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DAYS #42: Kim & Theresa share a moment, Gabi overhears something terrifying




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Theresa steps onto the elevator at her building, having just paid the cabbie that drove her back to Salem with Brady's credit card. She's still somewhat intoxicated, very tired, and looks disheveled. She presses the button up to her floor and leans back against the back wall of the elevator car.

She closes her eyes, thinking back to the night's events.


Meeting Chloe, and Theresa's intense sense of threat at Chloe and Brady's camraderie.


Theresa finding Brady's credit card on the floor of the club.


Theresa seeing what she believed was Chloe and Brady kissing on the patio.


Theresa forwarding the video of Brady doing cocaine to her friend at the gossip rag.


The elevator dings as it stops on her floor. Theresa snaps back to reality, realizing the gravity of her actions, she breathes heavily.

THERESA: Well, he got what he deserved, right?

Theresa holds her head up and sashays from the elevator with all the dignity she can muster. As she puts her key in the lock, the door to Kim's apartment opens. Kim is half-asleep, dressed in her nightgown and housecoat. It's evident that she's been kept awake by Theresa's absence.

KIM: Theresa?

Theresa stops in her tracks. She turns to face her mother, folding her arms and trying to retain her composure. Kim can see through her tough display, and Theresa knows it.


KIM: You alright, baby?

Kim steps toward Theresa. Theresa reactively backs up, visibly upset.

THERESA: I'm fine, Mother.

KIM: Honey, are you sure?

Theresa breathes deeply, and looks away. She shakes her head and tries in vain to hold back tears.

THERESA: No. No, I'm not.

Kim immediately walks over to a despondent Theresa, and hugs her warmly. Theresa, finally, does not resist.


Will and Sonny lie together in bed. Sonny is ready to sleep, but leans over, and notices Will is wide awake, and deep in thought.

SONNY: Can't sleep?

WILL: Ugh, I'm trying but...

SONNY: But Nick.

WILL: (sighs) Sonny, this is exactly why I need to find work. I need to be able to fight back against him, and I can't do that without the resources to protect my child.

SONNY: I know, but you can't do anything about it tonight, and if you don't get some sleep, you won't be able to tomorrow either, right?

WILL: I know. (sigh) I guess I'm just worried what Gabi's gonna do. She's gotta be worried sick about what that bastard's gonna pull next.

Sonny puts his arm around Will, pulling him close to him as he holds Will's left hand in his. He caresses him softly as he holds him.

SONNY: She's tougher than you think. She'll find some way.


Gabi wakes up in her bedroom with a start. She sighs heavily as she realizes she was dreaming.

GABI: Thank God. It was just a dream....I gotta get out of here for a minute. And go for a walk, and clear my mind.

Gabi pulls herself out of bed.


Rafe walks through the park with Jordan. They're laughing as Jordan eats the last of her ice cream cone.

RAFE: So I see you liked it, but did you taste it?

Jordan laughs a bit, trying not to choke as she swallows the last of her ice cream.

JORDAN: What? Are you trying to kill me or something?

RAFE: Sorry! I didn't mean to do that. I just...you were eating so fast, I...

Rafe and Jordan share a hearty laugh at the situation, before looking up at the stars together. Jordan takes Rafe's arm and leans against him. She's content in a profound way.

JORDAN: You know, I haven't been this happy in a really long time.

RAFE: I'm glad. I know it hasn't always been easy for you, but...you know I've enjoyed getting to know you.

Jordan looks up to Rafe and smiles.

JORDAN: Me too.

They lean and share a kiss, before pulling away at the sound of a familiar voice.

NICK: Oo! Me too!




Brady attempts once more to call Theresa as he stands outside the front door of the Kiriakis Mansion, to no avail. He puts his phone in his pocket, clearly upset.

BRADY: Damn it!

Brady fumbles with his keys, before finally being able to open the door. When he walks in, he finds himself in a darkened house. He searches for the lights momentarily, only to find, when he turns the lights on, Victor, sitting in the chair facing the entrance to the living room. Victor is cross.

VICTOR: How nice of you to come back and reassure us you're not dead.

Brady rolls his eyes, he's exhausted and coming down from the cocaine high. Brady is still a bit tipsy, however.

BRADY: Granddad, I'm not doing this with you right now, okay?

VICTOR: Doing what? Engaging? You never do that unless it's in marriage with the wrong woman.

