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RTSB Repeat- Christmas Last Year (our only Christmas episode so far :P )



For those of you who missed it the first time around, I'm repeating our very first 'RTSB' Christmas episode, written in 2006. Though it aired 6 years ago, this is the Christmas that will be played as if it had transpired 6 or so months before. When we pick up 'RTSB,' it will be in May of the same season we were in, so there is no loss in story nor timeline, and of course, there will be NO FLASH FORWARD!. That is the laziest gimmick I've ever seen writers use in order to push their stories to where they're supposed to go without having to write or go thorugh any buildup or tension. It's lazy writing and I won't be doing that here. Anyhow, here's the link to a restored classic:




(Be sure & play the background music when cued. It adds much to the story & action. Thanks! :)


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I have to give myself a little pat on the back- "The First Noel" actually came from AOL Music in 2006 but has since been removed, but I did a darn good job finding another piece that's just the piano instrumental of "The First Noel," just like the original. Honestly, though, I actually prefer the song I replaced it with (the youtube video you see on there now).

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Down to 3 more days and counting!!!!

January 15, 2013, remember?!? tongue.png

But look for a special News item to be posted sometime this weekend. SONBC asked for an interview and I graciously accepted. I ended up revealing FAR MORE behind the scenes stuff than I have in my previous interviews- spoilers, future storylines, and some insight into how this 'RTSB' started, why it only came back for 10 episodes in 2010, and what to expect for all of 2013.

It should more than whet your apetite for what's to come..... smile.png

In the meantime, post in the 'Santa Barbara' threads in DTS: Video Bash and DTS: Cancelled Soaps ( sad.png ).

****note: only logged in members of SON can view the DTS: Video Bash section, so if you aren't a member, please register right away! It's also the only way you'll be able to comment on the episodes and join in on the conversation.********

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Oops, my bad . . . I got the dates confused . . . for some reason I started thinking it was Jan. 13!

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The interview/news item published by mistake. What you guys saw was just a draft. I will have it completed by tonight or tomorrow morning.

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