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Epi. 9: A confession and a death

JM Fanfiction



Everyone is looking around to see who has been shot, when screams are heard from Blair as Todd is lying on the floor covered in blood.

Blair- Todd! Please hold on, please stay with me.

Todd- I love you Blair I always have and I always will.

Blair- I love you too Todd and we have all the time in the world to spend together.

Todd- no we don't Blair. Tell my kids that I love them.

Todd dies in Blair's arms as she starts to cry



Shows PJ sitting in a chair as Starr walks over towards him and presses a towel on PJ's arm where he'd been shot

Starr- that looks pretty bad we should get you to the hospital.

PJ- Starr I'm fine. Go check on your dad!

Starr- are you sure?

PJ- yes I'm going to be okay.

Starr gets up and leaves as PJ pulls out his phone and texts someone




Blair, Viki, and Starr are in the waiting area waiting on news about Todd. Dr. Daniel Wolek walks out of one of the exam rooms

Blair- Daniel! Please tell me he's okay... Please!

Daniel- I'm sorry Blair, he was already gone when he arrived here. There was nothing we could do.

Daniel walks off as Blair falls to the ground and starts crying, Starr walks over and hugs her as Viki falls down in the chair in shock



Most of the people at the ballroom have cleared out except for a few

Bo- I knew this was going to happen tonight damn it I just knew it.

Nora- yeah well I bet you didn't expect this to happen.

Nora turns her phone around to show Bo a picture of Matthew and Noah

Bo- what the hell is this?



Karen-well today has been very eventful as you would say. So are you ready to turn in for the night?

Steve- sure why not?

Shows Matthew and Noah talking when Bo and Nora walk up to them

Karen- what's going on here?

Nora- I'd like to know what this picture is about?

Nora shows everyone the picture of Matthew and Noah kissing

Matthew- oh god

Nora- Matthew are you gay?

Noah- I kissed him because I'm in love with him...

Nora- why the hell would you do that? You know what that could do to his name in... Why would you do that?

Matthew- Because I'm gay and we are seeing each other!


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That was just one shock after another LOL.

Todd/Blair: I can't believe that happened. That was the biggest shock of all. But, I have a feeling Todd isn't dead. He always has a plan. Maybe, this is another one. Can't wait to see!!!

PJ: I wonder who he texted. I also wonder if he has anything to do with the shooting. Because, why did he only get shot in the arm, but the shooter aimed at Todd perfectly, to "kill" him.

Mathew/Nora/Bo: I guess this comes as quite a shock for them. i wonder what Nora and Bo truly think. And, what does Mathew have to say.

Can't wait for #10.


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