BRADY: Okay, can we go two seconds without some snarky remark? Because I just came home from Chicago, on what was supposed to be an amazing night, with no idea where the girl I took to Chicago with me is, with my credit card stolen, and pretty soon, a massive hangover.

VICTOR: Stolen credit card? My first stop would be to question that girl you took to Chicago. I wouldn't trust her with a book of fast food coupons, never mind my credit card.

BRADY: Grandad!

VICTOR: Alright, alright. I'm just glad you're alright, and I hope you didn't do anything stupid that could come back to bit you in the ass. The last thing we need right now is for some seedy tabloid to get ahold of any dirt on you while you're drunk off your face and God knows what else you've gotten into tonight. We need to run a tight ship ahead of this board meeting this week.

BRADY: They weren't allowed into the club. It was all very tightly controlled. Believe me. You have absolutely nothing to worry about. Okay?

VICTOR: I'd better not. There's too much riding on the Titan TV vote, and I don't know how many more unpleasant surprises this old heart can take. I've been in a nursing home once already. That's plenty for one lifetime.


Kim and Theresa sit on Theresa's sofa. Kim hands Theresa a cup of tea, and wraps a blanket from the couch across Theresa's shoulders. Theresa sits quietly, and Kim just lets her talk.

THERESA: So when I saw Brady and Chloe making out on the patio, I just...I couldn't take it anymore.

KIM: Honey, are you sure it was them? I mean, did you see their faces?

THERESA: I...I'm almost certain, Mom. I...the woman was wearing the same coloured dress as Chloe and looked like the same colour of spray-tan. I...

KIM: You just have doubts now.

THERESA: No, I really am sure it was them. I mean, Brady was high on coke and he'd been drinking all night. And every time I'd turn around, OH LOOK! There's Chloe again.

KIM: Theresa, I'm just worried that lashing out at Brady was premature. You don't really know where he went after your fight.

Theresa gets up, begins pacing the room.

THERESA: Oh I know where he went, straight to Chloe. And that's why I forwarded that video. Every man in my life does this kind of crap to me, and I'm not gonna let people walk all over me and use me like that. Not again.

Kim stands up, shocked by Theresa's admission.

KIM: You what?

THERESA: I forwarded the video I accidentally shot of Brady doing cocaine, and I forwarded it to that friend of mine in LA who works at the gossip site. Brady Black's not going to get away with screwing with me.


Liam steps out of Jennifer's door, about to head for home. Jenn smiles as she sees the new man in her life, and he smiles back, though somewhat tense.

JENNIFER: So when do I get to meet your family?

LIAM: I uh...I'm not sure.

JENNIFER: Oh come on, Liam. Do they live in Salem or is it one of those times where we'd have to fly out somewhere?

LIAM: Well, I'm honestly not that close to my family, Jenn. We sorta drifted apart a long time ago and...well, I've been so caught up in my work that I really haven't had the time to try to mend fences.

Jenn looks at Liam, a sadness in her eyes. She reaches for Liam's hand.

JENNIFER: I'm sorry to hear that. I know you're very quiet about your life. And I can tell there's a lot of painful memories behind that. But whenever you're ready to talk about it, I'm here for you.

LIAM: Thank you, Jenn.

JENNIFER: And I mean that. I know it's hard to let someone in on the problems in your life. But I've had a lot of painful times in my life too. Believe me, it hasn't always been easy for me. I want to lift that burden off of you. But only when you're ready.

Liam smiles, he squeezes Jenn's hand, and leans over to kiss her.

LIAM: You always say something that makes me think you're the one for me more and more. You know that?

JENNIFER: I feel so...attached to you. I just hope you'll learn to trust me enough.

LIAM: I do. It's just not easy to tell you these things.

As Liam speaks, JJ walks from the living room. Overhearing the conversation, he lingers a bit before heading upstairs.

LIAM: Uh...listen, Jenn. Before I go, I just wanted to say, if your mom needs a place to live, I figured I knew a few builings in the area. Maybe it'll speed up the process and get your mom into a condo or something sooner.

JJ raises an eyebrow at this.

JJ: (thinks to himself) What is he trying to get her out of the house already? Shady, man.

JJ heads upstairs before he's noticed.

JENNIFER: That's really sweet of you, Liam. I'll let Mom know, okay?

LIAM: Alright.

