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ANOTHER WORLD 215 Ryan counsels Kirkland; Christy makes a stunning request




Ryan counsels Kirkland, and Christy makes a stunning request.

Written by:  C. Nathaniel Richardson

Consultants:  ML Cooks and A. Washington Beeby


Part 1


John and Sharlene are on the couch.  John is sitting up while Sharlene lies in his lap.  

Sharlene:  That never gets old does it?

John:  What?

Sharlene:  You making love to me.

John:  I will never tire of that.

Gregory walks in and observes his parents.

Gregory:  Man, this is the happiest I’ve seen you two in a long time.

Sharlene:  We look therefore we are.

John:  Your mother and I have gotten close all over again.  Feels much better this time.

Gregory:  That’s...that’s great.  I wish I could feel that way about Lindsay.

Sharlene:  Do you wanna talk about it honey?

Gregory:  If I’m California, she’s New York.  That’s how close Lindsay and I have been lately.



Lindsayblogentry-14971-0-65421400-1435108205_th and Charlieblogentry-14971-0-12370200-1435108376_th walk in with their shopping bags.

Lindsay:  That was great.  Oh my God.  

Charlie:  If I had enough money I would have brought this dress in three different colors.

Lindsay:  The one you picked out was perfect.

Charlie:  I kinda got what they call buyer’s remorse.  I should have gotten the baby blue one.

Lindsay:  Oh come on we’re not gonna regret anything okay.

Charlie:  Except...for the way I treated my husband earlier.

Lindsay:  You know you’re very lucky to have a husband like Kirkland.  He’s so protective of you.  

Charlie:  But there’s nothing to protect me from.  When I saw him arguing with his mother, I saw something different.  He didn’t want to crash the wedding reception.

Lindsay:  Sometimes it’s guilt by association.  

Charlie:  Not always though cuz.

Lindsay:  But didn’t he hide the fact that he was Christy’s son until that day they came to Tops?  He was a barista at the coffee shop.  

Charlie:  The more I talk to Eric, the more I find out that he’s not like his mother.

Lindsay:  I dunno.  You have to be on your husband’s side with this.  If Kirkland wants you to stay away from Eric, then I think you should at least consider it.  Kirkland loves you.

Charlie:  I hope that Kirkland isn’t jealous of Eric or something.  He knows how much I love him.


CHRISTY’Sblogentry-14971-0-89197200-1435108279_th SUITE

Ericblogentry-14971-0-91966400-1432081351_th walks in.

Christy:  Son it’s so good to see you.  Thanks for coming.

Eric:  What’s up mom?

Christy:  You’re still mad at me aren’t you?

Eric tries to fight his angry front, but to no avail…

Eric:  No, I’m not.  I just don’t want people to look at me differently because of what we did at Tops.

Christy:  Honey I’ve been trying to tell people that it wasn’t your idea, but we can’t control what they think.

Eric:  I’m meeting some...nice people here in Bay City.

Christy:  Like who?  Charlie Winthrop Hudson?

Eric:  And K.C. Burrell.  She’s pretty cool.

Christy looks at him with pursed lips.

Christy:  Eric baby, your mother knows more than you think.

Eric:  Know what?

Christy:  You turned over the evidence you stole out of Grant Harrison’s house to me.  All I have is proof that Grant bankrolled Evan Frame’s scheme in St. Croix, but you kept something.

Eric:  Mom what are you talking about?

Christy:  It has to do with Kirkland Harrison doesn’t it?



Kirklandblogentry-14971-0-07730900-1435108347_th is in an exam room, and sees Ryan, who again is dressed in blue jeans, sneakers and a button shirt.

Kirkland:  I still can’t believe you angels wear regular clothes.  Are you the new wave?

Ryan:  What were you expecting exactly?  Was I supposed to be flying through the sky with huge wings?

Kirkland:  Sorry.

Ryan:  You know, kid, you showed a lot of courage coming here today.  

Kirkland:  I’m worried.  What if I don’t get the result that I’m looking for?  What if I’m HIV positive?  

