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BACK TO AW Episode 14 "Thursday" Prom Night continued




Vicky is cuddled up with Jake on the couch, eating popcorn, watching a movie.

Vicky: I can't stop thinking about the girls. How they looked going out the door.

Jake: Seems like yesterday that Bridget was playing with dolls.

Vicky: And Michele was reading the newspaper at four.

Jake: Come on come on I'm trying to hear this part.

Vicky: Jake, I'm having a moment about our daughters. They're at that prom. Michele's with Cory, and who knows what Bridget's up to.

Jake: You know how to ruin a perfectly good film.

Vicky: Jake I'm serious. It's not that I don't love Bridget. I do.

Jake: But you always think the worst of her.

Vicky: No that's not it, but given the things that she's done lately, you've gotta be concerned.

Jake: You say she opened Michele's acceptance letter. It could've been an honest mistake.

Vicky: And I caught her texting someone from Michele's cell phone.

Jake: She's a teenage girl.

Vicky: This must be payback for what I've done in the past.



Gregory walks up to his bedroom, and John has just finished taking the last hinge off the door, and removes the door.

Gregory: Dad what are you doing?

John: What does it look like I'm doing?

Gregory: You're invading my privacy.

John: And you will get it back, when you show me that I can trust you.

Gregory: Is it because of what I did the other day?

John: You guessed it buddy.

Gregory: I'm not using that stuff anymore.

John: Well I'm not convinced.

Gregory: Dad this is a little much don't you think?

John: It's perfect. I need to see evidence that you're not shooting up those steroids anymore.

Gregory: Well I stopped okay!

John: It's not gonna be removed from your system for a while.

Gregory: This is not fair!

John: As long as you live in this house, you'll abide by my and your mother's rules!

Gregory starts to have another steroid induced rage, and starts screaming.

Gregory: Maybe I need to move out of here!

Gregory runs downstairs, and out of the door. John futily yells for him to come back, but he gets into his car and drives off. John nervously mutters to himself that he's in no condition to drive, gets in his car, and tries to tail him.



Cory and Michele are slow dancing, and all the kids are drinking punch. Bridget sees them from a short distance, pours a cup, and spikes it with vodka.

Michele: I'm gonna go to the ladies' room for a second.

Cory: Why? You look beautiful already.

Michele: I'll be back.

Michele walks away, Cory goes and sits at his table. Bridget seizes the opportunity and walks up to Cory.

Bridget: Hey Cory. Some punch?

Cory: Yeah thanks.


Jake: Vicky you need to stop beating yourself over that.

Vicky: I have for the most part, but Bridget reminds me of that young girl who schemed to take Jamie from Lisa.

Jake: You are not her anymore. You're a wife and a good mother. I mean you weren't this worried about Steven and Kirkland when they were living with us.

Vicky: They were good kids I suppose. They both want to be like their fathers. Steven's a doctor, and Kirk is studying political science.

Jake: For Kirk's sake, let's hope that doesn't happen.

Vicky: I support whatever Kirkland wants to do.

Jake: I think you'll be sick if he ends up like Grant.

Vicky: You might be right.

Someone knocks on the door. Jake goes to get the door asking who that could be...it's Reginald.

Jake: What the hell are you doing here?

Reginald: Can I come in please?

Vicky joins Jake at the door.

Vicky: Reginald what do you want? You look a little worried.

Reginald: I am. You've got to get Bridget.

Jake: What about her?

Reginald: She took a bottle of liquor out of my cabinet.

Vicky starts to worry, but Jake refutes that accusation.

Jake: How dare you accuse my daughter of stealing?

Reginald: I adore my greatgranddaugters. I hope to God I'm wrong.

Jake: Bridget didn't take anything from you!

Vicky is on the phone with Bridget.

Vicky: Bridget can you hear me?

Bridget: Mom!?

Vicky: Calling to check on you!

Cory (slurring): Hi Ms. Kinnon!!

Vicky: That sounded like Cory. Has he been drinking?

Bridget realizes this, rustles paper in her phone receiver, and pretends that she's losing signal and hangs up. Vicky calls out to Bridget to no avail.

Vicky: We gotta go to the school.

Jake: What?

Vicky: We have to go now Jake!


While some pop music plays in the background at the prom...

Bridget: How are you feeling?

Cory (slurring): I feel great. You're so pretty.

Bridget: I am?

Cory: How many of these have I had?

Bridget: Three.

Cory: You're so smart. You're going to...you're going to Cumbia.

Bridget: Columbia.

Cory: Yeah that. Your dress is blue. What happened to it?

Bridget: I spilled something on it.

Cory: Your dress was supposed to match my bowtie Michele. You're still beautiful.

Cory leans in and kisses Bridget, whom he thinks is Michele because he's drunk. They both look up and Michele is standing right over them, devastated.

Michele: What are you doing? Bridget?

Cory: Michele. It's you. Wait? I thought...

Michele: You thought wrong Cory. I thought you loved me.

Cory (stands up): I do. I'm....I'm sorry. I thought...

Michele: You're drunk! What's going on?

Michele sees the water bottle on the table, and grabs it before Bridget can take it from her. She opens it and smells the vodka.

Michele: No. You got drunk.

Cory: It's just punch. Bridget gave it to me.

Michele: Bridget didn't do this...

Michele flashes back to when Vicky told her that Bridget opened her first Harvard acceptance letter.

Michele: Did you open the letter?

Bridget: What are you talking about?

Michele: My first acceptance letter from Harvard. Did you open it?

Bridget: Yes! I did! You're happy now? You and mom must work for the same firm.

Michele: Why?

Bridget: Because they love you more than me! You're smart. You've got a boyfriend. What do I have?

Michele: My God you're jealous! That's why you were kissing my boyfriend!

Bridget: Now do I have your attention?

Jake, Vicky and Reginald rush in and makes a beeline to the teens. Vicky sees Cory slouched on the table.

Vicky: Bridget what have you done?

Bridget: Mom what are you talking about?

Vicky: We know.

Reginald: You took the liquor from my cabinet.

Jake is shocked, and so is Michele, and Bridget runs out in shame to the front of the school, and Michele and the others follow.


Bridget and Michele are on the sidewalk.

Michele: Wait we're not finished!

Bridget: See how mom and Grandpa Reginald accused me.

Michele: You planned all of this didn't you?

Bridget: What?

Michele: You stole the liquor from Grandpa Reginald. You planned to get Cory drunk so you can steal him from me?

Bridget: You're crazy!

Michele: And you're a bitch!

The two start fighting, and as Jake, Vicky, and Reginald rush down the stairs to break it up, Michele stumbles onto the street, and is struck by an oncoming car....a car that is being driven by Gregory. After hitting Michele, the car swerves and crashes into the wall. Jake and Vicky rush out to the street and tend to a badly injured Michele.

-------------------------------------------------------END OF EPISODE 14---------------------------------------------


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O wow what a cliffhanger and showdown and what ramifications this is going to have I knew there would be an accident after gregs scene. I cant wait for the next ep!!

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