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RTSB- New Opening DEBUTS!!!






I have decided that it would be fitting to bring back "RTSB" on the 20th anniversary of the show's final episode.  The day before,  I will repeat and do an updated version of my original "Dream" episode that undoes ALL of Pam Long's writing from 92-93 and makes fun of it.
There will be brand new, bonus scenes added to that episode and the next day, "RTSB" will RETURN!!!!!!  
Can someone please post the exact date in 1993 that SB aired for the last time in the US?   LOL  I'm busy thinking up ways to entertain you and re-hook you on my stories and don't have the time to search for it. 
I'm going to TRY and write ahead like the actual soaps, so I can just hit the "publish" button each day and have the episode posted at the same time each day: 9AM EST, SB's Timeslot in Niagara Falls, NY that hooked me.
The Canadian Day Ahead show aired at 4 PM- if only there was a way I could repay the Canadians by making my 'RTSB' episodes available a day ahead in their country only.


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You guys BETTER be there!

I promise it will be up to my usual standards. Sucky, terrible, and meant for Santa Barbara fans.

Learn the history of the show you guys!! :)

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Thanks SB34. That's what I thought. So 'RTSB' will re-launch on January 15, 2013.

And no, ccnathaniel, I don't acknowledge that anything that Pam Long wrote ever happened, so Warren & BJ were never a couple in 'RTSB' land.

But don't worry. You'll get your fill of Julia, Mason, Eden, Kelly, and all the rest.

I suggest those of you that want to read along when I re-launch who haven't read this yet should go ahead and read the first 102 or 103 episodes so you understand what's going on. I may write up a short summary of what's happened so far before the first episode debuts, but it still would be preferable for you guys to read everything written before this.

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