A doctor walks in.

Doctor:  Hi Mr. Harrison.  I have the results.




Charlie:  Kirkland and I went through a lot to get where we are.  I’m not gonna throw that away over a disagreement.

Lindsay:  Of course not.

Charlie:  And I’m gonna show him.

Lindsay:  I like the sound of that.

Charlie:  But I think you should take some of your own advice...and work things out with Gregory.



Sharlene:  She’s probably trying to process the fact that she can’t have children.

Gregory:  Why won’t she let me help her?

John:  Because she’s pushing you away right?

Gregory:  Yeah.

John:  I’m sorry Gregory but I have to be honest.  I never had a great feeling about Lindsay Winthrop.

Gregory:  That’s not what I need to hear right now dad.

John:  She lied about her reasons for coming to Bay City in the first place.  When you questioned her she pushed you away then, too.  

Sharlene:  John I don’t think you’re being fair.

John:  Come on Sharlene, this girl is always playing with his emotions and it’s not right.

Sharlene:  I don’t think Lindsay’s doing that.  I think she just needs some space.  Give her time.  She’ll come around.

Gregory:  Looks like she doesn’t mind someone else occupying that space.

John:  What are you talking about?

Gregory:  Lindsay seemed just fine chatting it up at the Center yesterday.

Sharlene:  Who was she with?

Gregory:  She was with Charlie and her uncle.

Sharlene:  Charlie’s uncle?  When did Morgan get to town?

Gregory:  Not Morgan Winthrop.  I’m talking about Carl Hutchins’ son, Devin Lucas Hutchins.

Sharlene:  Carl has another child?

Gregory:  Right, and it looked he and Lindsay were getting along just fine.  She sure wasn’t pushing him away.


Lindsay:  I don’t want Gregory treating me like I’m so fragile because I’m not.

Charlie:  Of course you’re not, but I hope you weren’t pushing him away.

Lindsay:  Yeah I...I was, but I’m still dealing with this.

Charlie:  Linds you can’t let it take you out.  You can’t let it destroy what you have with Gregory.

Lindsay:  Why would he still want me?  I can’t even have children.

Charlie:  I don’t think he cares about that.  He loves you, and you have to let him do that.  It’s pretty much what you told me about Kirkland.  You’ve got to let Gregory love you, just like I’m going to let Kirkland do the same for me.


Kirkland:  So...what are they?

Doctor:  We didn’t find any of the virus in your system.  You’re negative.  I would recommend coming back in six months for another test.

Kirkland:  Thank you doctor.  Thank you so much.

The doctor leaves and Ryan appears again.

Kirkland:  Thank God.

Ryan:  I’m glad kid.  You dodged a bullet.  

Kirkland:  I feel relieved that I’m HIV negative, but why don’t I feel like I’m out of the woods yet?

Ryan:   Because you’re afraid of Charlie finding out about your past relationship with Scott Granger, and you sleeping with the bartender at the Genoa City Athletic Club.

Kirkland:  I love her and I don’t wanna lose her.

Ryan:  Then trust in the love that you two have.  That should get you through whatever fears you have.  

Kirkland:  I do trust her.

Ryan:  I’m not so sure about that.  

Kirkland:  What do you mean?  Of course I trust her.

Ryan:  You can’t keep lying to Charlie.  It’s only gonna get worse.  ---------------------------------------------

Eric:  Mom I didn’t keep anything.

Christy:  Don’t lie to me honey.  I love you...no matter what.  Nothing is going to change that.  

Eric:  Mom what are you getting at?

Christy:  When I walked into the coffee shop one day, you were paying particular close attention to Grant Harrison’s speech on the Religious Freedom Law, especially the part where he said was against gays and lesbians being discriminated against.

Eric:  Why can’t I want equality for everyone?

Christy:  Because you’re one of them.  You are using K.C. Burrell to hide your sexuality.  

Eric:  I’m not doing that!

Christy:  Eric honey it’s okay.  Whether you’re gay or straight I still love you.  I will always be your mother.

