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  1. I was just reading on the Another World Home Page that Joseph Barbara played Jordan Stark for a month when they first introduced the character. I vaguely remember watching and thinking it was him playing the part. My question is whether he was supposed to do that role the entire time or just until that got David Andrew MacDonald for the part.
  2. I watched AW from the summer of 1986 until the final episode. However, I'm currently watching the whole Janice/Mitch poisoning of Mac storyline. While I'm enjoying it, I'm wondering what the reaction was from the fans at that time. I know I've watched the Janice/Rachel pool scene a million times, but I'm wondering if the storyline was as legendary then as it seems to be now.
  3. These pages are from a soap opera magazine called "Who's Who In Daytime TV". They're from late 1986. I bought this when I started watching "Another World".
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