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  1. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    I see Tuc Watkins has been added in the place of Michael for Lovin Llanview.
  2. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    Those June dates for Lovin Llanview have been rescheduled to October. Michael Easton will not be at those events in Oct due to s prior commitment to the NYC Comic Con. The reschedule.was due to the Emmys being the same weekend.
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      Sale of the Century. Feel it! Live it!

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      Wow Khan and I have so much in common, LOL.

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      Price Is Right, y'all! HELLO! XD

  4. OLTL Tribute Thread

    I know, I wish for Kathy Brier and Chris Stack (or Nathaniel Marston), either one would be fine, for Michael, Marcie, and Gabriel to return for the end of the show.
  5. Recasts

    Seems a standard answer - we're taking the character in a new direction.
  6. Speaking of R. C. Cates. He and the music department of Port Charles did all of the Stephen Clay Experience music. It was original and I loved all of the music. Michael Easton did not sing the music. It was sung by Joey Lugassy of the band Daysix. It was all beautifully composed and matched the arcs that the music was designed for. We Port Charles faithful wanted a CD of the music released by ABC. They didn't release the music. I thought that was a huge mistake. This music is played to this day as background music on GH. I have caught Newborn Heart and Naked Eyes, that I can recall.