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Mind Invasion ep 133



Huntington Memorial Hospital

Sharan, Karim, Daniel, and Lauren all look at Alexis in shock.




"Indeed. My mother Apple told me. She gave you up for adoption."


"This is impossible. I can't deal with this joke right now."


"This is no joke. Let's take DNA test."


"I don't have time to entertain this charade right now. I just lost my son."


"Where is he? I want to see little Kevin."


"Why in the hell are you just now saying something about Kevin's son? Don't you know he killed himself because he was so depressed? Had you told him sooner, he might have had something to live for."


"Tyler was trying to kill me."


"My brother is dead but that's supposed to be ok?"


"Baby, come on, lay off. I am sure Lauren is going through a lot. She just lost her son."


"I lost my brother. If Kevin would have known that he was having a son it might have gave him the courage after he was done so wrong by so many people to live." He says looking at Sharan. Sharan and Daniela are both stunned that he is calling Sharan out.


"Oh come on now Karim. I never set out to hurt Kevin. We were torn apart by your sister. Mona is her name in case you forgot. I could not be with Kevin after what your sister did to me. Raped me, kidnapped me, made me shoot your uncle. It's was horrible. I had to server the link."


"That's enough. You don't have to explain yourself to him. We have been through enough baby. Let's go."


"Where the hell did you come from Daniel? From Kevin to Dre to Mona now Daniel. Did you really love my brother? Sounds like you're a tramp to me."

Sharan slaps Karim

"Don't you ever talk to me like that again!" Karim, Lauren and Alexis are all stunned as Daniel and Sharan walk away.


"Karim, let's go it's been a long day. We can deal with this tomorrow."


"You're right. My life has literally been turned upside down today." He looks back at Lauren

"This is not over Lauren. You will be hearing from me very soon and you won't like what I have to say."

Alexis pulls Karim away. Lauren just sits there, realizing faking her death wasn't such a great idea as her problems and dilemmas continue to grow by the minute.


Episode 132: Mind Invasion

Written by ML Cooks

Creative Consults: Monique Cooks and Ian Hefts


Patti and Jasmine are sitting by Ria's side as she is still sleep from having tried to overdose on pills. Dr. Kiko Whitfield walks in the room.


"Please tell Miss Patti my baby will be ok."


"She will be for now. Test confirm she tried to overdose on sleeping pills."


"Why would she do something like this?"

Ria slowly begins to come to,

"What's happened? " Her vision is blurry but begins to get clearer. She sees Kiko and her family.

"What the hell is y'all doing here? I tried to get rid of you all and everything."


"Darling what? What is going on? Tell Miss Patti what's happening with you. You tried to kill yourself. What would make you do such a thing."

Ria looks at Kiko with tears in her eyes. Kiko sits on the bed next to Ria and takes her hand. He looks into her eyes.

"Tell them Ria. They have to know."


"Know what?"

Ria, looking at Kiko

"Who the hell are you? I didn't ask you to be here? Since when do you care about me huh Kiko? How dare you tell me on what I should do. You made it very clear to me you didn't give a fu(ck about me when you wouldn't test me for breast cancer when I first asked you too. You thought it was a game to take your underwear off. Well now seed it wasn't. I'm dying now thanks to you. "

Patti and Jasmine look at each other stunned.

Ria, wiping tears from her eyes

"Oh yes, in case you couldn't add two and two to get four, I have breast cancer. And the good doctor here refused to catch it in time."

Patti slaps Kiko.


"I deserve that. Ria, you'll never know how sorry I will be."


"I am going to report you to the nursing board."


"I deserve it." Kiko says with his head down. He looks into Ria's eyes.

"Ria, I truly am sorry." She slaps him.

"Go to hell faggot!" She spits out at him.

Tired of the abuse, Kiko gets up and leave the room.

Patti sits on the bed and holds her daughter as the two cry in each other's arms.

"Momma, I'm going to die. I got cancer momma. What am I going to do?"

Jasmine with tears in her eyes, joins in on the hug.

"We are going to get through this Ria. I promise."



Downtown Pasadena, Jail

3128734.jpgNatalia walks up to Sabryn with a two seater baby stroller with of course both Bryan Jr's.infant-baby.jpgbig1.jpg


"What the hell is this? I know that is not my son you have?"


