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DAYS #49: EJ Overhears The Truth





Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

A knock is heard on Kate's office door. Kate looks up from her computer.

KATE: Come in!

Billie and Lucas step in, a look of worry across both their faces.

KATE: Ah! Billie! Lucas! Excellent.

BILLIE: Okay, Mom. You sounded urgent on the phone...what's going on?

KATE: Well...have a seat, and we'll discuss it.

Billie and Lucas obey their mother's command and sit down in front of her desk. Kate leans over her desk, as if to give a proclamation.

KATE: I think it's time we sat down and discussed the Titan board meeting next week, and whether or not the company should hold onto Titan TV.

Lucas seems confused, Billie looks over to him.

LUCAS: What does that have to do with us? I mean, we'd have to start putting more money into our advertising budget, but surely Victor can grandfather something in.

KATE: No, no. It's not just that. We could face a very hefty penalty as a company for the things we do with that TV station. Everything from the news to, yes, our advertising deals. The FCC could have major problems with that.

BILLIE: What? Wait, mom. You've never forced our hand on a board vote before. What's got you so concerned this time?

Kate pauses a moment, not sure how to respond.


Jenn is sitting at her desk at the hospital, having a chat with Laura. As she talks with Laura, Jenn tries to do some filing.

LAURA: So how was your night with Liam?

JENN: It was wonderful. Honestly, I've never met a man who just...understood me so completely, not since...

Jenn stops herself, choking up a bit thinking of Jack.

LAURA: Since...Daniel?

Jenn stays still a moment, then shakes her head. Outside Jenn's office door, Daniel approaches, with a document in hand for Jenn. Just before stepping to the door, he hears Jenn say his name.

JENN: Not since Jack, Mom. I mean...Daniel....Daniel, I thought he was fantastic. I was so patient with him, because I knew how hard it's been with him since his wife died and...he knew when Jack came back to town so give us space. He was really great when Jack died. He knew exactly what I was going through...

Jenn pauses for a moment. Laura presses.

LAURA: But...

JENN: But, Mom, he didn't trust me when my son was in trouble. He lied and made me believe he'd not only sleep with someone like Theresa, but that he'd be doing drugs with her? All for what? Because he didn't think I'd stand by my son? Because I couldn't be trusted to protect my own son.

Laura walks over to Jenn and hugs her for a minute. Jenn leans in to give her mom a warm hug like she'd been wanting to for a long time.

LAURA: I'm so sorry, honey. I didn't realize. I know, we all miss Jack. I just...well...just give it time. Don't rush into things, okay? Liam seems like a good guy but...I want you to just take it easy, okay?

Jenn pulls away from her mom's embrace and, still holding her hands, smiles warmly at Laura.

Outside Jenn's door, Daniel shakes his head, wincing from the stinging words Jenn has spoken about him. He walks away from Jenn's door, heading back to tend to Theresa.

JENN: Thanks, Mom. Can we...uh...talk about something else?

Jenn wipes away tears as she asks Laura the question, and Laura sits back in her chair, immediately knowing what else she had on her mind.

LAURA: Well...how's Abigail been feeling?

JENN: You know...it's strange, she's been...so run down the last few months, and sick a lot. Not much of an appetite, and when she does it, it's been terrible food. I mean, if I didn't know she'd only been with Chad, honestly, I'd say she were pregnant.

Laura looks to Jenn, a bit concerned.


EJ kneels over Abigail as she lies on the floor of the DiMera offices, unconscious. EJ checks her breathing, as Abigail slowly stirs.

EJ: Abigail? You alright?

ABBY: Uh...huh? EJ? What?...

Abigail looks around the room, in a daze. She grabs her stomach suddenly, before realizing where she is, and lets go.

ABBY: My b...my God. I...

EJ: You need to go to the hospital immediately, we'll get you checked out.

Abigail protests weakly, as EJ sits her up to head for the elevator.

ABBY: No...no...no, I'm fine...

Abigail's face is increasingly panicked as she gets boosted up into EJ's arms and whisked off to UH.




