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Episode 12: 3 Dead Bodies Found!!!



Episode 12:

  • Lily is found and her face is severely burned. She is rushed to the hospital. Cane stays behind to find his mother Genevieve.
  • Phyllis screams out and Ronan rescues her as Nick does the same with Avery and Sharon.
  • Sharon looks for Sam but cannot find him.
  • Gloria, Michael, and Chloe look for Kevin but instead come across Jeff and Angelo’s dead bodies. Gloria is stunned.
  • Jill stumbles over Genevieve’s dead body and screams out.
  • Victor finds his daughter Victoria who’s face is badly burned.
  • Nina and Paul find Chance. Chance says he can’t feel his legs.

Next: There’s still more bodies to uncover!….


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Burned faces will hopefully lead to Davetta Sherwood and Heather Tom.

Phyllis screams will hopefully be the last of that hideous slag. However, I like that Sam is an actuall good guy and enjoy him and Sharon together. I hope he survives.

The deaths of Jeffrey, Angelo and Genevieve are very much welcomed.

I like Chance and John Driscoll as well. I hope this means he'll be getting some good story.

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Bright eyes thank you for reading. I've enjoyed your comments.


Keep reading theres more death as I gut the cast.

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