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BACK TO AW...Episode 13 Prom Night begins



McKinnon’s House 2/29/2012

Bridget comes down in her dress and Jake greets her in the living room.

Jake: Look at my daughter..

Bridget: You like dad?

Jake: I love it.

Bridget: Too bad I don’t have a date.

Jake: Good.

Bridget: That’s not good dad. Nobody thought I was pretty enough.

Jake: I think you’re beautiful.

Bridget: You’re my dad. You’re supposed to say that.

Jake: I don’t want any stupid boys trying to corrupt my little girl.

Bridget: Might be too late for that.

Bridget flashes back to taking the bottle of vodka out of Reginald’s liquor cabinet, then putting the bottle in her locker at school.

Jake: Where’s your sister?

Bridget: Upstairs. The fashionistas are helping her get dressed.

Upstairs…Vicky and Donna are helping Michele.

Donna: Carry your purse on your wrist. Here put the strap on.

Vicky: No you ditch the strap and carry the purse close to your body.

Donna: Vicky do you wanna mess up her dress?

Michele: Hello? I’m here.

Donna: Oh honey. I’m sorry. Do what you want to do.

Vicky: I agree. You look so beautiful.

Donna: Absolutely exquisite.

Michele: Thank you.

Vicky: She’s going to Harvard in the fall.

Michele: Mom I didn’t decide yet.

Vicky: Oh I’m sorry. She’s trying to decide between Harvard or Columbia.

Donna: My scholarly granddaughter.



Paulina is straightening up Dante's bowtie.

Paulina: You look so handsome.

Dante: I hope Elizabeth thinks so.

Paulina: And what am I? Spring chicken?

Dante: Of course not mom.

Paulina (with a proud mom smile): Look at my baby.

Dante: Mom I'm not a baby anymore.

Paulina: I know. Where did the time go? You've grown up to be a fine young man.

Dante: Raised by good parents.

They are interrupted by a knock on the door and Paulina opens it...and a chauffeur stands outside.

Paulina: May I help you?

Chauffeur: I'm here to take Master Carlino to the prom.

Paulina: And who sent you? Oh my goodness.

Paulina realizes the limousine was set up by Grant, who walks up to the door.



Rachel marvels at her children in the living room.

Rachel: You both look great! Makes me remember my prom.

Elizabeth: Back in 1930.

Rachel: I'm like fine wine. I've gotten better with age.

Cory: You're always beautiful mom.

Rachel: See at least one of my children appreciates me.

Elizabeth: I appreciate you, too mom.

Rachel: Look at my babies.

Elizabeth: We better go before we start crying.

Cory: You will start crying..

Rachel: You both have fun. I'll be waiting up for you.



Students file in as the 2012 Bay City High Prom has started. Elizabeth walks over to her table, and finds a bouquet of flowers, and a card addressed to her.

Elizabeth (reading the card): You look awesome.

She turns around and faces Dante.

Dante: I see you like the flowers.

Elizabeth: You did this?

Dante: Of course.

Elizabeth: Thank you.

Dante: I have loved you my whole life Lizzie.

Elizabeth: Me, too.

They share their first kiss.


Meanwhile, Michele walks in with an exquisite tan dress, with Cory, who matches with an off white tuxedo, and a bowtie matching his girlfriend's dress. They walk in hand in hand. Bridget, who wears a baby blue dress, watches them from behind from the hall, and heads straight for her locker to get the vodka.


Paulina: I didn't know you would get a chauffeur to get Dante to the prom.

Grant: It's not a problem. I did the same for Kirkland.

Paulina: You've made this a smooth event for him. I really appreciate it.

Grant: Of course Paulina. I want the best for you and your son.

Paulina: Thank you.

Grant (moving closer to Paulina): And I want you.

Grant kisses Paulina. She kisses him back...and then pulls away, and tells him they can't do this.



Reginald opens his liquor cabinet, and notices that a bottle of vodka is missing.

Reginald: What happened to my bottle of....oh my God. Bridget....


Bridget is at her locker and fills a small water bottle with the vodka that she took from Reginald's suite.

-------------------------------------------------------END OF EPISODE 13: PROM NIGHT-----------------------------------------


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LOl Trouble is brewing. Very good cliffhanger. I was ot expecting grant to kiss Paulina.

I live how u r launching this teen set into it's very own stryline U r doing such a great job. I love how u set this whole thing up

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Love seeing all the different families. I also like that you didn't have Reginald knowingly give Bridget liquor (that's what most soaps would have done, sadly)..

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