"You must have been in here to long my dear. You forget what your own son looks like. What a shame."


"This is not funny Bitch. Why do you have my son? Where is Bryan?"


"Oh, I guess you and Bryan must not be talking neither. You see, Bryan and I are going to be a family. We are going to raise your son since you are going to rot in here."


"You are so lucky you brought my son here or I would reach my hands through these bars and ring your little neck. Give me a real good reason for them to lock me up. And rest assured I won't be in here much longer. Once that jury see what Ashley did to me they are going to let me go. And when that happens, Natalia, your ass is grass. I have never liked you and now you have given me a good reason to crush you."


"Big dreams jail bird. There's not a damn thing you can do to me behind bars. You shot Ashley like six or seven times in front of police none the less. There is no way you are getting out of this. You just accept the fact that I win Bitch. I got your son, I got you man, I got you life. Oh and I am on the verge on bankrupting S&G if it isn't bankrupt already. I have a new line coming out very soon that will be sure to put you out to pasture. I win. Against the Almighty Sabryn." Natalia wanting to taunt Sabryn even more picks up her son and holds him.

"It's ok little one. Your new mother is here. I'm gonna be your new momma. You see that jail bird right there" She says turning BJ's head so he can look at Sabryn,

"You see that ugly woman right there? She's a loser. She's going to be in jail for the rest of her life. So she can't be a mommy to you. Besides, you don't need that loser any way. I'm here now. I'm the new Queen of Pasadena." Natalia puts BJ back in the stroller.


"Natalia, when I get out of here, you're a dead woman."


"Uhm,,,yea ,,,,ok. Deuces Sabryn. It was nice knowing ya. Oh and by the way, your man sure got some good di(k don't he? He knows how to lay that pipe right." She says coolly walking off.

"I'm going to make that Bitch pay." Sabryn says to herself.

On lavender Hill, The Hutchins Mansion


enn is sitting in a lawn chair wearing big sunglasses getting her tan on. She is suddenly splashed by water form the pool. She opens her eyes and sees her suitcases with her clothes being thrown into the pool.

"What the hell!?". She stands up and turns around and sees a gleaming Karl.


"Sorry to ruin your precious tan. But it's time for you to go."


"Excuse me?"


"You heard what I said. What's the matter you got to much cum in you ears from your Latin lover Santino?"


"You're a real jack ass Karl. I am not going to entertain the words that come out of your mouth. I'm not going to stoop to your childish argument and argue with you."


"Suit your self. As long as you entertain the fact that it's over for you Jennifer. Get the hell out of my house. You don't deserve to be here."


"This is Ty's house. He hasn't put me out."


"Correction. I own this house now. My son is in jail and everything is left to me. And I want you out now. You cheated on my son with Santino. You're lucky you're not dead already."


"I don't need this place no how. I was in the process of moving out."


"Good, So I expect when I get home this evening you will be gone."


"Have a good day Karl. Oh and another thing, I don't take to kindly to threats. I know how to kill to."


"Is that right?"


"Indeed. I had a plan ready to put in action to take you out. You and Ty at the same time. How about that one?"

Karl is impressed and doesn't say anything as Jenn leaves

"Wow, She was going to kill me. I'm impressed."




Back at the Hospital

Natalia walks into Ria's room with the Jr's

She sees the Labelle Girls in a family embrace.


"Natti, girl what are you doing here?"


"I called her. I figured you need your best right now."

Ria smiles at Nat. Nat walks over and gives her a big hug.


"I'm so glad you're here girl?"


"I'm not."


"What do you mean?"

Natalia turns back and locks at Jasmine and Patti

"Can you two give us a minute? I am going to get Ria together. She'll be ok after I am done talking to her."


"I think that would be best." Jasmine Follows Patti out the door.


"Nat, girl you are tripping? You talking kind of crazy. You know I am not going to let you sit here and let you have your way with me. Girl you know I don't play that. Just like when we fell out that last time over the fashion show. Nat you my girl but you don't it doesn't go down like that."

Natalia Slaps Ria. She slaps her again the then gets up and steps away from Ria.


"Aw naw hell naw. Bitch what is the matter with you?"


"No it's more like what's the matter with you? What did you try to kill your self. Why didn't you come to me? I am your girl right? Ria what is going on? I love you are like my sister? It hurts to know that you thought you had to kill yourself because you could not come to me."