Jenn and Liam share a long, sweet kiss, before Liam heads off for the night. Jenn leans against the doorframe, watching lovingly as Liam heads for his car. Jenn waves as he departs.


Liam, now inside his car, quickly makes a phone call as he drives away.

LIAM: (into phone) Yeah, it's me. We've got a major problem now. Jenn's mom just came back. No, I won't calm down. This is gonna throw a wrench into everything....Okay, I'll call him.

Liam slams his phone down on the dash as he drives down the street.

LIAM: Dammit.


Jordan and Rafe turn to face a smug Nick. Rafe is visibly unimpressed, while Jordan is trying to make heads or tails of the sitation, hoping to defuse it before it gets out of hand.

RAFE: What do you want?

NICK: It's a beautiful night. I just came to enjoy the fresh air. Spend some time alone in the city that I love.

RAFE: Really? I thought that was New York. Too bad you didn't stay there.

NICK: That's funny. See, it's a really great story, and one of these days, I'll tell you all about it.

RAFE: I'm sure it'll be hilarious. If you'll excuse us--

NICK: ...You know what the best part is about being in Salem is getting close to Gabi again.

Rafe, who has turned to walk away, is stopped dead in his tracks by Nick's comment about Gabi. Jordan squeezes Rafe's arm, hoping to stop him from reacting violently to Nick's baiting.

RAFE: What did you say?

As Rafe and Nick talk, Gabi happens to be passing by the park on her walk. Deep in thought, she barely even registers the conversation for a moment. After a minute. She stops. Recognizing the voices.

NICK: I've been really enjoying it. I even went to visit her tonight. A nice little surprise. Some flowers. She seems to really be liking it. Now, don't worry. I'm not pushing her too far if that's what you're wondering. I'm keeping a respectful distance.

RAFE: New York would've been a respectful distance, Nick. After what you did to Sonny and Will, you have the audacity to invade their home like that?

NICK: Gabi invited me in.

RAFE: Why would she do that?

Gabi, who had been already deep in thought about Nick's motives, is increasingly concerned by his baiting of her brother. She hides herself in the bushes and watches carefully.

NICK: Because maybe she sees that I'm trying to do good things. I'm trying to help Percy keep his land, and trying to maybe make it up to Sonny and Will for all the crappy things I've done to them.

RAFE: "Crappy" seems a bit of an understatement.

NICK: And you know what? I can tell, she sees the good in me. And, given time, she will come back to me. I can guarantee it.

Nick's words echo in Gabi's head. "She will come back to me". It echoes in her head, making her feel sick to her stomach.

RAFE: Boy, you're confident, aren't you? How are you so sure?

NICK: Because Gabi knows that the only way she'll truly be happy is with me. There's no other way for her.

Gabi flashes back to the river, when Nick threatened to tell the police about her involvement in Melanie's kidnapping if she didn't go to New York with him.

She sits in the bushes, terrified, breathing heavily.

GABI: My God. I gotta do something.



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Stories moved....

Liam? Who did he call? Why did he get so angry? What is he hiding? And I like that you are pulling JJ and Laura into that story. Looking forward to seeing where that's going.

Victor has NO IDEA what's in store for Titan after that leak by THOTresa.

Kim softens Theresa a bit, but not that much. Theresa is still a bitch to her core. I really like the conflict of emotions that you give her.

And Gabi knows what Nick is not completely sincere. I wonder what she's going to do. (There's your story lol)....


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Wow! Liam... what is he up too? Who did he call? He is a very supcious character with GREAT set up. Here is my thing... Gabi is the worst! She gets herself in situations she is a mess! I adored those opening scenes woth Thereasa very well crafted. I am overjoyed that Kim can be there for Thereasa but how long and how much can she take? Very well crafted episode!

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LOL Nick coming in on Jordan and Rafe' s scene. I love it, lol!!

I am really loving this front story with Theresea and Brady. They are entralling in it and boy oh boy Victor might stroke out when that video coverage of Brady gets out. Lights camera action.

Liam is def up to something and it's shady. it seems this story gonna start to pick up. With his bright as smile. Sinister is more like it.

Loved Rafe and Nick's scene. Nick is an ass and he over played his hand as Gabi is on to him. HA HA. THis was a great show because the only two things I felt needed addresing were addressed now your firing on all cylinders and I can't wait to see it all unfolds

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