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Episode 98




Heather Lindell as Samantha Capwell, Justin Hartley as Brandon Capwell, Jared Leto as Steve Hall, Jessica Dunphy as Adriana Castillo


Alisa Reyes as Marta Ramirez

(EXT- Cruz & Eden's Beach House)

-Eden explains to Rafael, Carm, and Adriana that Marta's kidnappers have been let out on bail and haven't given any information to help them find Cruz's killer. Adriana doesn't understand how such a thing could have happened and Eden tells her that they've cut a deal in exchange for their testimony against Carlos Esteban.

"But that doesn't make any sense! Those guys were after me, not Marta. Her kidnapping had nothing to do with the Esteban case and everything to do with dad."

"Believe me sweetie, I know that. I don't know where their information is coming from, but it's solid enough that Vic is buying it, so it must be somewhat legitimate. Whoever they're working for has done a damn good job of covering their bases."

Adriana says that it just isn't fair, that now there's no way they're ever going to get justice for Cruz. Eden turns her around and tells her that she won't let that happen. She will stop at nothing to bring Cruz's killer to justice and if they want to play dirty, then she will get just as dirty. Rafael warns her not to do anything dangerous, saying that the last thing Cruz would want is for her to put her own life in jeopardy. Eden responds that if the situation were reversed, they all know that Cruz would stop at nothing until the person or persons responsible were punished. The doorbell rings and Adriana answers at, seeing Steve at the other side of it.

"Are you ready to go?"

"I was, but I'm sorry, I don't think I should leave my mom right now..."

"No you go ahead and go honey. There's nothing you can do here. Besides, I have Rafael and Carm here if I need anything. You go to the beach and have a good time with your friends.....Hello Steve. Nice to see you again."

"Mrs. Castillo. You ready A?"

She grabs her beach bag and the two of them head out the door. Carm asks Eden for the truth, saying she knows that she was trying to be optimistic for Adriana.

"Honestly Carm, I don't know what I'm going to do. I was hoping once they got the kidnappers, we could work out some kind of deal, but now that they're using their own angle, I just don't know where to go from here..."

"You'll figure it out, Eden. You're a strong woman and between you and the police force that my son was so dedicated to them, I have faith that whoever is responsible for my Cruz's death will be brought to justice," Carm offers.

Just then, Eden's cell phone starts ringing. She looks at it and doesn't recognize the number but picks it up. She doesn't recognize the voice on the other end.

"This Eden Castillo?"

"Yes, it is, who am I speaking with?"

"This is Bobby Santino."

Eden's face turns a pale shade of white when she realizes it's one of the kidnappers on the phone. She asks him what he wants and he asks if she's still interested in getting information on her husband's killer. She tells him of course she is and he instructs her to meet him at a diner just outside of town, but to come alone, without the cops. She tells him that she's not stupid, that she's not going to meet a known criminal without the police, let alone by herself. He tells her that she won't be alone, that he'll be calling Kirk Cranston as well.

"That doesn't exactly make me feel more comfortable."

"Look lady, you want to know who set your husband up or not? If you do, those are my terms. We're meeting in a public place so you'll be plenty safe. Be there at 5 o'clock and I'm tellin ya, no cops. I even get the slightest hint that you called the cops, the deal's off. And trust me, I'll know."

He hangs up the phone. Rafael asks her who it was and she tells him it's someone with information on Cruz's death and that she's going to meet him later today. Rafael tells her to call the SBPD, but she insists they not do that, or he won't talk. He then offers to go with her, but she lies that Julia is actually going to go and that they're meeting in a public place, so there's nothing to worry about. Rafael isn't so sure.

"I have to do this for Cruz, Rafael. I'm a big girl, I can take care of myself. Trust me, I'm going to be extremely careful- I'm not dumb and I won't let anything happen. But if this guy can help me find Cruz's killer, I have to do it. And I'm begging you, do NOT call the police. These people obviously have connections everywhere and won't say a word if they're involved."

"I just don't want you to walk into another trap, like my son did."

"I promise you, Rafael, that's not what I'm doing. I'll be careful- it's all in public and I'll have my phone with me. But you have to promise me that you won't breathe a word of this to anyone."

Rafael agrees, though he obviously doesn't like it.

(EXT: Mason & Julia's Beach House)

-Mason arrives at the door and quietly knocks, obviously quite nervous. Julia answers and invites him in. Samantha comes walking from the kitchen, asking who it is. When she sees Mason, she runs to him and gives him a big hug. He smiles, obviously thrilled to see his daughter.

"So, did you two have any luck tracking down my maybe brother?"

"Unfortunately, no. We hit a dead end- we went to Sacramento and were given all kinds of records. He literally went through more than 10 foster homes, and he'd change his name with the wind."

"Why?" Julia interjects, "That doesn't really make sense..."

"I guess it's not all that uncommon among kids in the foster care system- with each adoption, they try and reinvent themselves, I guess in hopes that they'll be accepted in each new identity. Unfortunately, they lost track of him when he left the system at age 16. The last known name that he had was David Hill, but there's no record of anyone of his age with that name in the state of California."

