, 'Access Hollywood' that Kate and Owen had a "brother sister type" relationship and that Owen couldn't have been the cause of the break-up of Kate and Chris' marriage.

'US Weekly' who features Kate and Owen on the cover of this week's issue, are speculating that Kate and Owen have been having a secret love affair; sharing sexy dinners with one another and Kate spending various nights over at Owen's home.


Nothing in Hollywood surprises me. From what I read, Kate married him at age 21. She's now 27 and Chris is 39 years old. Who knows what the real cause of the break-up in the marriage was.

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A study from the National Healthy Marriage Resource Center finds that couples who wed after age 25 are up to 25% less likely to get divorced. I just don't get why people today want to rush things, when it's much more fun to prolonge the desire and we do live much older than before.

Avril was way to young too, I doubt it will last forever. Chris and Kate are really cute though, so open minded and free spirited, like two hippies in love.

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