Ria just sits there in silence and looks at the wall. Tears are streaming down her face. Natalia walks over to Ria and takes a seat next to her. She holds her. Ria holds her back.

"Nat, girl I'm scared. I have never been so scared in my life."


"Ria I am here for you. Whatever it is we will fight this. Nothing can beat us."


"I don't know. I feel like I am being punished for something. I know I am not the greatest person in the world. People think I am a hoe and this and that."


"Who cares? You are a great person. Just misunderstood."


"Is it my fault I like Dick and I'm not ashamed to say it? Men do it all the time. It's ok for them to talk about pu$$y and fu(king hoes. I'm just real with mine. I like sex as much as the next person . I'm just open about mine."


"Now that's the Ria I know. Full of fire and not afraid to say what's on her mind. You're already fighting Ria. What is it? What drove you to want to kill yourself?"


"I have breast cancer."


"Oh my gosh I am so sorry to hear that."


"And Kiko's faggety ass thought it was an attempt to seduce him and now because of that it may be to late to treat this cancer thanks to his punk ass."


"It's doesn't matter. We are going to fight this. It's not to late?"


"Yes it is Natalia. Chemo is going to make me bald headed. I am a Bitch but I don't want to be a bald headed Bitch."

Natalia chuckles

"They have wigs."


"I don't do wigs boo. What if they have to cut my tits off? I wouldn't be a woman no more. No man will find me attractive. I'll be alone for the rest of my life.. I don't want to be alone." She looks at the Jr's and then back at Natalia

"I want a family believe it or not Nat. I am tired of being alone. I,…I" She wipes tears from her face.

"I just want a life of happiness. Why can't I have that?"


"We will. Just as soon a we fight this cancer. And we are going to do this together." They hug.


"Thank you for being there for me." She pulls back and then punches Natalia in the face

"Bitch don't you ever in your white ass life put your hands on me again. I said it once and have no issue saying it once more. I am the baddest Bitch here in Pasadena and don't ever forget it. You better never ever put your hands on me again girl, don't get it twisted, I will beat that ass, one or no tits."

Natalia, rubbing her face

"You're a bitch you know that. But I love you. But look any way I have to get the boys home it's time to feed them. Life as a mother is not all what it's cracked up to be. I never have time for myself."


"Where the hell is Bryan?"


"At work as always."


"Uhm hmm. It couldn't be me. As much as he charges for his whack ass drink at his club, he need to be hiring you a nanny."


"That is a great idea. How can I make my own money if I am always tied down to these kids which I might add only one is mine. I am working on a new line for Divine Design. So we gotta hurry up and get you better so you can model for us again."


"I won't have tits. They'll call me young and breastless. I can see the headline now."


"Hush girl. I'll come see you tomorrow." Natalia gets up and pushes her stroller out the room as she leaves.



In the Nursery, an agent from CSB approaches Kiko who has just stepped out of Baby Kevin's room.


"Dr. what is the condition on the baby?"


"It's sad. He's dehydrated and is suffering from fetal alcohol syndrome and malnourishment."


"Thanks to the mother. She will never have custody of this child." The agent pulls out her pen and pad and takes some notes.


"I think that is best. I have other patients to attend to" Kiko walks off. The agent looks at the baby through the glass window.



The Blue Notebluenote.jpg

kiko16.jpgKiko enter the upscale bar and restaurant and sees his new found father DC. Kiko takes a seat next to him. He orders a drink.


" Even the good town doctor has to let lose every now and again."

Kiko looks at DC, looking at the facial features and realizing they they share some of the same Williams family trademarks. DC turns around and looks at Kiko looking at him.


"Hold on shawty. I don't get down like that. I like women."

Rufus walks into the Blue note and walks past DC and Kiko and takes a seat next to Kiko


"It's nothing like that."


"I just wanted to be clear youngen. It's been those rumors going round you boy."




"Yea boy. That you one of them fruits."

mhgfcmhg.jpgRufus over hears that last comment and smiles, she wonders to her self if the good doctor, Kiko could be her Down Low lover. She thinks that he is very sexy and is rich.


"Oh my god could it be?"


"Nothing like that is happening over here. I think you might like to know that your wife, Lynn Whitfield is here in Pasadena."


"Lynn? How do you know Lynn?"