Julia wonders if perhaps he's no longer in California at all, a possibility that Mason says he and Mary have considered, though they're hoping it's not the case. Because if it were, it's unlikely they'll ever find him. Mason tells them that they were given copies of his file. In it, it says that he was told that his mother died while giving birth and that his father was ill-equipped to raise him. Samantha asks Mason if he's home for good and he claims that he is, if Julia will have him. He says that Mary is going back to work at the clinic in San Remos.

"But what about when you get the next lead? Or find his last set of foster parents? Will you be jetting off with her again to interview them? And then the next set and the next set?"

"I guess I would, yes. You have to understand, Julia, I could have a son out there. A son that doesn't even know that his parents exist. I can't give up on him...."

"I do understand, Mason, believe me, but where does that leave me? I'm not going to be a pit stop between trips during your investigation, Mason. I'm your wife and I think I deserve better than that."

"Of course you do, but doesn't our son deserve to know that he has two parents that love him?"

"First of all, you don't even know for sure that he's your son at all. The only information that you have is what's been given to you by Mark and Sherri, two known liars. Damn it, Mason, I can't live like this. It isn't fair to me..."

"What would you have me do then Julia? What do you want from me?"

"I want this all to be over with! I want Mary to go back where she came from, God help me, and I want my husband back.....But that's not going to happen yet, is it? Not while Mary's son is out there, your priority is her. I didn't sign on to play second fiddle to her Mason and I don't know how much more of this I can take..."

Samantha suddenly asks Mason about how old his son would be. He tells her 23 and she has him repeat the information he gave before- that he changed his name many times, left the foster system at 16, was told his mother was dead, and has been in multiple homes. Samantha flashes back to Steve talking about his childhood, giving a similar scenario. It dawns on her that Mary's son could be right under her nose and she makes a beeline for the door.

"Where are you going young lady?"

"Out for a little while....to find A. Besides, you two could use the time alone. I love you dad and I'm so glad you're home," she says, kissing him on the cheek.

Outside the door, she calls Brandon, asking him if Steve's home. He tells her he was going to the beach with Adriana and she asks if he can meet her there. He says he will but before he can ask what this is all about, she hangs up the phone.

(EXT: Santa Barbara Beach)

-Steve spreads out a blanket for he and Adriana to lay on and takes out a cooler. He offers her a beer, which she declines, asking just for a bottle of water. Steve comments that the sun is blazing that day.

"I'd hate to see that pretty, fair skin of yours turn beat red. How about you let me put some sunblock on you?"

"I can do it just fine by myself, thank you very much."

She takes out the sunblock and applies it to her legs, arms, and chest. Steve watches her, smiling and taking in her beauty. She starts to apply it to her shoulders, but has trouble reaching her back.

"Looks like you're having a little trouble there. May I?"

"I don't know, will you be able to control yourself?"

"Not sure, but I think you're gonna have to risk it. Unless, of course, you want blisters all over your back...."

Adriana hands him the bottle and he gently begins massaging it into her back. She giggles when he squirts it on there, saying that it's cold.

"I'm sorry, princess, I'll be a little more careful for ya..."

She smiles as he finishes up. He asks her if there's been any word on the kidnappers and she fills him in on everything Eden told her. He tells her he's sorry and asks if there's anything he can do. She says that taking her to the beach and getting her mind off her troubles is quite enough. She thanks him again for being such a good friend to her, to which he responds that he'd like to be more. He leans in and tenderly kisses her. When things start to get a little more passionate, she slows him down.

"I suggest you quit while you're ahead, Mr. Hall. Besides, we're not alone," she says, motioning to Marta walking up.

Adriana introduces Steve to Marta, who's charmed by the young man. Marta thanks her for inviting her, saying a day at the beach is just what she needed. Adriana tells her she's sorry about everything that's happening with her kidnappers and Steve concurs. Marta says that it's ironic how the justice system never seems to work in her favor- they took her father away for most of her life and now, it seems, they're letting the men who kidnapped her go free. Steve tells her that his father is in prison as well and has been his whole life. Before she can ask him about his mother, Samantha and Brandon come walking up.

"Got room for a couple more?" Samantha asks them.

Adriana says of course, and kisses she and Brandon hello. Marta asks Adriana who they are and she introduces her to Samantha and Brandon. Samantha asks if they've interrupted anything and Marta tells her that she was about to ask Steve about his mom.

"My mom died giving birth to me. I never got to know her."

"I can relate to that," Adriana says, "For a period of time when I was young, my mom was presumed dead. We eventually found out she was alive, but she didn't come back for years. I felt so alone, like she abandoned me, or didn't want me..."

"I'm so sorry," Marta says, "Who raised you then? If your dad was in prison and your mom died, who took care of you?"