Anne continues to slap the man at the door of the elevator, thinking him to be EJ, until a strong American accent throws her off and stops her assault.

REPAIR GUY: Hey, hey, hey! LADY! What the Hell??!

Anne backs up, and takes a closer look at the man before her. She jumps back a little, an apologetic look across her face.

ANNE: Oh...oh my God, I'm...I'm so sorry, I...

REPAIR GUY: This how you treat everyone that comes to help ya, lady?

ANNE: I...I thought you were someone else, see, it's actually a really funny story, see...

REPAIR GUY: I'm sure it is.

Anne steps casually off the elevator, following the now-completely-bemused repairman away from the elevator.

ANNE: See, I thought you were this guy who's been following me around and has people all out to make me think I'm crazy and when, well, really, I'm not, he's just an...

Anne stops herself, realizing how absolutely insane she sounds. She smiles at the repairman, and takes his hand in hers, patting it gratefully.

ANNE: You know what? Nevermind. Thanks again! I really appreciate it.

Anne steps towards her door and hastily opens it, stepping into her apartment.

The repairman stands back, in shock at what's just transpired.

REPAIR GUY: I gotta get outta this town, man!


Gabi walks into Club TBD. Looking around, she sees Nick, sitting at a booth in the corner. She tenses, incredibly wary of coming anywhere closer to Nick. Finally she steps forward, essentially forcing herself into line. She sits down at the table. Nick immediately takes her hand in his.

NICK: I'm so glad to see you.

Gabi pulls her hand away quickly. She smiles immediately, realizing how bad that looks.

GABI: Sorry. I'm....a bit nervous.

NICK: I understand. It's alright. Please, can I order you a drink?

Gabi smiles a slightly devious smile, but catches herself and nods, changing her smile to a more flirtatious one. Nick smiles and flags down T.

Gabi looks on, thinking to herself:

I have to make this happen. I have to get him hooked again. I can't have him hurt me, or Ari. I won't let it happen.


Kate gestures, trying in vain to find some kind of answer to Billie's question. She stands up and begins pacing the room while talking.

KATE: It's....simple, really. I just...did a bit of research, it's really nothing to do with anything.

BILLIE: Okay, seriously. Mom, what's going on? Why are you so freaked out? I can tell you're not yourself right now.

LUCAS: Seriously, Mom. Spill! What's got you so riled up?

Kate takes a second to breathe before turning around to face her kids' onslaught of questions.

KATE: It's just best business practice. I'm just....nervous about how Victor's going to react, is all. I mean, we haven't exactly been on the best of terms since I--

LUCAS: ...Tried to have him killed at the Coronation...

Kate rolls her eyes at Lucas' snarky remarks before carrying on.

KATE:..and now...well...I just...he's been gracious enough to have me as CEO at MadWorld and I'm not prepared to give that up, but going against him, particularly when he's so distressed about Brady's accident, I just...

Billie gets up and walks over to Kate. Putting a hand on Kate's shoulder, she reassures her.

BILLIE: Mom, I get it. I'll think about it, but...we're in your corner, Lucas and I. Okay?

Kate smiles and hugs Billie tightly.

KATE: I knew I could count on you.


Lucas looks on, not quite so convinced, and folds his arms while shaking his head.


EJ walks down the hallway at University Hospital, having come from Abigail's hospital room. He is deep in thought, concerned for Abigail, but not so sure about what's been bugging her.

Upon entering the 6th floor lobby, EJ sees Sami standing with Marlena and Kim. They look concerned themselves. EJ begins to head over to greet Sami, but Sami looks up at him, and freezes. EJ immediately remembers Sami's recollections after their argument, and stops himself. Sami turns away momentarily to tell Marlena and Kim something.

SAMI: Uh...look, I....think I need to talk to EJ for a moment, do you mind?

MARLENA: Are you sure that's a good idea?

SAMI: I'll be fine, Mom. Thanks.

Marlena gives Sami and quick kiss on the cheek and hug before stepping aside with Kim.

Sami steps to EJ slowly, almost reluctantly, yet trying to come off nonchalantly.

