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  1. On 8/29/2020 at 5:10 PM, Cheap21 said:

    So much for trying to bring attention to the Breonna Taylor case. Porsha was using the opportunity to twerk for justice





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    I side eye her now and cant help but think she is motivated to use this as a storyline

    I applaud her for trying to use her ass as a tool for protest and at the same time stop the spread of covid while chanting and speaking to the floor and out of the officers face

  2. does anyone know of any episode that are still up on YouTube I know that the person who posted the most recently I think had them removed again... I ordered a new Roku stick I want Matt gets here I'm going to use that doctors appt but until then I was looking to see something. Thanks for any help...

  3. 3 hours ago, dio said:


    people can hate all they want, but JMW can act well too. Just because y'all don't like a character does't meant they're "chewing scenery" lol


    the 2 younger blonds otoh... yikes!

    I definitely respect everyone who likes JMW and she must be doing something right. It just my opinion but we all know what opinions can buy us

  4. Beverly Hills is ok but could be so much better if the same thing wasn't talked about every episode of the season until you want to scream. Every season has that one thread and then it's done. 

      I'm trying to watch Housewives of Johannesburg but I can't find whole episodes anywhere. I want to try something different until Potomac comes back. 

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