"I pretty much raised myself. I was put in foster care, but over and over, it didn't work out. The first set of parents seemed great- they had me til I was 5. Turned out, though, that they were only takin in foster kids for the money and ended up getting in trouble for drugs. They lost all of us at that point- they had 6 of us. Imagine all the money they were getting. After that, it was kinda hard for me to open up to anyone. I didn't trust em, really, and there weren't exactly a long line of people looking to adopt a 6 year old kid. When they did, I ended up causin em more trouble than I guess I was worth and they'd put me back in the system. I went into home after home after home, but never felt loved. When I turned 16, I got the hell out of dodge and never looked back."

The girls are all sympathetic, though Samantha is quiet, listening intently and noting the parallels between his story and what Mason's learned about Mary's son. Samantha asks the girls if they'd like to take a walk and they do. As soon as they're out of earshot, Marta asks Adriana what Brandon's story is. She says he's single.

"Really? Lookin like that? Dayum, hook a sista up!"

Meanwhile, Brandon tells Steve how much it must have sucked growing up like that and says he admires him for going out on his own. Brandon says that his life was the polar opposite of that- in fact, he was constantly being fought over by his adopted parents and biological mom. He tells him that his dad died before he was born, though it's a complicated story that he doesn't want to get into. Steve asks if the Capwells were his adopted family or his biological family. Brandon tells him that it's actually more complicated than that.

"My biological father was Channing Capwell III, who was thought to be the son of CC & Sophia. Turns out he wasn't- he was actually switched at birth with another boy. So biologically, I'm not a Capwell. My dad was killed by- get this- the woman who thought she was his mother, Sophia. She's also the wife of CC Capwell, who adopted me. So yeah, just because people have money, doesn't mean they're any less messed up than the rest of us..."

Steve asks how he's been taken care of and Brandon tells him that CC set up a trust in Channing's honor for him that he got on his 25th birthday. He smiles and tells him that he's been loaded ever since, and he really bought the Lair just to have a hobby. Steve asks what he spends his money on and Brandon looks around. He says he makes some extra money on the side and has some fun at the same time, pulling out a baggie of coke. He asks Steve if he wants to partake and Steve says sure. They each do a couple of bumps, before the girls come walking up. Steve lights up a cigarette.

"That's a dirty habit, you know. And unhealthy too!" Adriana admonishes.

"Yeah, well, I have a couple dirty habits, princess. Maybe if I had a beautiful girl like you in my life, I'd be able to kick a couple of em."

Adriana blushes and smiles at him. She puts her arms around him as though she's going to kiss him on the cheek, but instead takes the cigarette from his mouth and puts it out in the sand. She instead hands him a piece of gum. When nobody is looking, Samantha takes a ziploc baggie out of her purse, picks up the cigarette with a kleenex, and places it in the bag.

(EXT: Kirk's car)

-Kirk recevies a phone call- he's shocked to hear it's his "boss" on the other end. He tells him that he's surprised to be hearing from him. "The boss" tells him he has some instructions for him. He is to meet Bobby along with Eden and listen to what he has to say. After that, he's to follow clues that have been set up for him that will lead Eden to his location.

"Why would you want her to find you? You know she's going to have you arrested or worse if she does."

"What do you take me for, an idiot Kirk? I'm not you, my plans have been laid out meticulously in advance, I know exactly what I'm doing."

"And what about Eden? You promised me that you were going to help me get her, how are you going to do that if you're behind bars? I doubt she's going to see me as that much of a hero for leading her to you, it's only going to make her more suspicious..."

"You really are foolish, aren't you? Do you honestly think I've gone to all this trouble just to get myself arrested to make you look like a hero? Oh, Kirk, no wonder you've failed to get revenge on Cruz and have Eden to yourself on many occasions. Which is probably why you've latched on to me. I know exactly what I'm doing, but the timing of it is crucial. Something unexpected just landed in my lap and I want to use it to my advantage. Now if you'd stop asking me questions and just do as I tell you, you'll have exactly what you want. Clear?"

"I'll do whatever it takes to be with Eden. Just tell me what you want me to do...."

Kirk listens as it's explained to him. Around the corner, Joann listens in to his side of the conversation.

"How could Kirk possibly think he'll end up with Eden? I wonder what he's up to.......and who he's working for....."

THE END...............FOR TODAY


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Not to beg, but I need some comments you guys! :lol: I'm always interested to see what my readers' opinions are and it motivates me to write. Plus, on several occasions, my readers' thoughts have inspired directions that I've taken in storylines.

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I like when you show us who plays who. It's good idea :rolleyes: And it's good to see that Eden isn't alone, that she has Carmen and Rafael by her side :)

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Thanks! I think it especially helps with the younger characters as well as the new characters that I've created. I'm going to continue to do it for each episode, until Wendy & Sherri have my opening credits ready. I think I'm going to have them do 2 or 3 sets of openings, so that each character can be pictured and labeled with the actor and character's names.

By the way, Episode 99 will be posted later tonight- I've had a really busy day, but it's coming! :D

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I may have to delay until tomorrow you guys- I'm exhausted! If I get a 2nd wind, I'll post it later, but I'm so tired right now, I can't even think straight.

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