"Take a closer look at me and then you tell me?"


"It's can't be. Son?"


"That's right"


"You changed your name. Why?"


"Because you named me. I certainly didn't want to be a Don Jr."


"My lord. You about to give your old man a heart attack. My own son has been here this whole time I have. Why didn't you come to me?"


"I have been so busy with the hospital and Dondre, I really haven't had time. Plus I didn't know for sure it was you. I couldn't believe my father left his family to become a pimp. It was embarrassing."


"Well son I am sorry you feel like that."


"Don't be sorry. I am thankful you left us. Look at what you did to Mona and Kevin. One is half crazy and the other killed himself. See what kind of effect you have on people? You destroyed two families and ruined so many lives. How does that make you feel?"


"Look I am tired of going through this with everyone.. I am not perfect and yes I made some dumb ass mistakes. I am human. But I have changed. I didn't even know Sister Patterson had three of my kids. She never told me."


"What if she did tell you? Would you have gone to go play house with them? You certainly left us high and dry. Do you know how bad your hurt mother? She had a nervous break down because of what you did to her. Having an affair with Patterson. "


"I know what I did was wrong and alls I can say is I'm sorry. But I am trying to move forward. Put all this negativity behind us."


"Why because it suits you now?"


"Look son, I am trying to mend our family back together. We have been through so much, we need to heal. I can't take this pain no more. I love my children. All of them"


"Love? Then why did you run out on me and Dre? That's not what a real man does. Dre and I had to raise ourselves and look at where it got Dre. Locked up for a very long time. I couldn't save him but as his father it was you who was supposed to guide him the right way. Set an example for him. But you were a coward and selfish as hell and ran out."


"I know I know I know. I heard all this before. I am not going to wallow in all of this. I am past it all."


"I'm not. You left me. To fend for myself! You were supposed to be my father. You created me and then you abandoned me. So you can take your family dreams and shove them up your ass! It's too late for all of that. I'm too old. The damage has been done." Kiko then walks out of the club. DC drinks his drink thinking about the mistakes he's made and the consequences they had on the people he loves.

Rufus takes a seat next to DC

"I just saw the scene with the good looking doctor. Are you ok? I can help you feel better?"

DC looks at Rufus

"What in the hell can you do for me?"


"We could go to the bathroom and I could suck you off.

DC laughs and then throws his drink in Rufus's face and then walks off.

Rufus, hollering at him

"Sloppy bastard! One day, I will find a man to love me. I wish that guy from the internet would stop playing games and come and get me. I'm horny damn it. I haven't had and action since Mark was in town and Dahlia walked in on the world's greatest blow job"



On the Edge of Night,

For The Birds mental Rehabilitation Centrepeoplesoftbuilding.jpg

sisterp_throw.gifSister Patterson takes her reading glasses off and sits her bible on her night stand

She looks up to the ceiling to talk to God.

"Something is not right my Lord. I can feel a very evil presence here. Why are you doing this to me? I don't want to see the devil. Please lord I am scared." Patterson lays down on her bed and shuts her night light out. As Pat's eyes are closed, the lights in the facility begin to flicker once more.

In Lynn's Roomlynn2.jpg

She is sitting in her bed with her knees to her chest watching the lights flicker on and off.

"She's at it again. The witch is at it again. What is she going to do this time? The last time the lights flickered 3 people ended up dead here. Please spare me."

In Dottie's RoomDottie.jpg

The flickering lights awakens Dottie. She sits up and looks around. She walks into the hallway way and it is completely empty. But one thing she notices is that the hallway seems unending. The desk and wall the ended the hallway is no longer there.

"It's like I'm not even in the same place. Is this some sort of dream?" She turns around suddenly

"Did you Hear that? …….No I'm not mutherfu(cker. ………Fu(k you to you whore."

In Mona and Apple's room


"It's happening again. What's happening here? How did you make the lights flicker?"


"Oh my love, its time that I tell you. You see I have special powers. I posses the powers of evilness. And tonight I am going to show you." Apple grabs Mona's hand and pulls her unto the floor. They both sit Indian style as Apple lights some incense and black candles."


"What is this? Some type of voodoo?"


"You're getting close my darling." Apple leans over and plants a kiss on Mona. Mona pulls back.

"Tonight you will see the true power that I have. But I need your help."


