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DAYS #24: EJ/Abby have it out, Jordan evades Rafe's questions




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Jordan and Rafe walk through Town Square together, hand in hand. They joke and flirt with each other casually, both smiling widely.

RAFE: ...And so then Gabi runs to Ma and just screams her full head of "Dario threw his waffles at me"

JORDAN: (laughing) God, it might be so nice to have a big family that's that close. You have so many awesome memories together.

RAFE: Yeah, I just...I wish we all lived closer together. And I really miss my sister, Ari.

JORDAN: Arianna? That's who Baby Arianna Grace is named after, right?

RAFE: Yeah, that's her.

Rafe gets a bit choked up at the thought of his sister, before changing his tone and trying to change the subject.

RAFE: Enough about my family though. You keep not telling me about your family, and I'm just dying to know about them!

Jordan sighs, nervous about attempting to navigate out of this minefield.


Sonny and Will stand in the kitchenette of their apartment. They're quietly discussing the matter of Sami's mental state, hoping she won't hear them from the other end of the room. Gabi tries to stay out of it and stays in her bedroom, keeping one eye out the door. She grabs her phone upon hearing the text tone. it's from Nick.

hey whats up?

Gabi is reluctant to respond, concerned that giving out the information might invade Sami's privacy. She thinks a moment before responding:

just having a talk with the boys. nothing crazy

Gabi feels awkward and wishes she felt comfortable being more open with Nick, but she resists.

Meanwhile, in the living room, Sonny continues to try to convince Will that calling Marlena is the right call.

SONNY: Will, I really think calling Marlena is a good idea. Besides, Sami might need her mom right now.

WILL: I just...I don't know. They have such a...tricky history, especially when it comes to EJ. You don't know my grandmother's history, there's a lot she doesn't talk about.

SONNY: Should I...look, I know, it's none of my business. But I think that it's the best call you can make right now. And I think Sami needs it.

Sami breaks out of her near-trance state and turns around. She stands up after hearing Sonny say her name and walks over to him and Will.

SAMI: What? What do I need?




The elevator door opens to Theresa's floor. Brady and Theresa are in each other's arms as Theresa goes to step out. Both look a bit...wired. Brady doesn't want to let go.

BRADY: Come on. Let's just...hang out a little longer.

THERESA: (giggling) Nope! I can't, and you especially can't. You got a big day tomorrow, Boy!

BRADY: Boy? Did you just call me "boy".

THERESA: What, you're too matuuuure for that now?

BRADY: I dunno about that. Come on, just five more minutes.

Theresa pulls away from Brady.

THERESA: No no! I gotta go, and so do you. Night!

Theresa waves cutely to Brady as the door to the elevator shuts. Theresa turns around and jumps back slightly when at her door, leaning on the doorframe is Kim.

THERESA: What are you doing?


Sami stands with her hands on her hips, waiting for Sonny's answer, which he hesitates to give.

SONNY: Uh...Sami! Look, I just think you should talk with--

SAMI: With my mom? So she can tell me all about how wrong EJ is for me? How he's destroyed my life because his family is the worst thing to ever happen in Salem since the witch trials? So she can make me feel about an inch tall for every decision I've made in my life since birth?

SONNY: Look, I'm sorry. But I think Marlena could be a lot more sympathetic than you think. I mean, she--

SAMI: She's a shrink. Right? That's what you were gonna say? Sonny I--

WILL: He's just trying to help, Mom. Just...he doesn't think you're crazy. You just...you went through something major and he just wants to help.

Sami untenses and backs off from Sonny as Will talks her down.

WILL: Look, I think, just...stay here on the couch tonight with us, and maybe go talk to Grandma tomorrow morning and we'll see...maybe she can help you find a way to maybe...process the memories you've unlocked.

SAMI: Thanks, Will. (sigh) I don't...I don't know if I can open up to her about this but...I'll try.

Will pulls her in for a hug, Sami struggles to accept it, feeling slightly tense with a claustrophobic air, but does reciprocate in the end.


Jordan stutters and huffs at Rafe request. Rafe's a bit exasperated by Jordan's reluctance.

RAFE: Well, come on! Talk to me! I mean...you're like...one big question mark to me still. You know?

JORDAN: (sighing) I know, I just...I didn't have a happy time growing up and I just...it makes me want to hear about your family, and what it's like to come from a home like yours. You know...the ideal family.

Jordan looks away, a little down, Rafe steps towards her and turns her around gently.

RAFE: Hey, now. My family wasn't all perfection and bliss. I mean...my mom had us later in life. She was afraid to have kids at all until she was well into her 30s.


RAFE: Well...

Rafe and Jordan sit down by Tom & Alice's tree. Rafe takes Jordan's hand affectionately in his.

RAFE: She had this...sorta fear in her after her first child.

JORDAN: So you have an older brother?

