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Joseph Bottoms as Kirk Cranston, Marcy Walker as Eden Castillo, Clive Robertson as Ashton Lavery, Carrington Garland as Kelly Capwell Lavery, Judith McConnell as Sophia Capwell/"Loretta"

(EXT: London, England)


-Edmund heads down the hallway toward Sophia's room but stops when he sees Christine. Edmund asks her if "Loretta" seemed at all suspicious earlier, when she told her that their trip was going to be delayed due to an emergency with a patient. Christine informs him that she didn't seem suspicious at all, though she was anxious to go. She tells him that she was acting quite strangely earlier in the day when she brought her lunch.

"What do you mean strange? Like distrustful of me?"

"No, not that at all. Mrs. L loves you, that's for certain. So much though, that she's getting pretty paranoid."

"Paranoid? What do you mean?"

She tells him how "Loretta" accused her of trying to steal her husband, warning her to back off. She says that she insisted that wasn't the case, but "Loretta" didn't believe her.

"She called me a BITCH, Dr. L. I thought she was gonna rip me from limb to limb."

"Why would she think that you had any interest in me at all?"

"I have no idea, Dr. L. Maybe she thinks that I took her spot in your bedroom and that's why you banished her to the east wing? I don't know, but I told her that you weren't even my type and she totally ignored me. She was hollering at me like a banchie! You gotta believe me, Dr. L, I mean, I thinnk you're a nice enough guy, handsome I guess, if you go for that sorta thing. But I don't and never would, but she wasn't having it. She finally just kicked me out and I got the heck out of there."

"That is quite peculiar. I'll see if I can get an explanation out of her when I go in there. Thank you, Christine......Oh, and Christine....if you could, please keep my son and daughter-in-law from visiting this side of the castle. The last thing I need is for them to discover our Mrs. Lavery."

"Sure thing Dr. L."

Edmund enters Sophia's room and finds her sitting on her bed, reading a book. Her eyes light up when he enters the room.

"Edmund, darling, it's so wonderful to see you! I've been getting lonely couped up in this room all by myself."

"And I as well, believe me. The painting should be done very soon and you'll be able to come back into our bedroom."

"Thank goodness! I miss waking up next to you every morning. And, of course, going to bed with you every night."

She gets out of the bed and kisses him passionately.

"I promise you that it won't be for very much longer. I just couldn't risk you being exposed to the fumes, especially now that I have you back. I just don't want to take any chances."

"I understand my darling, though it doesn't make me any less lonely. I thought the plan was for us to go away together, to the villa in Greece."

"Yes, well, I had an emergency with one of my patients that couldn't be avoided."

"I know, Christine told me. That's just like you, to put the well being of your patients ahead of your own leisure. I do hope that we can still go- I was so looking forward to taking in Greece, with you by my side. I've been in that coma for so long and I just want to experience everything."

"Soon, my love, I promise you that. In fact, if everything goes well with my patient, I'm hoping we can leave in the morning, or possibly even tonight."

"Oh that would be just wonderful!"

"Speaking of my patient, I actually need to get back to them......Just one thing before I go. Christine says that you scolded her yesterday, even got vulgar with her. Something about her trying to steal me away from you?"

Sophia explains that she's not sure where that came from, she just suddenly felt this rage and jealousy toward Christine. She says it might have to do with her being lonely and sleeping alone every night. She says that she's going to apologize the next time she sees her, that it was wrong of her to take out her frustration on Christine. Edmund assures her that there's absolutely nothing for her to worry about and gives her another kiss. He tells her that he must be going, but that if she needs anything to just ring Christine. She assures him that she will. He leaves and Sophia's smile turns into a bit of panic. She runs to the door and opens it slightly, making sure that both he and Christine are not around. She takes out the cell phone that Marcello gave her and calls him, telling him that they're going to need to speed up the process, that Edmund is planning on taking her away to Greece that night or the following day. She hangs up the phone and returns it to its hiding place, anxiously awaiting Marcello's arrival.

(EXT: Pamela's hotel suite)

-Augusta approaches Pamela's hotel room, looking at the paper she has it written down on. She bangs very loudly on the door. Pamela answers, smiling her devious smile.

"Augusta, come in! So lovely that you made it...."

"Put a sock in it you sociopathic wench, we both know I had to come, especially after that little stunt you pulled with Lionel the other day."

