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Back TO AW...Episode 11 "MONDAY"




Frankie sits at her desk, with Jake walks in and gives Frankie the mail.

Jake: I saw the mailman on the way up. This came for you.

Frankie: Thanks Jake.

Jake: Yep you can sort out all the bills.

Frankie: Gee thanks.

Frankie sorts through the junk mail and suddenly she shrieks as she touches a piece of junk mail that has a picture of a Caribbean island on it.

Jake: You okay?

Frankie: Yeah...yeah I'm fine.

Frankie wonders why she got a bit of a premonition about that picture of a Caribbean island.

Frankie: You know what, I gotta get outta here for a minute. I'll be back.



Grant wonders what Paulina is going to say..

Grant: Paulina say something...

Paulina: What do you want me to say Grant?

Grant: Say...you love me.

Paulina just keeps looking at him.

Grant: Okay? You'll think about it?

Paulina: Grant...I appreciate everything you've done for Dante and me, and you honoring your promise to Joe, but I don't feel that way about you...I'm sorry.



John tends to Sharlene in their bedrooom.

John: Somebody shot Grant? Do you...know...who did it?

Sharlene: No. It's not clear. I can't see who shot him. I'm sorry.

John: When did this happen?

Sharlene: It was the day that...Joe Carlino was killed.

John: That was the day of Grant's acceptance speech. Why haven't you told me about this?

Sharlene: I wasn't clear John. I'm still not. Even if I wanted to tell you, I wouldn't know what to tell you. Lately my memories of that day have been coming back little by little.

John: I'm not gonna push you.

Sharlene: I'm afraid...I'm scared of what will happen if all the memories come back.

Downstairs Gregory lets Frankie in. Frankie is holding the piece of junk mail with the Caribbean island picture on it.

Gregory: Hey cousin.

Frankie: Hey how is everything?

Gregory: Could be better. I'm gonna head to campus.

Frankie: Umm is Aunt Sharlene here?

Gregory: She's upstairs with dad.

Sharlene and John walk down the stairs.

John: Hi Frankie.

Frankie: John, Aunt Sharlene. Hey do you wanna go the Center and get a cappucino?

Sharlene: You know what, that sounds good right about now.



Paulina and Dante walk in.

Dante: You barely said a word in the car.

Paulina: It's nothing.

Dante: Alright I'm gonna go play some video games.

Paulina: Hey. Wait a minute. Let me ask you a question. What do you think of Grant?

Dante: He's cool I guess. Why do you ask?

Paulina: He's been coming around a lot and I was just wondering how you felt.

Dante: Are you wondering how I feel...or how you feel? It's pretty obvious he likes you mom.

Paulina: I don't want to betray your father...or you honey.

Dante: I think dad would want you to be happy. Maybe it is time for you to get out there. Maybe give Grant a chance.

Paulina (eyes welling up): You are everything to me. You're just like your daddy. Just as intelligent, wise...

Dante: Don't forget handsome.

They hug....



Frankie and Sharlene talk over coffee.

Frankie: I'm glad you decided to come with me. I didn't want to talk about it in front of John.

Sharlene: I figured as much.

Frankie (Putting the junk mail picture on the table): I got this at the office. Just sorting through mail and I had a funny feeling about it.

Sharlene: You still get those premonition things.

Frankie: I haven't felt this way in a long time about anything.

Sharlene: Have you had a real chance to look at it?

Frankie: Yeah. This is an advertisement for vacation.

Sharlene: Frankie maybe you're making more of it than what it is.

Frankie: Not a vacation to just any island. Look at it.

Sharlene (skimming over the paper): It's a cruise to the Virgin Islands. St. John, St. Thomas, and St. Croix.

Frankie: Wait a second, St. Croix was where Aunt Janice was killed.

Sharlene: Maybe that's why you got such a reaction to it. She was our family.

Frankie: No Aunt Sharlene. There's got to be more to it than a piece of junk mail.

Sharlene: And my memories have been coming back.

Frankie: The day of Grant's acceptance speech.

Sharlene: Do you think St. Croix has something to do with my memories, too?

Frankie: I have no clue. Only time will give us the answers.

Sharlene: Where it ended for my sister, might very well be the beginning.

----------------------------------------------END OF EPISODE 11------------------------------------------


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Sharlene I can tolerate but Frankie she got to go. AW is so mysterious. I love it. Each episode is mysterious. I love it. Pualina is asking her son about Dante. HMM i think that romance would be so cute.

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Great stuff. Glad to see Frankie's psychic powers again. AW isn't the same without psychic friends.

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