RAFE: Had. (sigh) Ma lost her first child shortly after she gave birth. She was really young at the time and she was an unwed mother so...she had the child at a home for unwed mothers. Real old school Catholic home run by a group of really strict nuns. Anyway, when Ma gave birth, they took the baby from her and she was told not long after that the baby had died before they were able to adopt him.

JORDAN: My God! How did she...how did she even--

RAFE: I dunno. She never got to hold him. Nothing.

Rafe looks down, solemnly thinking of his mom.

RAFE: Thing is, it just...it hurt her so much that she spent years trying to move on. Her first love abandoned her, shamed her so badly my family had to move out of their village. And they came here to Salem. Took her years to find the confidence to even look at another guy. When she married my pa, she finally was able to have another chance to have a baby. And then came me, then Ari, then Dario, then Gabi...

JORDAN: (laughs) Sounds like your mom's a real trooper.

RAFE: Yeah, well...you know...I helped a lot too. It's hard for her now. She's sort of...hidden herself away since pa left her. She never gained that confidence back.

Jordan squeezes Rafe's hand and rests her head on his shoulder.

JORDAN: I'm sorry to hear that. I know you love your mom a lot.

RAFE: Yeah. I would love to see her more often but...

JORDAN: Why don't you? I'm sure she'd love to have you.

RAFE: Ahh, we'll find time soon. You and I will go together. Maybe surprise her.

JORDAN: Sounds great.

Rafe and Jordan kiss sweetly, as they stare up at the night sky together.


EJ tries to calm an incensed Abigail down.

EJ: Abigail, I wouldn't think you'd turn to Sami in a million years, but you have to understand something.

ABBY: What, EJ?

EJ: Look, telling Nicholas Fallon about anything in this situation is tantamount to telling it to Samantha. You cannot confide in him.

ABBY: Why not, EJ? What makes you think you know Nick so well that you can tell me what he's thinking or what he's planning?

EJ: It's simply because I mistrust his motives. After what he did to Will and Sonny, I will not give him the slightest ammunition to use against the people I love. Do you understand that? I mean...for God's sake, Abigail. If he's willing to throw one cousin under the bus, he's just as capable of doing it to another.

ABBY: Okay, EJ. I get it. I know you're trying to protect me, and I appreciate it. But I will decide how I handle this, okay? And no, i will not tell Nick. But that's for my own reasons. Not to protect you.

EJ: (sighs) Just...be careful, alright?

ABBY: I will. And thank you for your concern.

Abigail turns to leave, EJ stops her yet again.

EJ: Abigail. Before you go. I want you to know that you will find work again. I'm sorry you had this little...disagreement with someone at work. Just know that if you need someone to put in a good word for you...you can count on me.

ABBY: Thanks, EJ. But that won't be neccessary. Good night.

Abigail turns toward the stairway and strides off into the night.


Kim smiles awkwardly at her daughter as they stand in the hallway together.

KIM: I was just coming to say hello. Is that a proble--

THERESA: Yes, it's a major problem, seeing as I told you not even five hours ago that I didn't want you coming for unannounced visits.

KIM: Theresa, why are you so angry at me?

THERESA: Mom, you know why. Okay? Don't even start with me about why I'm angry at you. You want me in jail, and so does dad, and I just...I can't deal with this right now, okay? Just...back off.

Theresa tries to get away as quickly as possible, and scrapes around in her purse, trying to find her keys to get inside and away from Kim.

KIM: Theresa, enough. And for God's sake, what were you doing with Brady? I mean...you know he's not in the best shape lately. You're not helping your case by going out with him--

THERESA: Oh my God, Mother! Back. Off. I can handle myself. Okay? I'm happy with Brady.

KIM: Oh God, you're not seeing him, are you?

THERESA: You know what, that's none of your business.

Theresa pulls her keys from her purse and turns around quickly to unlock her door. She drops something from her purse without noticing and steps inside.

THERESA: Now, I'm going to bed, okay? Goodnight.

Theresa slams the door shut in Kim's face, and locks herself inside her apartment. Breathing a sigh of relief.

Outside, Kim picks up the baggie of cocaine that Theresa dropped from her bag. She holds it up, a look of deep concern painted across her face.





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Touching and good backstory you gave Rafe, something that the last three DAYS regime of writers have not explored. I hope you might introduce his mother. (Eva Tamargo like on PASSIONS lol)

Kim found the coke...I wonder what she's gonna do...given her past as Lacey

And Sami is losing it.

Good show

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  • Members

Nice twist at the end. Alex i really want to slap you now, since kim wont slap her damn daughter. The wya her mouth is omg. I cant take it.

I REALLY enjoyed Rafe's scene talking about his family. makes me want to meet them. nice job on fleshing out his history.

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I want to kill Theresa. I loved the opening scene with Rafe very nice. I think my favorite part is you go into great detail with each show and that makes good room for EXCELLENT story that I know u are capable of.

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