"I'm not a witch I don't have special powers."


"It's simple. All I need you to do is think. Think hard. Make your mind sharp and strong. We are going to reach Slutty Patterson. Think of your mother, Sister Patterson. We are going to invade her mind. She is going to know I am here. She is going to learn just what her battle will be. Tonight." Apple closes her eyes and holds Mona's hand. They think hard about Sister Patterson.

In a deep voice Apple begins to chant

"Sister Patterson, See me. I am here. The battle begins. Evil is here." Apple says that over and over again.

In Sister Patterson's room Sister Patterson wakes up in a sweat. She hears a demonic voice say

evilface2.jpg"Sister Patterson it's me. I am here. The battle begins. Evil is here." She gets up off the bed. She puts her glasses on.

"Devil, I hear you but you won't win. I am armed and dangerous. She grabs her bible and her holy water. She sprinkles some on her self. She slowly walks out into the hallway which is now full of smoke. She looks closely and sees a dark figure walks out from one of the rooms of the never ending hallway. It's Apple, with red eyes. Sister Patterson holds her cross up and tries to throw holy water on the demonic figure.appleseyes.jpg


"You fool. Look behind you. I got a little surprise for you."

Sister Patterson slowly turn around and is horrified to see her Husband Abe, burnt up and scared with his body wrapped in chains. Sister Patterson lets out a scream.evilface.jpg

"Abraham no! What has the devil down to you? Is this what they do to you in hell? Because that's where you should be. In hell for what you did to my daughter. WHY!!!? Why did you do it?" Sister Patterson collapses to the ground. She begins to hear a voice in her head that says

"You're going to die. Devil is going to win."

Sister Patterson hollers out

"HELP ME!! I'm losing my mind!!"

Apple laughs at Sister Patterson and walks in her room. Suddenly the lights come back on in the facility and she sees orderlies surrounding her. One immediately drugs her and the other puts a straight jacket on her and cart her off to her room.

"You have to listen to me. The devil is here! Didn't yens see the lights flickering? Evilness resides here and I have to stop it.

Nurse Maxinemaxine.jpg

"This sure is one crazy old lady" They put Sister pat in the room


Please don't leave me in here! The devil is gonna get me!!!"


"No devil tonight honey. We gave you a strong sedative. You'll be knocked out soon." Maxine shut the light out and walks out the room and locks it as Sister Patterson screams. She tries to wrestle out the straight jacket in the complete darkness of her room.

"Lord have mercy what just happened? Was it real what I saw/?Or was it a dream? My poor Abe." Sister Patterson keeps trying to wrestle out of the straight jacket. She then hears a demonic voice say

"It's no use. Patterson. I am here. I am real and you're going to die!!" Sister Patterson then sees a pair of red glowing evil eyes gleaming at her through the darknessevilredeye.jpg

"You're going to die oh Saintly one."

Sister Patterson scream for her dear life.


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  • Members

The opening scenes of STEAM are always really good.

Damn Ria's scene was so emotional.

Great scene with Sabryn taunting Natalia. I love rivarlies.

I love the way you are telling Ria's story. It's always tough watching someone so strong battle something like cancer.

LOL I loved Rufus's scene.

OMG! Such a dark ending. I love this story for Sister Patterson. Sometimes she can be such a comedic character and others she can be very serious and dramatic. This clearly falls into the latter. Great job.

I thought the longer episode would be less fun to read but actually I think the smaller episodes before helped get into this one. Understanding everything better helps get invested and makes the reading seem shorter. Really good job, STEAM is very clear right now and your stories are all great.

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  • Members

Lots of good interactions in this one. Natalia is a real trip going to the jail to mess with Sabryn like that. I do enjoy the friendship of Natalia and Ria.

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  • Members

The dialouge in this episode was kind of raunchy! I don't know who I would give a ranchy award to Rufus or Ria. Probably Ria. Karma's a bitch isn't it? She's in a state where her family is grieving for her and she doesn't want them there. What the hell? Get off your high horse and start letting people in your life.

How many slaps were in this episode? Three or Four?

Good for Kiko to stand up to Don the way he did. Even though Kiko made a mistake, he's still a good person who has a heart! That's what makes him a very interesting character.

I felt sorry for Sister Pat. She's all alone with no one to hear her plea.

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