EJ: Samantha.

SAMI: EJ. I guess you've heard about Brady and Theresa's accident today.

EJ: I have. I'm sorry to hear about it. How is everyone holding up.

SAMI: (sighs) I suppose as well as can be expected. My Aunt Kim is just waiting to hear back from the doctors before she goes in to visit. Daniel was operating and they're just letting Theresa rest for a bit before they let her visit so...

EJ: I see.

SAMI: Yep. So...what are you doing here?

EJ: Uh, I was actually here tending to Abigail, you see, she's been in a bit of an accident at work, and--

SAMI: What?! Is she okay?

EJ reaches out to stop Sami from running off to find Abigail's room, but when EJ touches her, he catches himself as Sami flinches.

EJ: I'm sorry.

SAMI: (sigh) It's...okay. Uh...is she okay? Can I see her? What happened?

EJ: She had a ladder fall on her at the office earlier, it's...no big deal, she's fine, I just...I stopped you because the doctor was in with her just now.

SAMI: Oh...right.

EJ: I'm actually going to check on her to see what the doctor says and if you want I can ask Abigail if she wouldn't mind a visitor. If you like, that is.

SAMI: That...sounds great.

EJ: Alright, I'll be right back.

EJ smiles a bit, Sami smiles back. As EJ steps away, she almost collapses, as though she'd been holding onto every bit of strength she had during their exchange. Sami takes a seat at a nearby bench and breathes heavily, trying to regain some semblance of composure.

Inside Abigail's hospital room, Daniel talks with Abigail. Abigail is extremely nervous, knowing Daniel's close relationship with her family and friends, particularly her mom.

DANIEL: Well, looks like you just had a bit of a hit on the head. No need for any surgery, so...you should be out of here in a few hours.

ABBY: That's good. Uh...Daniel...umm...you're not going to tell my mom about any of this, are you?

DANIEL: Nah, that's...that's not gonna happen. See, your mom and I are, in no uncertain terms, finished.

ABBY: Good. Uh...that's....not quite what I meant. I mean, I just...well, you know a lot of my family and friends and...

DANIEL: Doctor-patient confidentiality. Cross my heart.

Abigail smiles, feeling reassured that Daniel won't speak to anyone about her condition.

ABBY: Great. So uh...why a few hours, what else needs to be done?

As Daniel explains, EJ approaches the door to her hospital room, and begins to open the door to check on the progress of Abigail's appointment. As he opens the door, he hears Daniel speak.


DANIEL: We just have to run one more test to see how your baby's holding up after the accident and you should be set to go!

EJ's eyes pop out, shocked by Daniel's news.



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Oops!! EJ overheard that Abigail's pregnant. Uh oh...

Enjoyed the Anne scene. You have her character down pat also. Good infusion of humor also.

Liked the Laura and Jenn exchange. You had Laura find the delicate balance between advising her daughter and being concerned about Liam.

Gabi is about to do the deed. I'm rooting for her lol

And I wonder if Lucas is going to start digging. He knows his mother so well. He knows she's hiding something.

GOOD EPISODE!!! Well done!!

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EJ knows Abby is pregnant YES!!!!!! Can't wait to see his reaction.


Jenn scenes were great too with Laura.

Things continue to build and grow

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Wow! E.J. now knows that Abby is pregnant!!! Great cliffhanger. Gabi... I kind of like her character and kind of don't. She can play a dangerous game and then have a heart of gold, to cover it all up. The scene between E.J. and Sami was totally needed. It really captured the storyline you have them in now. And the fact that Kim and Marlena were there for her. Anne is slowing losing it. Every episode she is in, is her slowling un-raveling. I am loving it! She cannot let E.J. win another game! I liked the Jennifer/Laura scene. It captured a bonding mother and daughter relationship. But... I wonder why Laura thought of Daniel. I kept thinking about that to myself. She should know that Jack was and will always be her daughters true love. I love how you have made Kate interesting again! With what you have her involved in, you can take her into millions of different directions. I am not only interested to see where she goes but the Titan plot as well. GOOD EPISODE!!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!

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