Eric:  Mom…

Christy:  You’re using Charlie to get to Kirkland aren’t you?  Kirkland is the one you want.

Eric:  You think you’ve got everything figured out.

Christy:  I know you kept the evidence of him having sex in Genoa City with another man...and I want you to use it to keep him off my tail.

Eric is stunned at Christy’s request.

Eric:  Of course it’s all about you isn’t it?

Christy:  If you use that evidence, then we’ll both get what we want, because I’m sure that Kirkland hasn’t told Charlie has he?  

Christy smiles.

Christy:  Opportunity’s knocking.  All you have to do is open the door.

Eric:  Opportunity?

Christy:  We stand to benefit from this.

Eric:  Again...about you.

Christy:  Honey, you are about the only thing I’ve ever done right in my life.  You’re my baby that I held in my arms.  You cried and cried, and with every scream, my love for you grew.  After Douglas and James made me give you away, I was never really the same after that.  I always felt a void in my heart.  I’ve been given a second chance.  

Christy puts her right hand on Eric’s left cheek.

Christy:  I love you.  All I want for you is to be happy.  I want you to have everything your heart desires.  I don’t want you to turn out like me.  I want you to live a happy, productive life.  I want more for you, so yes, this is about what I want.  What I want is what’s best for my son.  Whatever it is you want, you need to go for it.

Eric walks to the door.

Christy:  Where are you going?

Eric:  Gonna go out to think.

Eric opens the door, and Grant greets him.

Grant:  Eric.

Eric:  You’re Kirkland’s dad aren’t you?


Ryan:  One lie is gonna turn into another and another, and it’s the lies that are gonna break up you up.  The longer you keep lying, the more you destroy the trust.  The best chance for you to save your marriage...is to tell Charlie the truth.

Kirkland nods his head.


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continued from above

Kirkland:  I’m gonna tell her.  I’m gonna go tell Charlie everything....right now.


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WOW!! WHat a powerful episode. Kirks HIV scare. Wait until CHarlie finds all of this out. Wow It could be a deal breaker.

THe scene with Linds and CHarlie was very nice and effective. It really brought their story lines out.


ANy time CHristy is on the scene it's always bad. I loved her out reach to her son. It really humanized her. But I don't think she was able to tell by Eric watching Grant that her son was gay but I do think a mother does know at the end of the day. THe scene was so grippng I was on the edge of my seat. Christy is going to push him to use that info but Eric doesn't want too.


THe dialog was great in this episode. Very solid. Esp in Ryan's scene with 

You really layered This Kirk story in this episode. THe stakes have been set and it's all really coming together. Kirk is in knee deep.

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John and Sharlene finally happy. Me thinks that wont be lasting long. I still feel sorry for Gregory and the rift with Lindsay tho. I think John may have the right idea being a bit anti Lind.


Charlie is trying to give Lindsay some sound advice but who knows if she will listen. 


Eeeek love this ending tho! All the layers are coming together. What will Eric actually do? Will Kirkland tell the truth or will it all come out blowing up in his face?! Im looking forward to finding out. 

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This episode just KILLED. The blackmail request has been made. Ohhh wow. Christy doesn't play! I love that she was able to also really know about her son. Every mother has a clue. She really did lay on thick about nothing changing her love for Eric, which I found funny. Great scene and that story is gonna be HUGE for you.


John and Sharlene happy, how long will THIS last? I enjoyed them discussing Lindsay with Gregory. Truth is, yeah, I see where John's coming from, though obviously this time she really has a strong reason for her actions, whether or not they're based on the reality of the situation though...

Ryan dealing with Kirkland's HIV test with him, lovely use of Ryan as a consult for a very conflicted soul like Kirkland. It is sad he has no one alive to truly reach out to about this situation, but Ryan is there, which is cool. Relief that the test come out negative!

This blackmail story is gonna be AMAZING. Can't wait to see it play out. A really focused, tight episode. GREAT stuff, Cary!

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