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Episode 13: 2 More Bodies Found!



Episode 13:

  • Kay and Murphy are safe and decide to go be with Chance at the hospital.
  • Lilly has suffered 3rd degree burns on 65 percent of her face. Her face has to be totally bandaged up. We can only see her eyes and lips and the tip of her nose.
  • Jack tells Cane that his mother’s body has been found. Cane is hurt that his mom has been killed in the explosion. Jack gives Cane a comforting hug.
  • Back at Glo Worm, firefighters come across Kevin’s dead body!
  • At the Hospital Phyllis realizes she cant see anything. She’s blind!
  • Nikki rushes to be with Victoria at the hospital.
  • Sam’s dead body is found at Glo Worm!

Next: Genoa City tries to move forward after so much death and tragedy!


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Rest in Peace Sam. sad.png Hopefully his death leads Sharon to get a brain.

I wish Phyllis had been mute, too!

Sayonara Kevin. I never cared about you.

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LOL My orginal plan was to have Phyllis blind and deaf but story wise it would not be feasible.

I never cared for Kevin either.

Thanks for reading!!

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