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Episode 12 Tuesday...




Rachel is at her desk when she gets a surprise visitor.

Rachel: Mitch.

Mitch: Gotcha some lunch.



Tyrone is enjoying a coffee, while reading over some documents, and he gets a surprise request....from Donna, who politely asks to sit with him.

Tyrone: Have a seat. I'm just going over some documents.

Donna: Attorney work.

Tyrone: Yep. I was waiting for Marley to get out of her session with Dr. Taylor. She should be out any minute now.

Donna: Do you think she's getting better?

Tyrone: I'm not sure to be honest with you.

Donna: Marley is working very hard to recover from those feelings.

Tyrone: I realized that I can't help her with those.

Donna (putting her hand on Tyrone's arm): All you can do...is be there for her.

Meanwhile, from a close distance, unseen and unnoticed by Tyrone and Donna, a mystery person takes a picture of Donna's hand on Tyrone's arm.



Elizabeth is looking at her dress when Amanda knocks on the door.

Amanda: Can I come in?

Elizabeth: Sure. You like my prom dress?

Amanda: It's absolutely beautiful...going with anyone.

Elizabeth: Guess I'll find out a little later.

Amanda: Oooh...special guy?

Elizabeth smiles.

Elizabeth: Yeah I hope he asks me out.

Amanda: I can probably venture a guess who it might be.

Elizabeth: Really. Go ahead smarty pants.

Amanda: Dante Carlino. You guys have been joined together at the hip most of your lives.

Elizabeth: Yep. He's my friend.

Amanda: Seems like you like him.

Elizabeth: Yeah I do. I hope he likes me, too.



Cory and Michele are at a table. Cory's hand is on top of Michele's.

Cory: You excited?

Michele: Yeah it's been like magic. I can't believe this is actually happening.

Cory: Yeah. Me neither. You're going to Harvard. I'm going to Boston University.

Michele: And we're going to the prom tomorrow.

Cory: I've loved you since eighth grade.

Michele: Have you?

Cory: Of course I have. You don't believe me?

Michele: If you give me a kiss, I might.

Cory and Michele kiss, and Bridget watches from afar.



Rachel: This is delicious.

Mitch: Grilled salmon.

Rachel: Hey, Matt told me to tell you hello.

Mitch: How are they doing?

Rachel: He's great.

Mitch: And our granddaughter?

Rachel: Jasmine's back south with her mother.

Mitch: I'm glad our son's doing well.

Rachel: When was the last time you talked to him?

Mitch: A couple months ago. I was thinking about going to see him but...

Rachel: But what? He's your son.

Mitch: He doesn't think of me as his father. He probably shouldn't.

Rachel: Just because Mac and I raised him does not change the fact that you're his biological father.

Mitch: I don't want to push too hard you know, and I'm not trying to take Mac's place in his life.

Rachel: He will always think of Mac as his father, but Mac is no longer with us. You're here....and he's going to need you.

Mitch: Once I get past the guilt.

Rachel: You're exactly right. It'll do you both some good, if you make yourself a part of his life.


Amanda: He will...

Elizabeth: Look I just wanted to say I'm sorry...

Amanda: About what?

Elizabeth: Come on Amanda I was a total bitch to mom the other day.

Amanda: Mom is strict with you. She must love you a lot.

Elizabeth: I know. I just can't stand being grounded.

Amanda: Well she's letting you go to the prom.

Elizabeth: I didn't think she was gonna let me go.

Amanda: Mom can be full of surprises.


Tyrone: Yeah...I love your daughter with all my heart.

Donna: I know she's in good hands with you. Well I'm gonna get going. I'm going shopping with my granddaughters for their last minute prom stuff.

Tyrone: Ahh how exciting.

Donna: Have a good day.

As Tyrone continues to sift through his papers, Grant sits across from him.

Grant: Is that from the Governor's office?

Tyrone: His letter of recommendation.

Grant: I just wanted to thank you. The Governor owed me a favor.

Tyrone: Once I put this together, I don't see why this person can't be released.

Grant: This will be great for your career.

Tyrone: Yeah.

Grant: I need a favor from you now...you can't tell anyone about my involvement in this.

Tyrone: Typical Grant huh? Up to no good.

Grant: I don't want people finding out I had anything to do with it...especially not Paulina.

------------------------------------------------END OF EPISODE 12-----------------------------------------


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Hmm where has felicia been?

Ok who is doing who favors in that last scene?

Another great episode. Ilearn so much in each ep.

AW has many off canvas characters esp kids. Im very surprised Grant's son isnt here. Are there any plans to bring these folks on?

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Great to see the Donna/Tyrone story keeps going! I like all the heart to hearts in this story.

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