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ANOTHER WORLD 159 Stacey gets hard evidence



ANOTHER WORLD 159 - Stacey gets hard evidence

Created by: William J. Bell and Irna Phillips

Written By: C. Nathaniel Richardson

Consultants: aMLCproduction, DRW50, and Beebs


Amandablogentry-14971-0-87958800-1398654532_th is buttoning up her blouse in the mirror while Allenblogentry-14971-0-32237700-1398655404_th walks up behind her shirtless. He then starts kissing her neck.

Allen: Hey beautiful. You sure you can’t stay a few more minutes?

Amanda: Oh I’d...love to, but I’m gonna be late for the hearing.


LOVE MANSION - Michaelblogentry-14971-0-23463300-1398654683_th is putting folders together as he is dressed in a suit in the living room. Donnablogentry-14971-0-75183700-1398654697_th walks in.

Donna: You’re getting ready for the hearing?

Michael (sighing): Yeah uh...I gotta figure this whole thing out.

Donna: Well you probably only have about an hour to do that.

Michael: After this, we’re gonna talk about what you told me last night.

Donna: Look just focus on this proceeding. I promise I’ll tell you what happened.

Michael: I gotta tell ya, I love my new brothers and sisters, but they’re like a bunch of ravenous lions, and Cory Productions might as well be a zebra carcass. They all want a chunk of it. I’m gonna need all the energy I can muster to get through it.


IRIS’S SUITE - Irisblogentry-14971-0-97013300-1398654717_th is in a pink terrycloth with a towel on her head when someone rings the doorbell. Iris opens and Paulinablogentry-14971-0-56405900-1398654737_th walks right in.

Iris: I didn’t invite you in here Paulina. As you can see I’m getting ready.

Paulina: I’m giving you one last opportunity to pull out of this.

Iris: Not a chance!


BAY CITY CENTER - Vickyblogentry-14971-0-45381200-1398654760_th is walking and looking at her cell phone when she bumps into someone. As she drops her purse, all the contents spill out of it. “Dammit!” She says as she as she’s puts her stuff back in her purse. She looks up and sees Lisa Grady McClearyblogentry-14971-0-13128400-1398654788_th looking down at her.

Lisa: Vicky?

Vicky: Wow oh wow. It gets better.


Meanwhile, from a short distance away, Lindsayblogentry-14971-0-35464300-1398654810_th continues her conversation with Bridgetblogentry-14971-0-12058000-1398654848_th.

Lindsay: Are you sure that’s what my mom said?

Bridget: I know what I heard. She stood in our living room and told my dad that she was still in love with him. You need to tell her to stay away.


STACEY’S APARTMENT - Staceyblogentry-14971-0-72140400-1398654995_th is vacuuming near Lindsay’s bedroom and notices Lindsay’s wastebasket.

Stacey: I guess I’m the only one who sees this thing is full.

In going to pick it up, Stacey accidentally kicks it over and notices a ripped piece of paper which has a letterhead that reads: LABORATORY COMPANIES, INC., and she wonders where the other half is.

Stacey: My God is something wrong witih Lindsay?





Allen: I’d better stop. We need to save our energy for after the hearing. Do you have any idea which way Michael’s gonna decide?

Amanda: I don’t even know if Michael knows, especially what Iris is trying to pull.

Allen: It’s weird that she would only want Brava. After all the scheming she did when she got out of prison.

Amanda: As much as I hate to admit it, she’s the key to swaying Michael’s decision.

Allen: I say give her what she wants.

Amanda: What? How can you say something like that? I worked very hard to get Brava where it is now. I’m not gonna just give it up to Iris.

Allen: I’m sorry beautiful, but you might not have a choice.


Iris: You all have really lost your minds.

Paulina: It’s the only logical thing to do. Why do you insist on fighting us?

Iris: Do I really have to explain that to you?

Paulina: We all are entitled to what our father built, not just you.

Iris: Why do you think I proposed to have control of Brava?

Paulina: And you expect us to believe that you did that out of the goodness of your hollow heart?

Iris: You should be at the Love Mansion trying to convince Michael to do the right thing. I’m not Mac’s firstborn. I’m not even Mac’s biological daughter.


Michael: Off to the hearing.

Donna: I’m gonna go to the club and finish up some work.

Michael: We’ll talk later honey. Love you.

They kiss and Michael leaves. Donna gets a phone call.

Donna: Hello? What? Oh no! I’ll be right there!


Lisa: What is that supposed to mean?

Vicky: Nothing. I gotta get somewhere.

Vicky runs away, and Lisa notices a hairbrush.

Lisa: Vicky! Vicky you forgot something.

Lisa picks it up, and her hand begins to shake.

Lisa: Oh God. It’s happening again.


Lindsay: Wait a minute Bridget I can’t control what my mother does.

Bridget: You can talk to her can’t you? My parents are good again.

Lindsay: Well then if they are as strong you say they are, then what you say my mother said shouldn’t affect anyone.

Jakeblogentry-14971-0-26247200-1398655255_th approaches the girls.

Bridget: Dad.

Lindsay: Hi Jake.

Jake: Hey Lindsay. Kiddo have you heard from your mother?

Bridget: No.

Lindsay: What’s going on?

Jake: Damn! I was hoping I could stop her here.

Bridget: Stop her from doing what?

Lindsay: Seeing my mom.


Stacey puts together the DNA test that Lindsay ripped in half.

Stacey: Lindsay was holding on to this? She decided not to say anything. My God.

Suddenly, Vicky knocks constantly on the door…

Vicky: Stacey open up! Open this door!

Stacey opens the door with the DNA test in her hand, and Vicky walks in.

Stacey: What is wrong with you?

Vicky: I know what you told Jake. You better stay the hell away from him!



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Vicky its curtains my dear. So now This Lisa, Marissa and Vicky all connectd. THis is very intresting.

Vicky is really setting herself up for a fall.

Everyone is acting like Rachel is dead the way they are fighting over Cory. ruly hits home for me at this time. I just wonder how it will play out. Another good follow up!

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Yeah, Vicky in a rage is dangerous. Ohhh this will come crashing down on her SO fast. Can't wait to see how that finishes up.

The Battle For Cory continues. I really want to see how this hearing plays out. Will Rachel get involved at all or is she completely absolved of it?

Awesome show!

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I cannot believe that Lindsey was kind of a bitch. She was like not even thinking about Bridget. But I do understand that she was looking out for her family. I cannot believe the start of the Vicky and Stacey... cannot wait!

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Loved Vicky's reaction to seeing Lisa. That gave me a good laugh. I love that fiery side of Vicky.

Great character interaction here...and seeing people getting ready in the morning is always such a Marland-esque thing. Soaps don't do it anymore so it's nice to see it in your story.

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