"That was quite fun wasn't it? You were shaking in your boots, thinking I was going to out your little paternity secret. Though, I admit, I'd have relished it even more had it been Warren we played our little game with."

"What do you want from me Pamela? I haven't told Lionel a thing about Sophia, nor CC. What more do you want from me?"

Pamela laughs that while she didn't tell them, she did make sure that Marcello ran into her. Augusta says that they were simply invited to the same party and she didn't have any idea Marcello was Maria DiMonde's fiance, let alone that Sophia and Edmund would be there. Pamela tells her that she's not foolish and Edmund told her that Augusta set up the invitations to ensure they would attend.

"Oh, for heaven's sake, I didn't hold a gun to the man's head. He's the one who was stupid enough to bring Sophia out in public. Besides, it was a masquerade ball- he should have made her keep her mask on, like he did at the end of the party, when she ran into Lionel."

"Either way, you've been a naughty girl Augusta, and I think it's time that Warren knows the truth about his father..."

"Go ahead and tell him if you must, Pamela. He doesn't know Edmund Lavery from J.D. Salinger. But you do that and I'll be at the Capwell mansion so fast your head will spin!"

"You wouldn't dare..."

"Dare I would! Frankly, it would almost be worth it for Warren to know the truth just so I can expose this little scheme of yours to CC. I'll take great pleasure in watching him choke you until those pretty eyeballs of yours come right out of your head!"

"Ah yes, maybe Warren wouldn't care, but how would Edmund feel? You see what he's done to CC for things that have happened a lifetime ago. I wonder what he'd do to you when he finds out that you've been keeping his son from him for some 40 years now."

"He wouldn't do a damn thing and we both know it! He reunites with Warren and the tale of Edmund and the Loretta-bot will be front page news! Face it, Pamela, you don't call the shots with me- I know too much and it's enough to bury you. And I'd be all too happy to do it. Now, if there's nothing else, I'm supposed to be having dinner with Lionel, my husband. The man that loves me and has been with me most of our lives. Try as she might have, Sophia was unable to steal my husband from me. Have a lovely evening, Pamela, and hug your pillow real tight as you fall to sleep tonight!"

Augusta begins to walk out the door when Pamela grabs her by the arm.

"Now you listen and you listen good. You make sure that Marcello forgets all about seeing Sophia or so help me God, I'll destroy you just like I destroyed her. How do you think your precious Lionel would feel if he knew that you've known Sophia was alive this whole time and you did nothing about it? I doubt he'd be too pleased. Now you do what I tell you or I will blow your whole world to smithereens!"

Augusta shakes Pamela's hands off her. "Don't you ever lay a hand on me again you miserable old bag. Even if I did go to Marcello and talk to him, there's no way our blonde Oedipus would even consider forgetting about Sophia. Face it, Pamela, your diabolical plot is about to blow up in your face and there's not a damn thing you can do about it! So go ahead and tell the world that Edmund is Warren's father, I don't give a damn what you do. But I will not be blackmailed or threatened by you any longer! I'm not Sophia and I don't have her morality or sense of right and wrong. I'm not afraid you and if you even try to blow my world apart, I'll be sure to fan the flames in your direction, not that you have anyone who loves or cares about you anyway. Even Mason can barely tolerate you and the last shred of feeling he has for you would disappear if he knew what you've been up to. I'll leave you to chew on that for a while. Have a lovely evening, Pamela. ALONE!"

Augusta marches out the door and slams it behind her, leaving Pamela looking extremely agitated.

(EXT- Edmund's creepy castle)

-Edmund makes his way to the living room, where Ashton and Kelly are sipping on some wine. They greet him and Kelly inquires as to how his patient is doing. Edmund tells her quite well and that she's actually being released from the hospital that night. He asks them how much longer they plan on staying.

"Well, we were supposed to leave in the morning..." Kelly begins.

"So soon? Oh well, that's too bad, but it was so charming to have finally met my beautiful daughter-in-law. It was wonderful to have finally met you, though I do wish we'd gotten to spend more time getting to know one another."

"Actually, if you'd let her finish father, you would have found out that your wish is going to come true. My business here is taking a bit longer than expected and we'll be here through the week. Possibly into next. So you see, you'll have plenty of time to get to know my wife, isn't that right darling?"

"I hope we're not imposing, Dr. Lavery. This castle is almost overwhelming it's so beautiful and I very much have enjoyed staying here..."

