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Golden Days Epi. 4

JM Fanfiction



(Jaxon's Apartment)

"Door Bell rings, Jaxon answers the door"

Det. Callison-


Is this a bad time?



No not at all, come on in. So Detective Callison what brings you by?

Det. Callison- I need to talk to you about the night your father was driven off road leading to his death

Jaxon- really, I thought the case was closed like a year ago because they never got any leads

Det. Callison- well the detective on the case never actually looked into the case so I started to a couple of weeks ago and I think I got something you are going to want to see.

Jaxon- I'm sorry but I'm not interested

Det. Callison- I think you will be after what I tell you


(Kinsey's Art Studio)

"Shows Kinsey sitting at her table drawling when the elevator door opens and Deacon walks in"



What brings you by?



Well I figured since our last date didn't go so well I figured I would bring you some breakfast to make up for it

Kinsey- oh well thank you that was very thoughtful but we shouldn't have any distractions because as you see we have the place to ourselves

Deacon- yeah we do

"Deacon kisses Kinsey"

Kinsey- so what did you bring for me to eat it better not be none of that healthy crap. I'm on a diet only junk food

"Deacon and Kinsey laugh"


(Drake's Apartment)

"Shows Drake passed out asleep on the couch; banging on the door"



Drake Alexander you better open this door right now

"Lila walks up"



Hello Carla

Carla- Lila thank god, do you have a key to his apartment I have tried everything for the past half-hour to get him to answer my calls, text so I had to come here and still nothing

Lila- yeah sure I can let you in, your lucky because I'm only here because I forgot a couple things of mine

"Lila opens the door and the both walk in, Carla walks over to the couch and touches Drake"

Carla- Drake sweetie it's mama... Drake...Drake

"Carla shakes Drakes head to wake him up and he doesn't"

Lila- I'll call 911


(Board Room)

"Shows James, Joe, Seth and Sullivan sitting around the table"



okay the first thing at hand today is the fact that two of my grandson's can't quit fighting while at work and I don't know why so I've come to the conclusion that until one of you tell me what the hell is going on both of you are suspended



you can't do that Granddad

Sullivan- I just did



dad you have to do something. Your the CEO of the company.



and I agree with him. Both of my sons should have enough sense in their brains to put their personal lives on hold when they are at work and considering you two have grown up together you know what pushes each others buttons. Both of you can leave until you can start acting like adults

"James's cellphone goes off"

James- Carla I am really busy right so can... yeah sure I'll be right there

Sullivan- Is something wrong

James- Carla found Drake passed out on the couch and she is taking him to Linwood Memorial


(Memorial Hospital)

"Shows Drake being wheeled in on a gurney and into a room"



I need to two of you to stay out here



is he going to be okay

Claire- let me get in there and take a look then I'll let you know

"Claire walks into the room"

Carla- oh god I hope he's going to be okay



mom I got your message what happened

Carla- I don't know I'd been trying to reach him for about 2 hours and I couldn't so Lila let me into his apartment and that's where we found him passed out

"Claire walks back out"

Claire- has Drake ever taken drugs before

Carla- no... well that I know of why

Claire- I think he over dosed on Oxy



your wrong my Claire, Drake would never take any drugs



damn it! I knew it, I think he's tried before.

Carla- what do you mean you think did he or not.

Lila- I don't know I found his stash last week and I took it he swore to me that he never took it but I guess after our break up last night he got more and oh my god this is all my fault

Claire- I'll know more as soon as I get the blood work back



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