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Back To AW Episode 15 "Cliffhanger Friday"




A terrible car accident has occurred. Michele was struck by the car that Gregory was driving. The car has crashed into a wall a few feet from where Michele was hit. Jake and Vicky are tending to their daughter. "I'll call 9-1-1!" Reginald says as he and Bridget look on in horror....and John, who was following Gregory, runs up to Jake and Vicky.

John: Oh my God.

Vicky: John...what are you doing here?

John: Gregory...

John looks over and notices Gregory's car crashed into the wall, and John rushes over to his son, as the ambulance arrives.



Mitch and Felicia arrive to see Rachel.

Rachel: Come on in.

Felicia: We just wanted to come and see you.

Mitch: Cory and Elizabeth are at the prom.

Rachel: I tell ya, I didn't know I could have babies when I got pregnant with my twins.

Mitch: Life is full of surprises.

Felicia: Well I didn't think that Mitch and I would ever get back together, but we did.

Rachel: You two look very happy.

Mitch: Yes, we are.

Felicia: I thought we'd keep you some company since the kids are dancin' the night away.

Rachel: You know you think are gonna stay those adorable little babies, but they grow up, and fast.

Felicia: It was like that with Lorna. I remember holding her when she was so tiny.

Rachel: This will be a night the kids will never forget.



Tyrone and Marley are lying together on their back porch.

Marley: It's a beautiful night tonight isn't it.

Tyrone: Starry sky...

Marley: Hey...I owe you an apology.

Tyrone: For what baby?

Marley: I've been so distant lately. Dealing my own guilt...my therapist has really helped me.

Tyrone: Are you sure Marley?

Marley: What do you mean? Of course I am.

Tyrone: I want you to get better. Yes I want to have mind blowing sex with my wife, but I will be here. I love you so much Marley. I'm not gonna leave you at your worst.

Marley: I am getting better. For me, and for us.

The mystery person is watching them from the bushes...and the person makes a sound. Tyrone jumps up and shields Marley. "Who's there?" he asks.



Allen Lovett walks in with a briefcase and laptop, and unwinds. He sits down and connects his digital camera to his laptop....and downloads pictures of Tyrone and Marley, and Tyrone and Donna. "You got the life, don't you bro?" he says to himself.



Mitch: I was the photographer at my prom.

Felicia: The school photographer huh?

Mitch: I had this dinky little camera. I'm glad they make things better now.

Rachel: They better bring me pictures back from the prom, too.

Mitch: I'm sure you'll savor the memories.

Rachel: Yes I will.

Mitch: I'm sure Matt had a great time at his prom.

Rachel: Yes he did. Mac and I helped him get ready for all of that.

Mitch: You and Mac did a great job with Matt.

Felicia notices a look between them, and then Rachel's cell phone rings.

Rachel: Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: Mom come to the hospital.

Rachel: Hospital? What happened?

Elizabeth: A lot. I'll tell you when you get here.



The McKinnons are there along with Reginald., Cory and Elizabeth...in the waiting room. Sharlene runs in.

Elizabeth (giving Cory a bottled water): I got this for you.

Cory: It doesn't have liquor in it does it?

Elizabeth: I wouldn't do that to you. Drink it. I called mom.

Cory: Why did you do that?

Elizabeth: Because she's our mom, and she would kill us if she didn't find out from us.

Cory: Since when did you become the good kid.

Elizabeth: Since when did you let someone get u drunk?

Bridget is standing next to Jake, and Elizabeth approaches her.

Elizabeth: Why did you try to get my brother drunk? What kind of a person does that?

Jake: Elizabeth---

Elizabeth: No you are despicable for giving my brother vodka, all because you wanted to get under your sister's skin. You're horrible!

Jake: That's enough Elizabeth! She's feels bad enough.

Elizabeth: You need to get control of your daughter, because she is all over the place.


Vicky and Reginald watch them.

Reginald: Vicky...you may not want to hear this, but---

Vicky: What are you gonna say? Bridget's like me? Well this is not the time for that!

Reginald: I'm concerned for her. If Michele doesn't make it....

Vicky: She's gonna make it! I'm not thinking negatively like you are! Michele's gonna pull through this.

Reginald: How are you going to help Bridget after tonight?


Sharlene is in Gregory's hospital room

Sharlene: WHat is going on with you? You could've been killed tonight!

Gregory: I can't help it mom. I just get so angry and I can't control it. Mom's what's wrong with me?

Sharlene: We're gonna have to get you some help. I don't know why you get so angry.

Gregory: Dad took the door off of my bedroom, and I got real angry and drove off. Did I get in an accident? I don't even remember.

Sharlene: Oh honey. Just rest...where's your father?

Gregory: I don't know. Mom?

Sharlene: Yes honey.

Gregory: Why can't I move my legs?

Sharlene realizes he may be paralyzed.

Gregory (becoming afraid): I can't move my legs mom.


John approaches Jake, Vicky and Reginald.

Vicky: John? How's my daughter?

John is silent, as if to not know how to respond to his niece.

Vicky: John! Tell me that you saved Michele!

John: She suffered severe head trauma.

Jake: But she's gonna be okay right?

Reginald: I will call the best specialists to come help her.

John: Reginald you can call the calvary. There will be nothing they can do.

Vicky: No. No...no John you've got to save my daughter!

John: Her body is fine, but there's no brain activity.

Jake: What are you telling us?

John: She's brain dead, and she's not breathing on her own.

Jake: You've got Michele on a respirator?

John: It's the only that's keeping her alive.

Jake: Oh my God!

Reginald: There's got to be something you can do to save her!

John: Reginald she's brain dead. There's nothing else we can do. Jake, Vicky, you give us the word, and we'll shut the machine off.

Vicky (crying): Oh no! No! No! Not my baby!

Vicky turns her anger toward Bridget, who is also distraught, while Tyrone, Marley, and Donna arrive.

Vicky: You did this! You pushed Michele out into the street! You might as well have killed your own sister!

----------------------------------------------END OF EPISODE 15---------------------------------------------------


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WOW what a jaw dropping cliffhnager.. That por girl. I know the [!@#$%^&*] is going to hit the fan now. OMG> Such great drama and a great twist I was not expecting that.

Mind blowing sex? MM I bet. But on AW??

U have a mystery person too. And Allen seem to be Tyrones bro.

This is getting real good nate. Keep up the great work. I kant wait till monday!!

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  • Members

I appreciate your loyalty and giving love to my AW episodes.

Yes Tyrone wants to have mind blowing sex with his wife on ANOTHER WORLD lol

There will be more layers peeled from the onion that is Allen.

More gut wrenching episodes next week...again thanks for reading..:)

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