"To be honest with you dear, I was going to go on a little get-away this weekend. Work has been so stressful and I was hoping to have some time in Greece to unwind..."

"Oh. Well, Ashton, I suppose we could stay in a hotel, if your father has plans."

"Nonsense, my love, I want you to get the full experience of staying in the home I grew up in. I'm sure father can alter his plans, perhaps take his vacation next weekend..."

"I would, my son, but my villa is rented well into June and this is the only opportunity I'll have to use it for the near future. I'm sure you understand..."

"Perhaps Kelly could come with you then? I'm going to be quite busy with work anyway, so it would work out perfectly. This way, you'll have some company on your trip and you can get to know your daughter-in-law, and I can stay here and focus on my work."

Kelly smiles and says that she'd love to go to Greece and get to know her father-in-law, though she doesn't want to be a bother. Ashton insists she wouldn't be, though she tells him his father may not agree. She excuses herself to shower before they go out to dinner. Edmunds smiling face turns into one of anger.

"What exactly are you up to son, trying to send me away alone with your wife... Why would you..."

"Funny, I could ask you the exact same question."

"I'm not sure I know what you mean..."

"No? You don't? Really? I guess you wouldn't mind then if, after her shower, I took Kelly on a tour of the east wing."

"That's not possible, as I told you, it's being renovated!"

"Funny, I haven't seen any workers in and out of the house..."

"They're under strict orders not to disturb me or my guests."

"Oh save it, father, I know exactly why you don't want us visiting that part of the house. I saw her, dad, I saw Sophia!"

Edmund is shocked that Ashton knows about his houseguest. He asks how he found her and Ashton tells him that while checking out his old room, he noticed Christine coming out of one of the guest rooms and decided to investigate. He slightly opened the door and saw Sophia. He asks his father what he's up to and he informs him it's obviously revenge on CC. Plus, he cured Sophia of her aneurism. He tells Ashton that he must understand why it's imperative that he get Kelly out of the house before she sees Sophia. But Ashton says that if he wants him to keep quiet, he'll stay as he asks. There's something he wants to use Sophia for, though he assures him that he's not going to let any of the Capwells in on his little secret. Edmund asks what he's up to, but Ashton tells him not to worry about that, just to do as he asks and he won't tell Kelly or CC that Sophia's alive. Edmund begrudgingly agrees, though he's clearly not happy about it.

(EXT: A small diner, just outside of Santa Barbara)

-Eden arrives at the diner alone as she was asked and looks around for Bobby. She spots Kirk at a corner table and he motions for her to come over. She goes and sits down, still clearly suspicious of him.

"If this is some kind of trick or a trap, Kirk, then you're going to be severely disappointed. I'm not stupid or gullible and if this guy feeds me some kind of bull about Cruz, then I'm going to see right through it. If that's the case, then just tell me right now and save us all the time and energy."

"I assure you Eden, I have no idea what he's going to say. I was surprised to even get a call from him about this at all. But I figured I'd come, since he insisted and I know you're desperate to find out what happened to Cruzanova. I still care about you Eden, in spite of everything that's happened over the years, and I wouldn't do anything to make your pain any worse than it is. You have to trust me..."

"Famous last words. I wouldn't trust you if the pope himself told me that you were being honest with me! And you can care about me all you want, the fact remains that I despise you. I won't let you manipulate me!"

"That's not what I'm doing, you have to believe me."

She begins to say something back when Kirk looks over and she sees that Bobby is approaching the table. Kirk gets up and moves next to Eden so Bobby can sit across from them. Bobby asks for their assurance that no cops are involved and she promises they aren't.

"What about that D.A. lady? You didn't tell her you were meeting me, did ya?"

"Of course not- I wouldn't do anything to jeopardize this. That is, if you're actually going to tell me what happened to my husband...."

"I am, I am, but I'm gonna need somethin from you..."

"Of course you are. Just name it and I'll do it.....that is, if I feel you're telling me the honest truth, I'll do it..."

Bobby tells her that once he lets her know who set Cruz up, people are going to be after him. He's already likely going to get probation for giving up Esteban, but he's gonna need protection from his boss for ratting him out. He wants her to convince Julia to help him change his identity and use her family's money to set him up somewhere that he'll be safe from the mastermind. She agrees, saying that if it helps her get the guy who killed Cruz, she's willing to do it.

"Alright then I'm trustin you here lady, so I hope you're good to your word."

