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Episode 14: Someone is Arrested!



Episode 14:

  • The doctors tell Chance in fact he is paralyzed from the waist down. He is devastated.
  • Nick and Avery both console a blinded Phyllis. She is lost now that she is blind. She cries.
  • Victoria’s face is so badly burned it has to be bandaged up so that only her eyes, and mouth area are visible. And just the tip of her nose just like Lily.
  • Jack walks into Phyllis’s room and he tells her about Gene and he tells her that he will be there in her time of darkness. He holds her. She tells him she is so scared. Everything is so dark.
  • Nick consoles Sharon in the waiting room over her loss of her new fiancé Sam.
  • Sophia, Devon, Neil, and Roxanne are all in Lily’s room trying to make things easier for her. She says her face still burns.
  • Ronan walks over to Victor Newman to rearrest him.

Victor: You young PUNK! Can’t you see this is not a good time?

Ronan: You should have thought of that before you committed all the crimes you committed.

Victor: I am The Great Victor Newman you pip squeak. You have no grounds to arrest me.

Ronan: Oh no, let’s start with a count of kidnapping of a one Billy Abbott, two counts of involuntary manslaughter and obstruction of Justice. And that’s just the tip of the ice berg.

Victor just takes a deep breath and frowns his face up as Ronan slaps the cuffs on him and walks him away. Victor Newman it seems has been defeated. His past crimes have finally caught up to him…

Next: Victor realizes no one will be there for him.

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