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  1. On DAYS, Jack #1 (Joseph Adams) was allegedly fired because he had cold sores and a pregnant Mary Beth Evans didn't want to kiss him. Jack #2 (James Acheson) was a horrible actor (he played Jack as if he was literally mentally challenged with an IQ of about 50). To make matters worse, the actor allegedly did or said something VERY untoward to a still-pregnant MBE (it's unclear whether it was regarding her pregnancy weight gain or something of a sexual nature). She was in tears, and Stephen Nichols and Drake Hogestyn went to James' dressing room and um... schooled him, shall we say? He was quickly replaced (thankfully) by Matthew Ashford.
  2. I have a few to add... Tim Gibbs auditioned for the role of AW’s Joe Carlino (the character was called Joe McConnell before Joe Barbara was cast). Gibbs then was cast as AW’s Gary Sinclair…. Stephen Nichols auditioned for the role of AW’s Evan Bates (Eric Scott Woods got the part) David Tom auditioned for the role of OLTL’s Will Rappaport (Jason Shane Scott got the part) Then-AMC executive producer Jean Burke considered temporarily recasting Erica with Lisa Peluso when Susan Lucci was doing “Annie Get Your Gun” on Broadway and was very sick (either pneumonia or borderline pneumonia).
  3. Oh yeah-- poor Patsy looks tighter than a drum! (Still love her, though.) Compare her to Mary Beth Evans, who I think looks amazing. I know MBE's husband is a plastic surgeon, and he is either a very good one or she hasn't had any work done because she has really managed to avoid that "overdone" look. Although I think around the time of her return to DAYS in 2006, she looked like she maybe had some fillers or something around her mouth (and it looked a bit tiny off -- a little artifical almost). What do you all think? MBE has a blog on hybridmom.com, and some of the pictures show her with no or minimal (non-television) make-up, if you want a better look.
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