"I am, believe me. Now talk."

He explains that a few months ago, after Thanksgiving, he got a call from someone offerring him $250,000 if he successfully kidnapped a girl and held her captive. The person explained to him that he didn't want the girl harmed, but rather, to lure her father into a trap. He agreed and enlisted Cisco's help. He was told the girl was Adriana Castillo and that he'd have to be extremely careful, as her father was a cop. He agreed to do it and was told that once he had her, he'd get a call with further instructions. So, he attempted to kidnap Adriana, but unfortunately, Marta maced him and he was rendered blind, unable to see which girl he grabbed. By the time he realized it was Marta, it was too late- his cover was blown and he knew Adriana's cop father would be protective of her. His boss was livid, until he realized that Marta was Angel's daughter and that Cruz would still be helping him get her back. Marta filled him in on everything with the Esteban investigation in order to make herself useful to him, rightfully fearing that he would kill her otherwise. He was then told to call Angel and convince him to come to Mexico and bring someone from the SBPD, knowing that would probably be Cruz. Angel fell in line, of course. Then he gave Angel specific instructions in order to rescue his daughter. He gave Angel a map to give Cruz, but also gave him a 2nd map to give to law enforcement, which would lead them to the wrong marina. Eden comments that so far, his story is dead on, since that's exactly what Angel did. Cruz was to be lured to a boat and when he stepped on it, Cisco was instructed to cut the ropes from the dock and the boat would automatically start speeding off. When Cruz got on the boat, he would find a DVD of the boss revealing himself to him. When the DVD reached a certain point, an attached timebomb was set to go off, blowing it to smithereens. The entire plan went off without a hitch, and he received his payment, but was never told who he was working for. He didn't get it in cash, though, but instead, a check from a corporation. It was signed, though he knew that the signer likely wasn't the boss, as that would be foolish. He also knew that he was going to need some leverage in case he was caught and looked further into the company. He'd researched it and called, posing as a businessman who wanted to invest. He requested background information on the company before he could make a sound decision, having them mail it to a P.O. Box so as not to tip the guy off.

"And today, I received this paperwork," he says, sliding it to her, "Complete with the name of the CEO!"

"Wait a minute, how do you know for sure that this isn't forged documentation, that your boss didn't figure it out and edit the names. Obviously, if he gave you a company check, he'd want to be extremely careful about his name being attached to the company, in case the police found it."

"Damn, I didn't think of that....I guess I don't know....Well, why don't you open it up and check out the name and see if you recognize it?"

"I guess it couldn't hurt. Damn it, I was so hoping...."

She opens up the file and begins thumbing through it. She skims it over, not seeing anything about a CEO. Suddenly, her finger comes to the point with the name and she sort of shrieks.

"What? What is it? Do you recognize the name?" Bobby asks.

"Yeah, Eden, who is it? Who set me up for this?" Kirk says, looking over her shoulder.

"I don't believe it.....I can't believe it.....It all makes sense....this is all my fault! This isn't about revenge on Cruz, it's revenge on me!"

"Who is it Eden? What is the name?"

Eden shivers. "Quinn Armitage!"

THE END..............FOR TODAY


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Sorry for the delay you guys, but I'm sure you'll agree it was worth the wait. I'm quite proud of this episode.

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Nothing- Pamela just teased and taunted her, as was implied today. I decided not to show it, since it was just Pamela playing mind games with Augusta.

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Thanks you guys! I really feel like I'm finding my groove again as a writer- I didn't like how I wrote Augusta the other day and I think I found her voice again in this episode.

Looking forward to Episode 100- I'm going to put A LOT of work into that one- it will likely be longer than normal. I want it to be really special, as I've said, a love letter to all my readers. It should be up sometime over the weekend- like I said, I'm taking my time on this one, as I want it to be GREAT! :D

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Hello dear,

Quinn??? Ohh! That surprised me! I've thought everyone but not Quinn. :blush: Yes, this Augusta was more familiar! Loved it!

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Just wanted to let those of you who are waiting know that Episode 100 will be posted sometime tonight, likely between 9:30 and 11 PM Eastern Standard Time. Please always check the schedule on the right hand side of the blog- I usually try to keep it updated as much as possible every day! See you then!

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You guys, it's taking me A LOT longer to write this episode than I anticipated. I'm still hoping to have it done tonight, but it will be later than expected.

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