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Back to AW Episode 16 Prom Night continues




Vicky unleashes her anger at Bridget, as Marley, Tyrone, and Donna arrive. Bridget is in shock and in tears...

Vicky: You did this! You pushed Michele out into the street! You did this to your own sister!

Donna quickly tends to Vicky...

Donna: Victoria let's go somewhere and talk okay.

Vicky: Bridget tried to kill Michele.

Donna (escorting Vicky out of the waiting room): Let's go.

Reginald accosts Jake.

Reginald: How can you let her accuse Bridget of trying to kill Michele?

Jake: Your parenting days are over Reg. Let Vicky and I handle our kids.

Reginald: Well it looks like you need the help because it doesn't look like you're doing a great job of it.

Marley: Jake what happened?

Reginald: Michele is brain dead, thanks to their lack of parenting.

Jake goes to attack Reginald and Tyrone restrains him.

Tyrone: I think you need to get outta here Reggie.

Reginald: Gladly.

Marley (hugging Jake): Oh my God Jake I'm so sorry.


Rachel, Mitch, and Felicia arrive and tend to Cory and Elizabeth...

Rachel: How are you two?

Cory: My head hurts.

Elizabeth: It's been one crazy night.

Rachel and Felicia walk over to Jake and Bridget.

Rachel: Jake? What happened?

Jake: Michele's....she was hit by a car.

Felicia: Oh my God. Is she gonna be alright?

Jake (watery eyed): No...

Meanwhile, Mitch tends to Cory and Elizabeth.

Mitch: What did you go on...a bender?

Elizabeth: Bridget spiked his punch with vodka.

Mitch: Are you serious?

Cory: Come on lay off of her. She's upset about her sister.

Elizabeth: Lay off? Michele is brain dead because of Bridget. She caused this whole mess!

Cory: Brain dead? What are you talking about?

Mitch: I think we probably should go.

Cory: No I wanna stay.

Mitch: I think it's best we go home.

Mitch walks over to Rachel.

Mitch: Jake I'm so sorry about Michele.

Jake: Thank you.

Mitch: Rachel are you staying?

Rachel: Umm Jake do you need anything?

Jake: We'll be fine here. Thanks Rachel.

Rachel: Let's get the kids home.

Mitch turns to Felicia.

Mitch: Honey I'll be home after we drop the kids off.

Felicia is a little caught off guard...

Felicia: Umm...okay....sure. I'll see you when you get home.


Donna tries to comfort Vicky outside the chapel.

Vicky: This wasn't supposed to happen Donna. How did it happen?

Donna: I don't know honey. It just seems like an unfortunate accident.

Vicky: I saw Bridget and Michele fighting on the sidewalk, and before Jake and I could stop the fight, it looked like Bridget pushed her out in front an oncoming car.

Donna: Victoria, I don't believe that for a second.

Vicky: Bridget has been plotting against Michele for some time now.

Donna: What?

Vicky: She tried to hide Michele's acceptance letter from Harvard, and she stole a bottle of vodka from Reginald's liquor cabinet, and got Cory Hutchins drunk. Michele's boyfriend.

Donna: Are you trying to say Bridget tried to kill Michele? That's a serious accusation. I just don't believe that Bridget tried to do that.

Vicky: I'm starting to.

Donna: You're angry and upset, understandably, but to accuse Bridget of killing her own sister is a bit much.

Felicia walks up to them and Vicky gets up to face her.

Vicky: Are you here to gloat?

Felicia: Of course not.

Vicky: I know what you're going to say. This is payback for what I did to your niece.

Felicia: I would never wish this on anyone. You have my condolences.

Donna: Thank you so much Felicia. We both thank you.

Felicia: John is waiting for you in the waiting area.


Vicky approaches John, Jake, and Bridget, along with Tyrone and Marley.

John: Jake, Vicky. Have you decided?

Vicky: No. Michele's gonna recover! Do not remove that respirator!

Jake: We'll talk about it at home.

Vicky: There's no discussion Jake. Michele is gonna recover.

Everyone looks at Vicky and realizes she is in denial.

-------------------------------------------------END OF EPISODE 16 PROM NIGHT-----------------------------------------------


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Wow at reggie and his words to jake to funny

Another good one. I know the next big drama is going to surround this deicison. I really feel for Vicky and the after math I cant wait for kuz that still hasnt set in

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