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Epi. 8: Shots Fired

JM Fanfiction


Created By: Agnes Nixon

Written By: Josh Manning


Noah and Matthew are lying on the bed after having just had sex

Matthew- I thought you said you were busy all day today with your mother to come over.

Noah- things changed

Matthew- Like what?

Noah- my dad being in town

Matthew- well isn't that a good thing that he's in town?

Noah- well considering he hasn't seen or talked to me in three years, no it's not.

Matthew- why did something happen?

Noah- He flat out told me that if I was gay then I wasn't his son and he wanted nothing to do with me.

Matthew- Oh well that explains why you wouldn't want him in town

Noah- well enough talking about it and how about you join me in the shower

Noah kisses Matthew and they head towards the shower



Kevin- what about Karen and I running BM? You do realize that you chose Karen and I to run BM?

Clint- yes I do but you need to watch your back with Karen because she is one sneaky bitch.

Kevin- so are almost all of the women you've been with. Look dad I know that I can trust Karen. We have been working on this project for a few years now and I know I can trust her. So can't you trust her as well?

Clint- I only trust her to the tips of my fingers and that's it. So you need to keep an eye on her.



Connie, Kameron and Aubrey have just arrived at the penthouse and they excited to see Karen and Steve

Connie- alright I'd like to make a toast. To all of us finally being back where we should have never of left.

Clinging glasses are heard as they all take a sip and then Aubrey puts her glass down and walks over to the couch and sits.

Karen- hey sweetheart is everything okay?

Aubrey- Oh yeah everything's okay Karen

Karen- really! Then how come you have a depressed look on your face?

Aubrey- Oh I've just got a lot on my mind.

Karen- Like whether or not you are going to go see your father before it's too late.

Aubrey- yeah I've already said goodbye to him when I was 16 and I don't know if I can go through saying goodbye again.

Karen- but I'm sure he'd want to see you or at least hear your voice one more time. Well that Champagne sure isn't going to drink itself so get on up off that sofa and come have a drink.

Karen and Aubrey walk back towards the others



PJ is sitting on the bottom of the steps when he turns to see Starr standing at the top of the stairs in a baby blue dress

Starr- so what do you think?

PJ- Wow! You look so stunning.

Starr- thank you, You don't look half bad yourself.

PJ- I try, So are you ready to get this party started.

Starr- oh yeah so lets get going.

PJ opens the door and allows Starr to exit and follows her closing the door behind him



Blair- wow this place looks great!

Tea- yeah it does, I'm gonna get myself a drink, care for one?

Blair- yeah thanks.

Woman- well don't you look lovely today cousin!

Blair turns around to see Kelly standing there

Blair- Kelly! Oh my gosh what are you doing here?

Kelly- Well Joey and I decided to attend the Gala that his family company is throwing. Speaking of Joey where is he?

Joey- turn around sweetheart

Kelly turns to see Joey standing there and they kiss



Todd- hello Viki!

Viki turns around to see her brother Todd standing there

Viki- hello Todd, I didn't think you'd be here.

Todd- Just because Clint and I don't get along doesn't mean I wouldn't come here to support you.

Viki- well thank you. So I take it as that you and Victor are going to be getting along for today's event.

Todd- we'll just have to see how today goes.

Viki- Todd! I mean it I don't want any non-sense.



Shows someone loading up a gun(with a silencer on) with three bullets and walks out of the room



Shows everyone in the ballroom having a good time chit-chatting with others as the lights go out. Everyone is in shock and everything goes quiet as three shots are fired. The lights come back on as everyone notices three people lying on the ground.



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Noah/Mathew: I do like this whole gay storyline thing. And, you seem to be making them front burner characters which is good. Kind of reminds me of Sonny and Will on DAYS.

Kevin/Clint: You know, Kevin says that he can trust Karen. But, she went through a lot her first time in Llainview. So, I will go with Clint more on this one.

Karen/Aubrey: I loved that scene! It was really written well! More like those please!

PJ/Starr: I am interested to see where these two go. And what Blair and Todd think of this new boy will be the icing on top of the cake.


Also, like DAYS22 said, I do love myself a good shooting cliffhanger!

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